Girl interrupted book report

Girl, Interrupted : Susanna kaysen

It is a heavy drama, so be forewarned! And a very moving drama at that. 61 out of 69 found this helpful. Report this, copied to clipboardCopy link, great movie! Gabi The most striking and yet most frustrating part of Girl, Interrupted' is that everybody that's been 19 years old can relate to susanna, the main character. Based on her memoir, the film portrays Susanna kaysen's short stay in a famous mental hospital, supposedly to cure her borderline personality disorder.' set in the late 1960's, winona ryder effectively portrays kaysen. In a tradition reminiscent of Holden caulfield, the audience knows there is nothing actually wrong with kaysen, except that she is a typical teenager, and refuses to conform to the life her parents want for her. However, after spending some time with her ward mates and numerous doctors, she starts to believe that she is insane, but can't understand why or what exactly is wrong with her.

Dead-on dramatically, and excellently scripted and based on book an eloquent true-story by suzana keisen, this movie offers a glimpse of one intensely personal experience of truth. Without the"tion marks, dark cynicism, or pretensions that revelation so frequently entails. 132 out of 154 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Report this, copied to clipboardCopy link, outstanding performances rolose 10 February 2000. The absolute best thing about this film are the knockout performances by it's 2 main stars Winona ryder and Angelina jolie though both characters (hence performances) are very different they stand out nonetheless. It seems to me to be somewhat easier to play a psychotic than to play a regular neurotic, so who really has the better portrayal of the two? Brittany murphy as "Daisy" shines in her scenes. She is a force to reckon with in her future film career. James Mangold directed this film quite nicely from a very good screenplay; he managed to portray all these young women as young women in turmoil. No melodrama, no over the top sentimentality, just a frank peek into their tumultuous lives.

girl interrupted book report

Girl, interrupted (1999), imdb

Her piercing insights about reviews people and social recklessness led to her to be institutionalized as a sociopath. This is not a depressing film. Rather, it is suprisingly life-affirming. Not cloying, not sacherine, but not inpenetrably dark, either. Anyone seeking an angst-ridden portrayal of abuses in mental institutions should check out Jack nicholson's "One Flew over the cuckoos nest.". This film has little of the violent anger of that old classic. Yet it does echo some of the ebulience, the defiance of authority and embracing of freedom at sometimes incalculable cost. Performances by Whoppie goldberg (in a serious and nuanced role) and Vanessa redgrave were excellent, as expected. With the exception of a few holywood gimmicks, predictable cuts and music, this is a nearly flawless film.

girl interrupted book report

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But unlike show-stoppers like marissa tomei in "my cousin Vinnie merely shines the brightest light in a luminescent cast. The cinematography was innovative, but not you distractingly so- "Girl Interupted" shines primarily for its dramatic power, not as a mind-blowing work of art. It will not explode your vision of the mundane world in the same way that "American beauty" might, but it will certainly probe you to question your way of seeing the world- at least psychologically. Winona ryder challenged my preconception of her, and proved herself as more than a pretty-girl. Her performance was convincing as suzanna, a confused high-school graduate who is eloquent and insightful on paper yet unable to a rticulate her own desperate melancholy. The movie takes place primarily in the women's ward of a mental institution and follows the dynamic friendship between Lisa (Jolie's character) and suzanna. Lisa is a kinetic, dynamic personality who cuts right to the "truth" of things. Her "truth" knows no boundaries and she is a controlling person prone to violence.

For me to actually read a book was a challenge in itself. But i am glad I did it, and I did try to do the best I could in comparing it, but it is one of those books that was a lot like the movie, yet just with more detail. T want to make this sound like a book report. I loved the movie and the book, anything that will open your eyes to something new, is definitely worth trying. M just glad that I read this book, and I will definitely read something else, that is in comparison to the book i read. Brief critique- 9/10 Excellent drama and lyric insight moviebuffgirl, i came to the film with low expectations. I was simply stunned by how good it was. Angelina jolie is an absolutely phenomenal actress. Her performance alone is worth watching the movie for.

Girl, Interrupted by susanna kaysen, paperback barnes

girl interrupted book report

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If I had to read the book or watch the movie, i would much rather read the book. The book was in my opinion, much better than the movie, only because you could use your own perception and visuals. Yet, since i saw the movie ahead of time before i read the book, it kind of defeated the purpose of my reading. But i am glad I did, because it opened my eyes to a lot of things, and to how much I would love to help those people. I think this assignment, was a really good letter idea, edgar whether the students liked it or not. I know a lot of them didn?

T do it, or didn? T do it like they were suppose to, but i am glad I read this book. Also, to be honest, i hate reading, it? S a hassle to me, but once i started reading this book, i couldn? T put it down. It was a really good book, and I would recommend it to anyone. In Conclusion, whether this assignment was done correctly or not, i am proud of myself that i actually completed.

This story is hard to compare and contrast with a book and a movie. S on a very complicated subject that includes an extreme amount of detail. The detail is provided in the book, yet a lot of it is cut out of the movie. Not only is the story about the life of mentally ill women, but it discusses the importantness of recovery, and how living at a psychiatric hospital is very emotionally distressing. Recovery is one of the things that while at a hospital, the nurses and doctors focus. To be honest, i read the entire book, and watched the movie, but to compare and contrast it is very difficult, if not impossible.

While trying not to make this out to be a book report. Since my major includes Psychology, i decided to read this book. It improved my knowledge of a lot of things that the movie didn? I learned how deep a person with a mental illness thinks. Everything about them is deep, and intense. Most people are afraid of someone with a mental illness, and reading this book makes you more aware of what they go through, and why they are the way they are.

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Reading this book definitely gives you an idea of what it? S like to be in add a hospital like that. S scary and lonely, but you are there for a reason, and no one can make you get better, except yourself. In the movie, the story is culturally updated, which is to be expected. Yet, in the book, it? S relevant that essay it? S in the 60?s.

girl interrupted book report

I learned more day from the book, as what goes on in a mentally ill person? There is a lot of interpersonal dialogue, in the book. Meaning, that Susanna whom is the main character, talks to herself a lot in the book. So that, the reader gets a feel for what is going on inside her head. Whereas in the movie, there was hardly any of that, it was more visual, not so personal. I learned a lot from the dialogue that Susanna expressed. She talks about, as a mental patient, which has attempted suicide, takes medication, and has hallucinations, what she feels and what goes through her head.

and the people she meets. While reading the book, you the reader, really get a sense of how someone in that situation is feeling. Where as in the movie, you couldn? T really get that feeling. There were no big differences, in contrast between the movie and the book. To compare, the movie and the book, they both used the same names for the characters, as expected. They both give you a lot of detail as to what goes on in a psychiatric hospital.

In the book, its more in detail, the words carefully chosen, effectively creates a mental picture as you read the book. Susanna was put there on request by her doctor, to rest, and gpa to get better mentally. She was hallucinating, and was depressed and suicidal at times. T much difference between the movie and the book. I was expecting there to be a world of difference, but there wasn? In the movie, there was racial difference, where as the head nurse in the book was small and white, and in the movie, it was Whoopi goldberg, now everyone knows she is big and black. The detail that was in the book wasn? T necessarily shown in the movie.

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Girl Interrupted Essay, research Paper, shoshana Ubertini, english 101C 21 november 2000. Girl Interrupted, have you ever watched a movie and then found out it was created from a book? S what happened to me, i saw the movie girl Interrupted, starring Winona ryder and Angelina jolie. I then heard that it was made from a book itself. So for this assignment, i decided to read the book and compare and contrast it from the movie. The movie, girl Interrupted is about an eighteen-year-old girl, named Susanna kaysen. She spent two years on the ward for teenage girls in a psychiatric hospital as renowned for its famous clients-Sylvia plath, robert Lowell, james taylor, and ray charles. The movie clearly defines the worlds perceptive of a mental hospital, and what goes on there. The yelling, screaming, and carrying on with the patients and nurses, is all of what is perceived to happen at essay a psychiatric hospital.

girl interrupted book report
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Report this copied to clipboardCopy link. From her experiences in the hospital, kaysen wrote the book girl, interrupted(the title comes from a vermeer painting and now comes the movie version from James Mangold and Winona ryder.

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