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Br / he is the oldest of his siblings and is supporting himself, his younger siblings, and his widowed mother by working in the coal mines. Br / he is very similar to katniss, but he seems to be slightly more in touch with his feelings. Effie trinket: br / Describes as, the maniacally upbeat woman who arrives once a year to read out the names at the reaping (7). Br / She is from the capitol, where life is much different than it is in the districts. Br / She is the escort to district 12, and she escorts Katniss and peeta in the capitol up until they go into the arena. Br / She is always chipper and optimistic. She genuinely starts to care about Katniss and peeta in the weeks of preparation for the games. Turning point: br / The turning point, or climax, of the story occurs when Katniss and peeta are in the arena.

Br / More in touch with his feelings than Katniss. Not as tough or skillful at fighting as her. He is also intelligent and this helps him to excel in the games. Haymitch Abernathy: br payroll / Described as a paunchy, middle-aged man (19). Br / he is one of two victors to come from District 12 (he is the only one still alive). Br / he is a drunk. Br / When sober, he is rather intelligent and even cunning. Br / he is Katniss and peetas mentor in the games. Br / Has a certain link with Katniss in which they understand each other without direct contact. Gale hawthorne: br / Katniss best friend. Br / Katniss describes him as the only person with whom I can be essay myself (6).

hunger games book report

M: The hunger Games hunger Games, trilogy, book

Br / She is independent, seemingly apathetic, strong, intelligent, and good with a bow and arrow. Br / She is not good with feelings or people. Br / She cares very deeply for her little sister, Prim (Katniss volunteers as the tribute when Prims name is chosed at the reaping). PeetaMellark: br / peeta is a bakers son. He is the male tribute from District. Hes in the same year as Katniss the in school. Br / One of the more popular people at Katniss and peetas school.

hunger games book report

The, hunger Games (2012)

Br / In the beginning, the book takes place in District. District 12 is where coal is mined, and therefore, it is described as having a layer of soot and coal dust over most things. It is also said that District 12 is where modern-day appalachia. The games: br / Most of the book takes place at the arena in which the hunger Games take place. Every year, the games are in a different arena. This year, the games take place in an arena in which there is a lake, streams, wooded areas, and a field in which Katniss and almost all of the other tributes are afraid to enter. KatnissEverdeen: br / KatnissEverdeen is a 16-year-old girl from District.

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hunger games book report

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Successfully reported this slideshow. The hunger games book report, upcoming SlideShare, loading. Show More, no downloads, no notes for slide. The hunger Games br / by suzanne collins br / caitlin reicher br / 4-28-11 br / Per. 8 br / g br /. To summarize br / In a nation called Panem, which exists in the land once known as North America, ghost there are 12 districts.

Previously, there were 13, but because of the start of a revolt against The capitol, the 13th district was eliminated. Because of this attempted revolt, The capitol holds the annual Hunger Games. The hunger Games are literally a fight to the death in which each of the 12 districts sends in two tributes, one male and one female. Being entered into the games means either anglais fortune and fame or unavoidable death. KatnissEverdeen turns out to be the female tribute and peetaMellark is the male tribute from District. Setting: br / The hunger Games takes place sometime in the future (seeing as there are hovercrafts and other gadgets that do not exist yet).

When Katniss and peeta asks haymitch for an advice, haymitch replies Stay alive, which annoys peeta and causes him to be angry. Then haymitch and peeta get into a fight, which is broken up when Katniss throw a knife on the table. Soon, haymitch was impressed and his attitude towards them had changed. After examining peeta and Katniss (and their skills haymitch makes a deal with Katniss and peeta. As long as they dont interfere with his drinking, he will be sober enough to help them.

As a first realistic advice, haymitch orders Katniss and peeta to obey whatever the stylists are going to do to them). The hunger games book review movie discussion. Do you adore the book, but still have no idea how to write a good The hunger Games book review? Dont blame yourself, because review writing is a difficult skill which takes years to learn. First of all, check review samples and useful articles posted at our blog. Perhaps they will give you an insight of how a killer The hunger Games book review should be written. But theres no need to worry even if this wont help, since you can always order a paper and get a top-notch review written by our expert authors. The hunger Games, book 1 - book review.

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He helps himself up from the puddle of puke. While helping haymitch, katniss suddenly feels the emotional confusion towards peeta. In order to avoid having positive emotions towards him, she throws the cookie that his dad gave her out the window. Katniss soon has a flashback of when she had learned how to hunt, and distinguish eatable plants. As she feels sorrow and misses her home, she slowly writing falls asleep. The next homework morning, Effie trinket wakes Katniss. She has breakfast with peeta, effie and haymitch.

hunger games book report

However, dbq gale and Madge, the mayor daughter, get into an argument that how rich and wealthy people from each district have less chance to be chosen, because they are not in need of food support. The poor and show more content. Then they start to have a conversation about some previous Hunger Games. After all the visits, the tributes ride on a train headed towards the capitol. Soon, katniss takes a shower and have dinner with peeta and Effie trinket. As they are discussing about the sponsors, haymitch enters. Right after he enters, he throws up and collapses.

the reaping day, katniss wakes. Finds her mom, pet cat (Buttercup and her sister, Prim by her side. After getting dressed, she heads to the forest, where she meets her hunting partner Gale. After fishing and searching for berries, they head back home. On their way back home, katniss and Gale stops at the hobs, the black market. At the hobs, they exchange their fishes with bread and salt. Then they go to the mayors house to sell some of the berries.

Both the digital download and the cd will include the following pdf files: Chapter Check questions/Worksheets for 1-27 epilogue w/key (includes figurative language handout, types of conflict introduction, theme, symbolism, etc.) Character review Activity with Character quizzes w/key supplemental Handouts for Enrichment Activities w/key part. In addition to those files, the cd will also include: files available in Microsoft Word, pages, and pdf; Mockingjay supplemental images visual aides w/ presentation; video guide for using the movie red Dawn as a supplemental video; Artifact scavenger hunt activity, detailed Rebel Propo activity;. You can find the digital unit here: m/ The cd may be purchased here: m/ Or pick choose individual files here: m/ Thank you! Visit my online store to see all my lessons for the hunger Games trilogy, the Tragedy of Julius caesar, to kill a mockingbird, poetry, journalism, jude, short Stories, romeo and Juliet, and more: m/Store/Tracee-orman my blog about teaching the trilogy using the materials:. The following pages include sample handouts and materials from the unit. M/Store/Tracee-orman, mockingjay complete Unit available as Digital Download or on cd b, a c o s, v t s e al T t i, g s i dout ts On D ped cd n a h ip ec Proj oad sh nl Dow m/Store/Tracee-orman, mockingjay. Handouts, tests, vocab, Projects On Digital Download shipped cd m/Store/Tracee-orman, mockingjay complete Unit available as Digital Download or. Lessons files EXclusive to the cd m/Store/Tracee-orman.

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Download, report, description, essay mockingjay complete Unit available as Digital Download or on cd its easier than ever to teach the popular Hunger Games trilogy by suzanne collins with my teaching units. Transcript, mockingjay complete Unit available as Digital Download or. Its easier than ever to teach the popular Hunger. Games trilogy by suzanne collins with my teaching units. And, finally, heres my last installment to the hunger Games Trilogy teaching Units: Mockingjay. The war motif is stronger and offers, once again, numerous teaching moments and opportunities for enriching activities for students. I have included connections to Shakespeare, the poetry of Wilfred Owen, the writings of Jules Verne and ray bradbury, and plenty of hands-on activities.

hunger games book report
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Review of Mockingjay, last book in the hunger Games series. Hunger Games book reprot. Hunger Games book review.

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  1. Hunger, games, full Text pdf, hunger, games, full, book, online, is The, hunger Games Appropriate for Kids, hunger Games book report Essay, short Summary. Hunger Games book report. Hunger Games book. Review of Mockingjay - hunger Games.

  2. Hunger, games, book, report /favorite Character this book report, i read the book, the, hunger, games. Hunger, games book, report ) Essay. The, hunger, games, by landon courtney the, hunger, games was written by suzanne collins.

  3. Hunger, games book report by jc views. Hunger games power point project. By ashleye1 16270 views. My book report on the hunger games nonfiction book report high school - living room description essay.

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