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We built infrastructure to take advantage of this, allowing the collection of image and video data from this fleet, as well as building big data infrastructure in the cloud to process and use. I defined and drove the feature roadmap, drove the technical architecture for future features, and managed the implementation for the next exciting features to come. I advocated for and drove a major rewrite of the deep net architecture in the vision stack, leading to significantly better precision, recall, and inference performance. I ended up growing the autopilot Software team by over. I personally interviewed most of the accepted candidates. I improved internal infrastructure and processes that I cannot go into detail about. I was closely involved with others in the broader Autopilot program, including future hardware support, legal, homologation, regulatory, marketing, etc.

Previous recipients include java, apache, the world-Wide web, smalltalk, unix, and many other notable software drill systems. 2010: Received the acm sigplan programming Languages Software Award in recognition of my work on llvm. Sigplan is the acm organization focusing on Programming Language design and Implementation. Being the first year this was awarded is notable, because all programming language software systems were eligible. Tesla vp autopilot Software january 30 - june 20, 2017 When I joined Tesla, it was in the midst of a hardware transition from "Hardware 1" Autopilot (based primarily on Mobileeye for vision processing) to "Hardware 2 which uses an in-house designed TeslaVision stack. The team was facing many tough challenges given the nature of the transition. My primary contributions over these fast five months were: we evolved Autopilot for HW2 from its first early release (which had few capabilities and was limited to 45mph on highways) to effectively parity with HW1, handwriting and surpassing it in some ways (e.g. Silky smooth control ). This required building and shipping numerous features for HW2, including: support for local roads, parallel Autopark, high Speed Autosteer, summon, lane departure warning, automatic Lane Change, low Speed aeb, full Speed Autosteer, pedal Misapplication Mitigation, auto high beams, side collision avoidance, full Speed aeb, perpendicular. This was done by shipping a total of 7 major feature releases, as well as numerous minor releases to support factory, service, and other narrow markets. One of Tesla's huge advantages in the autonomous driving space is that it has tens of thousands of cars already on the road.

panel board design engineer resume

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I am also the founder and project lead for the. Swift Programming, language, which dubai is open source at Swift. Swift has been steadily and rapidly growing ever since its launch, with over 100,000 apps in the Apple app stores, is installed on millions of developer workstations, and is widely loved by people who use. Since its release as open source, swift is rapidly growing in the server space and in other domains outside of the traditional Apple developer community. I am a strong leader and have excellent communication skills (both verbal and written). I occasionally give talks explaining and evangelizing Swift, llvm, clang, and other technologies I have worked. Resume contents: Notable awards: 2016: Recognized as one of Wired's " 25 Geniuses who are creating the future of business ". 2013: Received the 2013 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award by the University of Illinois Computer Science department. 2012: llvm was awarded the acm software systems Award which recognizes a software system that has had a lasting influence, reflected in contributions to concepts, in commercial acceptance, or both (across the entire software industry).

panel board design engineer resume

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I am the founder and chief architect of the open source. Llvm compiler, infrastructure project, and serve on the board of directors of the llvm foundation. Llvm has grown to include a broad range of compiler, debugger, and runtime library technologies. Assembled out of this technology are things like dream the. Clang compiler, the, lldb debugger, the, clang Static Analyzer, and other low-level tools. Llvm is widely used for academic research projects, has been adopted for commercial use by several companies, and has a broad and growing developer base. For more information, please see the llvm web page: http llvm.

If you want me to update it or have any questions, please contact me by email. Org/sabre, us citizen,. Computer Science, my overall objective is to improve large software systems through the development of novel techniques as well as the application of known engineering principles. I am a proven technical leader, who likes to grapple with hard engineering problems that most people assume are impossible to solve. I enjoy leading by example and getting my hands dirty. I have worked in many spaces, including things as diverse as low level machine code optimization, compiler optimization, programming language design, ide features, built the. Swift, playgrounds ipad app, and ran a team at Tesla applying a diverse range of tech in the autonomous car space (including machine learning, computer vision, sensors and non-vision perception, robotics planning and control, mapping, cloud infrastructure, embedded systems, and simulation).

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panel board design engineer resume

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Various activities done in sap like mrp controller, assembly confirmation writing of parts final confirmation for dispatches, * Then flow process control in cnc dept for spares jobs like preparing route card for spares parts. Training in design module during training learning during pam working :- * learned Production planning module, material management. learned to handle a heavy data of in several sales order over thousand component tracks in the plant due to help of Ms excel ( with v look up function) reduce time to see individual component track in sap increase productivity. Personal statement :- values beliefs the two key values that have guided me are a high level of commitment and Integrity. To me it is not the end result that matters but the entire process involved in achieving. I believe that learning is a continuous process and this has enabled me to learn and improve from my mistakes.

Personal details : dob : 31st may 1989 age : 24 years. Marital status : unmarried. Current ctc :.2 lk per annum expect ctc :.5-6.5 per annum languages known : english, hindi marathi. Hobbies : music, net surfing meeting people, sushant ashok salvi. Chris Lattner's Resume, this was last updated in June 2017. It may be out of date.

Preparing plan for the further in houses process plan which made in the plant cnc shop to set them priority. After all the process gather all the material for final dispatches. Confirm the material in sap system to dispatches the same. Worked in M/s crompton greaves ltd. As Implant trainee for 6 months in customer service dept. Educational qssualification :- persuing gdmm in supply chain management from indian institute of materials management.

Tech in mechanical engg from janradan rai university from udaipur. With 60 diploma production engg from agnel technical college in year may -2008 with.41 Name of board / University Exam. Passed year of Passing Class Obtained Mumbai board. March 2004 First.33 board of Technical education diploma in production engg. May - 2008 First.41 additional qualification : learned computer courses like basics of Computer Ms-Office, tally, and dtp from icon computer institute (mumbai). Computer skills : ms-office : good knowledge of ms word, excel, powerpoint. Pagemaker, corel Draw, Photoshop, Internet Designing software : autocad-2d, surfcam, solidege v-19 sap knoweledge :- * Working in sap system version (7.1) * Working in Production planning module, material management.

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Worked in a m/m pharmacuticas a junior Engg. In spares part division (purchase dept) for pharmacy machinery like capsule filling machine line machine. (11th august 2008 to 30th June 2010). Job profile :- * interests Execute the spares orders release by marketing dept on daily basis. Find out the shortage from the sales order by go through the stock availability In sap * Then run needed the mrp for shortage items in the sap systems. release purchase order of the shortage items * Follow-up with vendors for shortage list on components level as well as bought out level. Handle the issues from suppliers side regarding rate revision in the components as well as bought out items and forwarded that to strategic sourcing team to take action. coordination between the suppliers and strategic sourcing team after the rate revision activity is done.

panel board design engineer resume

Comparing offers reassignment and finalizing after negotiating with all the vendors according to the required delivery and estimated budget for individual items. Once all the items are ordered then follow-up for material in advance according to the project estimated delivery that the assembly work can be done on time. As the industry is project base the procurement of no of items is very less as compare to production base but the items like, flow control valves, damper, blower, electrical panel, * Flow elements. Where the delivery of vendors are more than 12-16 weeks. And just from collection offer upto finalization offers take more than 2 months. As the values of such items are around 1-5 lakhs Avg sometimes for heavy qty its upto-20-30 collection of offers to finalization take more times. At one time there is execution of 10-12 projects per months.

is leading manufacture of Industrial burners, hot gas generators, which is used in cement, power plants refineries. From ( to till date ). As the current working industry is project base in field piping the current role is to handle the procurement of basically the instrumentation items like industrial valves, Transmitters, power cylinder, rtd, thermocouples, pressure gauges, temp gauges dampers, blowers and electrical items, like panel, cables, refractory. While execution of any project the role purchase starts after receiving the data sheet for all items for particular projects. Once all the datasheet are recd sending the purchase enquiries for all approved make suggested by customers for respective vendors. Then receiving the"tion from all the vendors. And forwarded to technical teams for clearance of all the offers.

Capability to adapt to any environment within a short span of time. Extremely comfortable in a mechanical environment possess good communication skills dubai with team co-ordination and a great sense of humors, skilled in planning organization with outstanding persuasive abilities. Professional experience : Working in a m/S. A research and development center for acg worldwide. Which is leading manufacture of Pharmaceutical machinery and equipment. (from oct 2012 to mar2012 job profile :- * Handling of procurement activities for raw material like. S,alumimium, various alloys, etc * Handling of purchase for casting and molding parts, rubberized items,pnumatics items, lubricatons, imports etc.

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Lvi, mumbai, e-mail add : Sancom2373 at m, dear Sir / Madam, This save is with reference to shant salvi position in your Organizations herewith enclosed my resume for your kind perusal consideration. All my life, i have had the secret desire to work with good Organization like yours working here will help me in fulfilling my ambition. All I want is, to consider my candidature give me an opportunity to serve your Organization. I think my record in all fields of academics, extra co-curricular activities personal traits will certainly match your requirements. Thanking you in anticipation. Regards, (sushant ashok salvi). Sushant ashok salvi, e-mail add : sancom2373 at m, profile. Tech in mechanical engg with an organized creative mind who thrives on work and has the ability to stimulate, encourage and organize people around me with my enthusiasm, positive attitude and zeal to learn.

panel board design engineer resume
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  2. Design, techniques and Technologies. The goal of 'Whole building'. Design is to create a successful high-performance building by applying an integrated design and team approach to the project during the planning and programming phases.

  3. Design Engineer with the following Job Description skill sets: technical skills - should be technically skilled on the subject matter, product or service that requires documentation. Resume : nitish jha nitishjha2002 at m Career Objective : to work in a dynamic environment, be flexible and help the organization to grow in every possible way to accept jobs that provides challenging opportunities for career growth. The gateway to Up-to-date Information on Integrated 'Whole building'.

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