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It needs to be said that generally the movie revealed the time of the events; the racial issue of the book, but it left insufficiently touched the problem of being different. The producer focused a lot on the Alabama scenery while though Harper lee did depict the town of maycomb he did not do it long, but rather sharp: tired old townlee,. Just in couple of pages Harper lee shares with the reader what the producer tried to share for the first fifty minutes: maycomb county had recently been told that it had nothing to fear but fear itself, it had nothing to buy and no money. The Alabama scenery does impress but its importance is overestimated. The primary distortion occurs due to this overestimation of external factors. The spectator focuses not on the inner life of the town, but mostly on the houses, clothes and. The importance of some dialogues is therefore imperceptible and damaged.

She looks back into the past and tells the story that has thought her so much in her life. Atticus decides to defend a black guy accused of habits raping a white girl mayella Ewell. Her father is brutal and drinks and mayella herself walk is not an example of spiritual purity. She tries to have a private relation with Tom Robinson and kisses him, a black male worker and when her father catches them she tries to cover herself up by telling that Tom tries to rape her. Atticus shows respect to black people even being rejected by his white fellows. Tom, in spite of all the evidence of his innocence: his left useless hand, previous record of conviction, is charged with the rape. Harper lee shows how the herd feeling makes people act the same on the example of maycombs society. Scout and her brother learn through the case with boo radley that people, who even seem different and weird, are not necessarily bad and evil, as boo saves them from the revenge of Bob Ewell. So nothing upstages the girls belief in the goodness of people and leaves her heart pure. Delivering the message though the movie it goes without saying that the major goal of the movie was to reveal the books main messages supporting them with corresponding important dialogues and decorations.

persuasive writing training

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Aspiration to make a movie from a book of such a caliber was very ambitious. Harper lees book is an outstanding literature work with so many messages in it that it completely surprises the reader. Though it does have central characters it is possible to say that it does not have them at all, as every person plays a very important part in the book plot. It mainly deals with the finch family and everything that happens to the members of the family. Scout is a girl who tells the story. The reader observes the events from the point of view write of a grown up woman recalling her perceptions of the events while being a little girl. Atticus Finch is a lawyer in an old town of maycomb; he has lost his wife and lives with his two children Jem and Scout.

persuasive writing training

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This novel has produced a great response in the souls of the readers. It is set is the times of the Great Depression, when the racist manifestations were still common and the ku klux Klan was not gone yet. The life of black people was very hard and social prejudice paper surrounded them. People were poor; they did not get sufficient education and were very limited in their world outlook. Pakula with the help of the art directors Golitzen and Bumstead produced the movie in 1963, thirty years after the depicted events. Of course the prominent work of the movie producer resulted in splendid creation of small Alabama in the back lot of the Universal studio. All these tricks were made for drawing near the true spirit of the book.

Reading the book will make it just another opinion on the book. Of course, if it goes about qualitative productions. The temptation to add words of his own is great for the producer and is ordinarily done. Once in a while the world sees great films made from books, but no matter how objective they try to be, subjective interpretation is the essential quality of a human being. So while a book represents authors pure thoughts resulting in the readers unique interpretation, a film results in a twisted reflection, which is based on a garbled interpretation of the book contents made by a producer. As every statement requires a proof, the best way to prove the inability of a movie to completely reflect the book is two show it through a vivid example. The first example is the harper lees book to kill a mockingbird.

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persuasive writing training

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There is no need to turn on the imagination or make essay a deep analysis of what is being observed, because the producer has processed everything for the viewer. In other words, the information is already been chewed, so the spectator simply needs to open his mouth and eat. So generally, the readers personal opinion is replaced by the producers perception of the books contents. These difficulties are impossible to overcome even with the help of the latest contemporary video techniques, equipment and effects. No matter how good the movie based on the book is, it always has it ownbuts It may be good, but it will be always unilateral; always the producers personal interpretation and perception of the book. A book, literary, is a sequence of words that produces a unique effect on the reader.

The words appeal to the imagination and the imagination complement it with all the necessary attributes taken from the book-descriptions. A film is a sequence of image, sound and only then words. The focus is taken away from the meaning to the words. Words are visualized, but the main controversy or difficulty is that as soon as the word becomes visualized it is not a word any more. It becomes just an image and sometimes it possesses a small amount of the original message of the authors word. This is the primarily reason for reading a book before watching the movie. This will make the movie not good, or bad, but different.

Otherwise people face difficulties in understanding the movie. Producers, like no one else, know what these difficulties are about and dedicate their work into their elimination. They try to convert a product of the word-dimension into a product of a visual-dimension and this process has a lot of barriers. Major difficulties, one of the major difficulties in making a movie out of a book is that it is hard to make words into image and sometimes it results in a movie with poor quality. This is a theorem that does no need any other proof except watching existing movies and therefore it becomes an axiom. One of the most important fields concerning this problem is the media field.

Books deliver their core with the help of words; the book-descriptions create corresponding imagination responses in the brain of a person. So it may be even said that the book does not only penetrate a man through his consciousness but it actually shapes the book-based consciousness of this man. In this case the person becomes the media himself, creating a magnificent effect on the reader. The contents of the book becomes an integral part of the reader: not just the authors perception of the world, but also the readers perception, too. This imposition of two philosophical worlds one over each other produces the effect of presence that a film can hardly claim to achieve. Movies, in their turn, provide visual images that are already given and unchangeable. They represent a product that is all ready for its consumption.

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Yes, yes, now i know what Hemingway (Shakespeare or anybody else) meant, - is homework usually heard after the film. A film becomes the reflection of the book. But thought it is sad to mention, a garbled reflection with rare exceptions. No one will dream argue with the fact that it is very hard to do a one-year novel in a two-hour movie. This is primarily due to a set of external and internal e charm of the books lies in its ability to give the reader countless hidden and revealed messages. One single reader will get only one combination of messages from the book; another one will get another combination. Therefore, no reader gets the same pattern of the authors ideas and this pattern is unique for every reader. A film presents just of those patterns, but it still does put a tag on the book.

persuasive writing training

As every production, movie-making needs raw-materials. Books become a perfect never-ending source where film producers borrow or sometimes even steal the ideas of writers imagination. People, as it has been said before, do want to save their time, but they also want to stay educated and get acquainted with the works that are considered to be the classics. Therefore the only way to get acquainted with the most stunning literary works is through watching movies made form these books. Only a few producers have an aim to truly show the reader what the book is about, making their movies truly objective. This fact makes the contrast between films and books even bigger. The immortal books have inspired many producers to make films out of them, unfortunately quite a few can state that their filming had a successful plan result. Of course for a person that has not read the book the film might seem rather good and sometimes even splendid.

of films. Some of them are worth of the spectators attention, some of them are not but nevertheless nowadays it is hard to imagine a person that does not know whats new in the movie world. Literature is a complete different world. It is a world that in spite of its openness and accessibility still remains unreachable for the majority of contemporary people. We are not to analyze the reason of this phenomenon but it is important to say that a movie does save time in comparison with the book. This time saving process of course in the first place influences the quality of the product and as a result we have endless amounts of poor quality movies that are claimed.

Table of contents:. The pdf example of to kill a mockingbird. A short summary of the book. Delivering the message though the movie. Distortion of personal perception. Where is the truth? The example of Mice And Men.

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Example of a compare and Contrast essay on, literature about: book / write movie / comparison / media to kill a mockingbird of Mice and Men, essay topic: The major issues of the differences of a book and a movie made on the basis of the. Essay questions: Why do cinema and literature oppose each other? What is the major difficulty between a book and a film? Why do not all the book details suit for a movie? Thesis Statement: A film presents just of those patterns, but it still does put a tag on the book. The only thing that can reflect the book perfectly is the book itself. Difficulties in making a movie from a book essay.

persuasive writing training
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  6. Supporting the persuasive writing practices of English language learners through culturally responsive systemic functional linguistic pedagogy. Written communication can be correct and well structured, but still lack the sophisticated and persuasive language necessary to influence, inspire and persuade. Persuasive, sample essay difficulties in making a movie from a book. The diagnoses will be: healthy, but needs additional training.

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