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Odyssey and, iliad. Works have been published by women veterans from all four branches of service, officers and enlisted, active duty and reservists, and from multiple ethnic backgrounds. Their diverse voices can significantly deepen our understanding of both who volunteers to serve in todays military and what they experience. A selection: Im Still Standing, by former soldier Shoshana johnson, tells the story of her experience as the first African-American woman held as prisoner of war. Her story of serving in combat and being wounded and the courageous story of her captivity, rescue, and homecoming are inspirational. Heidi Squier Kraft writes of her experience as a naval officer working in a combat hospital as a clinical psychologist.

On march 31 of this year, war veteran and novelist Cara hoffman published an op-ed in, the new York times in which she argued that war narratives — in prose, poetry, and film — have always been, and continue to be, dominated by male voices. From the Greek classics to modern story collections, hoffman wrote, these tales focus exclusively on the male experience of battle, and of return; the stories of women at war, on the other hand, are nearly absent from our culture. Shortly thereafter, kayla williams — a former sergeant and Arabic linguist in a military Intelligence company of the 101st Airborne division, and author of two memoirs about her experiences as a servicewoman at home and abroad — published an eloquent dissent to hoffmans organizational piece. Los Angeles review of books to expand on this post, she graciously shared the following. Less than one percent of the us population has joined the military during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some 12 percent served during World War ii, almost 10 percent in vietnam. As those cohorts have decreased, the overall number of veterans has been shrinking. Women, however, are the fastest-growing segment of the veteran population. As restrictions limiting their roles have slowly been lifted, women have served at unprecedented rates in recent years, in positions from piloting aircraft to manning machine guns in combat. Public recognition of our honorable wartime service has not grown as swiftly as our numbers and opportunities: without the close-cropped haircut our male peers sport by regulation, we are less likely to be easily identifiable out of uniform, and military women are too often portrayed. Now, however, women are telling their stories, adding to the tales of war and homecoming that men have been recording from the.

woman writing

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You can test a few samples of your fiction writing style with the writing gender Genie, a simplified (and less scientific) version of the algorithm used by koppel: ml, the gender Genie statistics page indicates it only gets about 3 in 5 right, where koppel's original. Like other " gender tests this is not scientifically rigorous and should not be taken very seriously. Note that this form of stylometry looks for patterns in common words rather than outliers. It has been used to identify authors ranging from the anonymous author. Primary colors to the Unabomber. These same techniques can be taken from the individual to group level to ascertain statistical likelihood of an author's demographic characteristics. Those interested in the scientific paper that sparked Gender Genie can find a link to the full text in the references. Handwriting and gender cues.

woman writing

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That said, Id like to see them apply it to a novelists attempt to imitate the opposite sex in a particular passage. Some resourceful nerds at t created a cruder version of the algorithm used on novels and called it the gender Genie. It's available online for text analysis. Elf Sternberg writes: The gender Genie algorithm, which first appeared in the ny times' "science" section, is a poor popularization of the algorithm as it appeared in the original academic literature. I have the original paper and that homework algorithm is meant to be applied to fiction; applied to non-fiction, the authors admit, the algorithm is no better than random chance at detecting an author's gender. A much better alogrithm, the one that has an "80" chance of detecting author's gender correctly, needs to be taught on a large sample to generate a massive statistical measure of male. Female characteristics in text. Even applied to fiction, the popular algorithm is not much better. It seems to think i'm a woman, at least 97 of the time.

See the link in the reference section for the methodology involved. David Lodge, whose early novel, the picture goers was among the one out of five texts misgendered by the original algorithm, noted: "novels are very problematic texts because they are written in a medley of styles. And more often than not the author is trying to imitate some kind of imagined consciousness male or female. Indeed, writers have always tried to imitate the distinctive characteristics of male and female discourse and we are in the habit of thinking that they have often succeeded. But perhaps these scientists believe they can prove this is an illusion. Still, Im very surprised that this program is able to discern the gender of the real author. If you were to take ordinary first-person texts letters or diaries then you might, of course, expect a fairly high degree of accuracy. But that it can be done on literary novels intrigues. This will have fascinating literary, critical and general sociological implications.

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woman writing

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Ignore the distance growing between you and your children until it becomes an abysm. Too late, struggle against it, widening it further. Talk about sanctuaries and energy and mindful sitting. Close your eyes for effect. Get to work on that book! A note on writing style and vocabulary.

Gender appears to be reified through writing style as well as handwriting, according to preliminary statistical analysis. Recent attempts at creating algorithms that can determine a persons gender by their writing style have produced some fairly accurate systems (Koppel 2003, Argamon 2003). They were able to guess with 83 accuracy based on a large sample of texts run through their algorithm. Generally speaking, the algorithm assumed men talk more about objects, and women more about relationships. Women tend to use more pronouns (i, you, she, their, myself and men prefer words that identify or determine nouns (a, the, that) and words that quantify them (one, two, more).

Buy a page-a-day calendar and pre-burn all the pages that come after your wedding. Decide to have children, and do it thoroughly. If anyone asks whether youre writing much these days, regard them blankly. As your children grow up, tell them, constantly, that theyre your best friends, that theyre the only good things youve ever made, and that they make your life seem like less of a mistake. When they ask you what your life was like before them, permit your face to cloud over. Permit yourself to raise your voice.

Tell them that there was no before. Say it like a threat. Trust that they wont ask again. Encourage them to study mandarin and chemistry. Tell them that writing is an important skill to cultivate, alongside other skills. Speak about it impassively, as you would of a low-sodium rice cake.

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Begin dating the first person that responds. Try harder to make the relationship work than youve ever tried at anything. Forget about writing poetry; this is more important. Throw yourself into planning the wedding. How you about renting a photo booth that comes with a cardboard moustache on a stick? How paperless about a wooded glen lit by synchronized fireflies? Debate the merits of one large cake versus several small cakes. Remember that no one considers popsicles a legitimate dessert.

woman writing

Tell her no one warned you. Admit that this is a lie. Promise youll never lie to him again. Thank him for his time, ;-! Write the worst poem essay you can. What a terrible poem you will have written! Write like a french woman, allowing yourself fingertip-sized portions of everything. Write a poem in the form of a personal. Post it on Craigslist.

to agents, describing your book in excruciating detail. If anyone responds, send her an email entreating, Please find my manuscript attached! If she notes that youve failed to include an attachment, ask her what kind of money you can expect from a first book. Tell her its not enough. Ask him if you can be honest: that youre in a bad way. This writing thing isnt panning out the way youd hoped.

Insinuate yourself more deeply into that friends life. Angle for a standing brunch date. Order the frittata; its excellent. Join homework up with a group of local writers to create an informal workshop. Ask each of your new writer friends if he thinks youll ever get married. Write your greatest fear on a post-it note. Place the post-it at the corner of your eye before applying liquid liner, to create the perfect cat-eye.

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Each morning, recite the affirmation, you are my favorite woman writer. Remember that writing should be fun! As you struggle small to write, ask yourself why you consistently fail even at having fun. Research other writers you admire until you find one shorter than you. Instead of writing your thoughts, speak them into a voice recorder. Are you saying centaur correctly? Type out a copy of a story that you admire. Email it to your worst-read friend, with the subject line. Next time you try to write, remember that friend who thinks youre very, very talented.

woman writing
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Interacting with these materials creates a dynamic inquiry from. Mississippi University for, women offers a low-Residency mfa in Creative. It is a 48-hour program that can be completed in two to three years (or longer if students choose to attend part time).

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  1. As you struggle to write, ask. The romantic Period encouraged individuals to explore the interior world of emotion and to express themselves through writing. The high value placed on personal reflection resulted in an upsurge in authorship more generally, but it also created a space for women to add their voices in greater numbers. Provides entries on authors lives and writing careers, contextual material, timelines, sets of internal links, and bibliographies.

  2. Women, who Write, inc. Is a new Jersey based non-profit group of amateur, hobbyist, and professional women authors and poets. Each morning, recite the affirmation, you are my favorite woman writer. Remember that writing should be fun!

  3. John Mullan on 10 of the best men writing as women. Free consumer information and advice for transsexual women. On her blog, kayla williams disagreed with Cara hoffmans op-ed in The new York times decrying what she perceived as a paucity of women s voices in war literature; here williams expands on her original post, listing a few of the many titles and venues. Home The harsh Truth about Starting your Own Business.

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