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Win, more, work: How to Write winning A/E/C Proposals

Also include specific deliverables and when to expect them (e.g. Website wireframes after Phase 1 or logo variations upon completion.) Cost: decide how much youll be paid and how youll be paid ( How to invoice Freelance Clients and Get paid Online ) State your price and/or price per deliverable (e.g. Xxx per t-shirt design) Next Steps: what does the client need to do so the project can move forward? Acceptance of the proposal, sign contract, and down payment. Optional: you could include the contract/terms within the proposal itself. This way, the client can sign for it all at once saving you both time. When youre creating your first proposal, this will act as a template and boilerplate for those to follow.

Stick to your brand, but no more than your logo and primary colors. Youre not trying to impress the client with your design skills at this point, rather, impress them with your professionalism. Clients dont like to waste time reading no one does so dont write your proposal to be more than 12 pages. Heres a breakdown of what must be included in your proposals: Project info: your name, clients name, contact info, project title, and date goals: whats the client looking advantages for and how are you going to deliver on their needs? This is your chance to demonstrate a solid winning understanding of what your client needs. Use this to describe how youll deliver a solution. Regurgitate and even" words your client used in the questionnaire and preliminary discussions. If youre doing a website design or large project, then breakdown the features and solutions using bullet points to make it more digestible. Timeline: how long will the project take to deliver? Include phases and relevant milestone dates if it applies.

write to win

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Instead, write like this: The proposed logo redesign should reflect a funky, fun, and approachable company that strives to convey brand values of trust, quality, and play. This type of wording pulls keywords that the client themselves used in their questionnaire, and this conveys the type of image theyre looking for. This shows mba you understand what theyre in need of and that you have a direction for the project that matches their own vision. Once you have your proposal written out, have someone else it look over to check readability and grammar. What makes an effective proposal that lands you more work? Now that you know what to expect and how to approach writing your first proposal, lets dive into the specifics of what content to include. Content should be your focus. A proposal is a very basic document that should be simple in layout and easily read.

write to win

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If they throw out any acronyms, dont be afraid to use them back. Its very important you be genuine and show your point of view with the research youve done. Do this, and youre investing in professionalism, and itll be the reason why youll land more client work. Heres how you, dont write persuasively: The proposed logo redesign will enhance the existing brand. I will map this work to your company values and work with you to ensure success. That doesnt sound terrible, but it looks so insert company name here. Its cold and generic. This doesnt convey care or interest.

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write to win

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Nobody likes receiving a templated letter or especially a non-recipient specific email. For example, dont do this: dear Sir, we are writing to confirm the process of which we will thesis provide design services to your company. If it were me receiving this type of message, id immediately delete. Its cold and impersonal. Youre not a robot.

And if youre one person, dont inflate your business and use pronouns like we, use, or our. Theres no value in trying to be perceived as a team of people if thats not the truth. When you go to write your proposals, spend the time to research your clients and their industry to better understand them. This will help tremendously in writing a proposal that speaks to the client. Develop a baseline curiosity for the client and their business. And if possible, use their language.

How to write your first freelance proposal. How much time does it take to create a proposal? Proposals take time to put together, so plan on setting aside an hour or two for every project you decide to move forward with. If this is your first time writing a proposal, then set aside several hours. The proposals you create for your clients is the barrier between landing the project and getting paid.

Dont underestimate the amount of effort you should be putting into this. Its better to have quality over quantity in this case. Your proposal doesnt have to be very long. One page is enough if you can fit the crucial information on there. Also, plan on making revisions. You wont nail the proposal on the first draft every time. Writing a compelling proposal that wins the client.

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The thought of creating a proposal for your clients is intimidating, especially if youre just starting out and have never written one before. Hopefully by the end of this post youll feel confident in creating your own proposals, and you can start winning more clients. Whats so effective about writing proposals? The main reason why you need to be creating proposals is it clarifies and establishes the roles and goals of the project. At this point in your process, youre now formalizing what youve learned about the client: youre taking the questionnaire as well as any discussions youve had and uncovering the real work behind whats needed. Not only will a proposal shed light on whats important for the project, but its extremely valuable to the client. The proposal acts as a roadmap, and to someone that might be unfamiliar with resume working with a freelancer, this can help them better understand what this type of work entails and what its going to cost. Its your job as the freelancer to familiarize the client with what you do, what they should expect from working with you, and you must communicate this effectively.

write to win

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write to win
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