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Historia augusta, which has long dominated the image of Maximinus, to present a more nuanced picture of the man within the framework of his times. Maximinus, who seems to have suffered from acromegaly, was of non-citizen, peasant roots in Thrace. He entered the roman Army after catching the eye of Septimius severus by his stature and physical feats. Maximinus rose steadily, became a citizen, a general, and then emperor in a bloody coup against the youthful Emperor. Alexander severus (. Pearson makes a convincing case that Maximinus reign was by no means the thugocracy commonly depicted.

Initially, i will ask for several pages (or possibly several chapters) of your manuscript to read. Ill also ask you a few questions by email or by phone so i can best evaluate the scope of your project and the editing that will be required. For example, ill want to know your ultimate goals for the manuscript, your intended audience, and your ideas about editing levels. After ive done this review, i will send you a proposal containing my opinion about the level of editing you need and an estimate for my fees and schedule. Some projects can be done using an hourly rate and some will be best managed using a per word rate. Keep in mind that Im also available to help you with proposal packages and marketing materials. Im looking forward to reading your work! Book review: Maximinus Thrax: From Common Soldier to Emperor of Rome. Archives, romes giant Barbarian Emperor, in this, resume the first book-length life of Maximinus, who ruled the empire for nearly three years (. Pearson (Cardiff supplements the limited literary sources with evidence from archaeology, numismatics, and other disciplines. This has helped him get beyond the giant barbarian thug image created by the notoriously unreliable.

book review length

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This book contains the best topical review that I have found. It was not prepared specifically for the ap exam, so students will need to review the trapezoidal rule, which was not covered in this book. Students will not need to know the arc length formula for the calculus ab exam. No two writers are alike. No two projects are alike. And while broad categories of editing can be suggested, sometimes a project requires a unique combination of editorial consideration. I can provide several levels of editing—from proofreading through developmental and everything in between. Contact me to discuss the particular needs of your project.

book review length

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(1984 quantitative analysis of a visible tip of the peer review iceberg: book reviews in chemistry, scientometrics, vol. (1979 some factors affecting the evaluative content of book reviews in sociology, the American Sociologist, vol. Spink,., robins,. (1998 Use of scholarly book reviews: implications for electronic publishing and scholarly communication, journal of the American Society for Information Science, vol. "On book reviewing." journal of Educational Thought 30 (1996 191-202. This book is a compact review of all topics covered in a first-year calculus class. Example problems are given in each unit.

lexicography in the 21st Century. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins 2009, 23-41. The "objectivity question" and the American Historical Profession. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (1970 book reviewing in the social sciences, The American Sociologist, vol. (1988 Scholarly reviewing and the role of Choice in the postpublication review process, book research quarterly, summer,.10-18. (1960 notes on the reviewing of learned books, Science, vol.

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book review length

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Technical Services quarterly, 3(1/2 17-25 Lindholm-Romantschuk,. Scholarly book reviewing in the social sciences and humanities. The flow of ideas within and among disciplines. Westport, connecticut: Greenwood Press. (1996 marathi On book reviewing, journal of Educational Thought, vol. (1998 discourse analysis and academic book reviews: a study of text and disciplinary cultures, in Fortanet,. (Ed genre Studies in English for Academic Purposes, universitat jaume, castelló de la Plana,.

(2002a structure-based interpretation of scholarly book reviews: a new research technique, proceedings of the fourth International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science,. Available: m Nicolaisen,. The scholarliness of published peer reviews: A bibliometric study of book reviews in selected social science fields. Available: m nielsen,. (2009 reviewing printed and electronic dictionaries: A theoretical and practical framework,.

Finding reviews Edit There are many special journals devoted to book reviews and they are indexed in special databases such as book review Index, but many more book reviews can be found in newspaper databases and in scholarly databases such as Arts and Humanities Citation. Some book reviews are available online. Principally, book reviews are good sources for evaluating the quality of books. Sometimes, however, the amount and content of book reviews have been considered problematic. Katz (1985-1986) found that there are too few critical book reviews.

This is also documented by novick (1988) in the field of history. Typically, book reviews in scholarly journals are of a much higher quality than those in newspapers. Nielsen (2009) proposes a theoretical and practical framework for scholarly or academic reviews of dictionaries that is intended to improve the quality of reviews in terms of academic standards. Literature Edit Chen,. (1976 biomedical, Scientific and Technical book reviewing, scarecrow Press, metuchen,. (1989 reviewing the book reviews, ps: Political science and Politics, vol. The sunny book review.

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While some aspects are less meaningful, others have to be marked out as prerogative issues. The task is even more complicated as the writer could unintentionally imply the idea the reviewer dissertation of the book can notice. Then the book reviewer has to decide upon the author's point's validity. The reviewer has to be the judge and say, did the writer persuade the audience, or was his/her evidence insufficient and weak? The reviewer here makes a judgment on the adequacy of the book topic to the content. The book review also evaluates the expertise of the content's authenticity. By comparing the reviewed book to other materials in the given category, the reviewer work implies potential danger for those writers who admit plagiarism. If the reviewer finds the book authentic and, perhaps, unique, the points and attitudes of the reviewer are discussed.

book review length

Technical terms will be used, of course, but each should be carefully defined at first use. The function of the book reviewer is to determine whether the subject of the text is treated clearly, in a way that is likely to enable students to grasp and to appreciate the knowledge presented. The textbook reviewer has one additional responsibility: If other texts on the same subject exist-which is usually the case-the reviewer should provide appropriate comparisons. As professional work, edit, book reviews require special skills and oblige the reviewer with precise responsibilities. The professional reviewer does not just have to read and scrutinize the text, but to realize concealed, implied meaning the author obviously had dropped hints about. Skilled book reviewers' explanations make the reader feel confident in their perception of the book or change it entirely. The reviewer must also state the main points of the reviewed book.

of what he or she had read, and deduce if the author managed to reveal the core, whether he or she kept to the. The last thing the reviewer has to do is to speculate on the topic himself or herself. The book reviewer should also undertake through their own research to discuss the theme, assess the author's ability to express and explore this theme, and provide an opinion of the novel. The determination of the book review is to communicate to the reader's mind the ideas and sensations the reviewer experienced while researching the content. In this way, the reader knows what the author sought to transmit, or what the reviewer experienced while reading. The reviewer, then, takes three roles: reporter, in informing the third party of the events; analyst, in making judgments based on experience; and sideline observer, in pretending to act as the reader should by expressing their own opinion, desires and expectations. Textbooks, edit, unlike the language in a monograph, that in a textbook must not be technical and jargon must be avoided. The reader will be a student, not a peer of the scientist who wrote the book.

Reviewers, in mom literary periodicals, often use the occasion of a book review for a display of learning or to promulgate their own ideas on the topic of a fiction or non-fiction work. At the other end of the spectrum, some book reviews resemble simple plot summaries. To write a book review you just write the key events in the body. The earliest known "book" (or scroll) reviews were produced in ancient Athens circa 140. Reviews were first published in periodicals in 1665, when the. Journal des sçavans was started in, paris. 1, as a teaching tool, edit. A book review is assigned to secondary and post-secondary students to help them to develop analytical skills.

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This article is about the literary criticism. For the use of essay the term in academia, see. For the cartoon, see, book revue. A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is analyzed based on content, style, and merit. It is often carried out in periodicals, as school work, or on the internet. Reviews are also often published in magazines and newspapers. Its length may vary from a single paragraph to a substantial essay. Such a review often contains evaluations of the book on the basis of personal taste.

book review length
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  2. Its length may vary from a single paragraph to a substantial essay. Reviewers, in literary periodicals, often use the occasion of a book review for. This book contains six full- length ap exams and a short, comprehensive ap course review.

  3. In writing a book review in. The length of each line does not indicate the length of your answer) For every. Include the following information in your book review : Title author.

  4. After ive done this review, i will send you a proposal containing my opinion about the level of editing you need and an estimate. Well, fellow bibliophiles, here we are at the end of 2017 and its been a long while since we here at Chicago. Book - length linked narrative. Book reviews vary in length since one can write a paragraph to briefly describe written works or a long essay to give.

  5. The reduced 597, bOOK. Reviews length of the chapters imposes. Book, review : Maximinus Thrax: From Common Soldier to Emperor of Rome. In this, the first book - length life of Maximinus, who ruled the empire for nearly.

  6. Develop a structure for the book review, depending on the length you desire the review. Book, length : 267 pages. Sunday shorts, book, review : Stripped Bare (Cooper mountain 1) by nikka michaels eileen Griffin. Book review, the evolution of Thought evolutionary Origins of Great Ape Intelligence.

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