Dangers of smoking essay

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The buildup can block the artery or cause a rupture resulting in death. Coronary heart disease the damage to, and weakening of the hearts major arteries. Elevated blood pressure which can lead to heart disease and stroke. To find out more about heart conditions and smoking please refer to The Effects of Smoking : heart Disease. How Smoking Affects the Immune system Smoking can damage the immune system and make the smoker more susceptible to diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and influenza. Crohns disease its an inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract. Symptoms include abdomen pain, diarrhea and fatigue. Smoking doubles your risk of rheumatoid arthritis a chronic inflammation of the joints, especially the ones in hands and feet.

They are likely worried about the effects of secondhand smoke and dont want to endure any of the physical problems associated with smoking statement for themselves. Causes Cancer, smoking is the leading preventable cause of cancer. 4 out of 5 cases of lung cancer are linked with smoking cigarettes. . It also increases the risk of at least 13 other types of cancer including: Esophagus cancer, mouth and upper throat cancer, bladder cancer. Bowel cancer, pancreas cancer, kidney cancer, larynx cancer. To read more about how smoking is related to cancers visit, causation and Acceleration of Cancers. How Smoking Affects the circulatory system Cigarette smoke damages the heart and blood cells. It can also cause: Aneurysms an expanded and weakened area in the artery. Once it ruptures it can result in internal bleeding, stroke and death. Atherosclerosis a buildup of fats and other substances in arteries.

dangers of smoking essay

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You wont have to essay deal with them for very long though, as they can lead to death. If they dont cause you to die, then you will at least need to have sections of your throat, mouth, and lungs removed. Mechanical replacements can be used instead, but they wont be pleasant to deal with. Societal Damage, now those were just physical damages we considered, but there are others you need to be aware of as well. Smoking is basically prohibited in all public places in the United States. Practically all restaurants, stores, shopping centers, and even parks have outlawed its use. The only public places you can really use cigarettes are out on the street and in some bars and smoking lounges. You may also find that once you start smoking, you are not treated the same way. People may not want to have their children around you or may not want to be around you themselves.

dangers of smoking essay

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The cravings will be much more intense the longer you go without a cigarette; getting near others who are smoking or smell like smoke can also trigger cravings easily. What was once an enjoyable habit has become a necessity. You will also notice that your breathing may have become more ragged. Thats because scar tissue is building up in through throat and lungs. Your entire respiratory system is breaking down because of the smoking habit. That scar tissue means the cancer is probably in your future. You can look forward to dealing with lung, throat and mouth cancer.


You may also develop a hacking cough and suffer many of the symptoms of allergies, such as a runny nose, fever, itchiness and mucous buildup. Maybe none of those sound too bad to you, but the effects of smoking are just beginning at that point. Over time, you will start to notice a lack of athletic ability, as your lung capacity diminishes and you have a harder time staying active. You will also see blood pressure increases and throat irritability. Advertisement, long-Term Effects, over time, all the problems above become much worse. Lets start with the least awful problems. The staining on your hands and teeth will worsen. Your fingers will start to shake when you need a cigarette.

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dangers of smoking essay

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What makes smoking frowned upon by society is that it not only affects the biology individual smokers health but also other civilians around. Second hand smokers are also highly affected by the same damaging effects produced by cigarettes. The causes and effects of smoking are being discussed frequently among our society, and more and more solutions to resolve this issue are being brought up worldwide. Being in the media-age, propaganda and commercial advertising plays a big part in the indoctrination of our generation. People see what they believe about smoking and are led to thinking its a solution to problems like peer pressure, stress, and feeling left out. However, the actual effects of smoking include a high risk of cancer, addiction, and fatigue. .

Men, women and children are informed constantly of these circumstances, but still today, smoking remains as plan a recurring topic on the list of the main issues around the world. Where i got my information on the effects of smoking : smoking. Contrary to popular belief, smoking doesnt only harm the lungs of a smoker, and cancer isnt the only threat to a smokers health. Inhaling tobacco smoke can cause damage to most of the bodys organs and systems. Although the public understands that smoking cigarettes is unhealthy, the lack of transparent information on the damage that can be done from smoking can also be dangerous. Short-Term Effects, you will start to notice some changes right away as soon as you use cigarettes. Your fingers will yellow, your breath and hair and clothes will smell like smoke, and your teeth will stain.

The harmful effects of smoking usually manifest themselves in ones health over a long-term period. A cigarette contains three harmful substances that can lead to fatal illnesses. Nicotine is one of the most harmful chemicals in a cigarette. Nicotine is an addictive substance that can lead to having just one puff of a cigarette into buying numerous packets and smoking them all. Addiction can also result in absolutely unnecessary expenses, but most importantly this habit is very hard to part with which eventually leads to mostly irreversible damages to health.

Most adults who start smoking in their teen years never expected to become addicted. Tar is another component in a cigarette which contributes to the harmful effects of smoking. It is a brown, tacky chemical that is left behind on the end of the cigarette filter. It stains the smokers teeth and fingers and it also coats everything with a brownish-yellow film. The build-up of tar in lungs can eventually cause cancer; it is now the most common causes of death among regular smokers. Moreover, cigarettes produce carbon monoxide which is, when inhaled, reduces the oxygen intake by red blood cells. This leads to shortness of breath, overall fatigue, and complications with heart and lungs.

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Statistics show that about nine out of summary ten tobacco users start smoking before they are eighteen years old. Peer pressure is another main reason why teenagers choose to do things they shouldnt do: befriending the wrong group of people who might represent a negative example. Quite often it is the friends who persuade each other to start smoking or purchase a pack of cigarettes only to try what smoking is all about. Smoking is often portrayed in todays society as a cool and hip thing. Moreover, on many occasions, smoking can contribute to the status of a person. The fact that it makes you look cool can tempt a person to light up and eventually harm his or her health. Culture can also have a powerful impact on whether smoking is accepted by society. For example, in Turkey it might not be as frowned upon as in Switzerland. Some surveys point out that smoking is usually perceived as producing relaxing effect; this can particularly appeal to businessmen plan and people who have stressful occupations.

dangers of smoking essay

In the twentieth century, cigars were advertised all over the world as a harmless, anti-stress product with little or no side effects. Smoking was eventually become widespread all over English-speaking continents and was even popular among women. As technology became more advanced, the adverse effects of smoking on human health have increased exponentially. Researchers officially declared smoking as a harmful habit that in most of the cases is fatal. There are many reasons why people resort to smoking ; many of the choices are based on the individuals decisions. Much of temptation to start smoking is based on the advertising propaganda carried out by cigarette manufacturers. People at home see the images of smoking people on their television screens, in newspapers, and magazines. Children are influenced by their parents and may be mislead to the thinking that smoking poses no danger.

just sat there, silent, taking it all. It took all my courage, but I got. I walked slowly and apprehensively. Smoking is one of the main issues that mankind today is confronted with in the world. Smoking is known to have started as early as 1439. Rodrigo de jerez was the first ever smoker in Europe, and the development of cigars was originated by the native american people.

It also raises the risk of high blood pressure. Nicotine causes the contraction of blood vessels and decrease of blood supply. This ultimately leads to heart attacks. Smokers are at a higher risk of developing certain kinds of cancers because cigarette smoke contains carcinogens. Long-time smokers often develop cancers of the mouth, larynx and lungs. Smoking not only endangers the smoker himself but also those who inhale secondary smoke - smoke exhaled y smokers. In view of the many dangers of smoking, more smoking cessation programs should be introduced to smokers. Smoking essays smoking, i sat in my chair, rigid, plan not knowing what to feel.

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Smoke that kills, a smoker can easily be identified in any group. Not only does he reek of stale smoke, he also has bad breath, much to the dread of non-smokers. However, the effects of smoking are far more insidious than the offensive smell associated with smokers. Cigarette smoke contains many toxic substances like carbon essay monoxide, nicotine and carcinogens that not only cause irreparable damage to the smoker, but also to those around him who inhale the smoke. Carbon monoxide reduces blood capacity to carry oxygen, thus causing fatigue and panting even with the slightest physical exertion. The lack of oxygen in the body acts as a catalyst that accelerates the aging process, causing wrinkles. Nicotine contained in cigarette smoke reduces the activity of the brain and nervous system.

dangers of smoking essay
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  1. Perfect for my essay. Women, smoking During Pregnancy - - effects on the Children They carry: There are many effects that cigarette smoking by pregnant women have on their fetuses.

  2. Smoking can be considered one of the most dangerous habits that any individual can have. From the fact I had read before, smoking kills an average of 450,000 people each year. The effects of smoking are far reaching and. With 30 dying from cancer and other diseases caused because of smoking side effects ;.

  3. But certain elements increase a person s risk of starting and. Read this essay on The, dangers of Smoking. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

  4. Write an article for your school newsletter on the dangers of smoking. Smoking is an addiction that kills thousands of people every year. It is not known exactly why one person gets addicted to smoking and another doest not, or why certain people are more likely to develop sever illness from smoking.

  5. The causes and effects of smoking are being discussed frequently among our society, and more and more solutions. Dangers of Smoking : you find that many of your friends have taken up smoking. It is affecting their health.

  6. There are many dangerous disease germs in tobacco, so that health of people who smoke is threatened a lot when they smoke. Free and custom essays at m! Take a look at written paper. Cause and Effect essay : Smoking.

  7. Free, essays on, dangers Of Smoking. Get help with your writing. First, smoking affects health of both smoking person and people around him.

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