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3.8 exempt staff exempt employees are generally defined to be those who: meet state and federal earnings tests (two times the state minimum wage based on a 40-hour work week and are employed in positions that are professional, executive, or administrative as determined by pepperdine. 6.4.a definitions and examples a conflict exists when a university representative's direct or indirect personal interests are inconsistent with or interfere in any way with the best interests of the University. 34.2 rationale if our students, staff, or faculty encounter an emergency situation while abroad, whether it be a personal crisis or a natural or man-made disaster, the University may activate resources to promote their health and safety and may even return them to the United. It allows employees to vary their arrival and/or departure times. Employees are to be free from any work responsibility or interruption during their rest period; however, in cases of emergency, employees will be expected to reschedule their rest period at some other time during the applicable four (4) hour period. A passenger endorsement is required for employees with a class B license transporting passengers. This procedure is designed to allow employees to address complaints in a fair, consistent, and objective manner.

6 Partial filmography edit references edit External links edit retrieved from " p? Any individual bitten by an animal on campus should immediately contact the department of Public Safety. 29.2 retirement plan eligibility all eligible employees may participate in the retirement plan. The balance of all such sick leave benefits may also be used for this purpose, but only after first exhausting all accrued vacation benefits. The following sick pay accrual rates for regular staff assume 40-hour per week assignments. Go to painted Alphabetical Topic Index go to table of Contents Section 31 complaints.1 employee grievance procedure the purpose of this employee grievance procedure is to provide for the resolution of work-related grievances, including, but not limited to, allegations of harassment, unlawful discrimination, and the. 23.5 tuition benefits for dependents of disabled or deceased employees if an eligible employee who has served the University for three years or longer should become disabled or die while an employee of the University, any dependents of that employee will be granted full tuition. Vacation and sick leave accruals cease during a personal leave of absence, and holiday pay shall not be granted during the first 30 days of absence, nor during the balance of a personal leave. Please note that some car rental agencies may require the vehicle be turned back in to activate a new contract under different auto insurance coverage. If a supervisor wishes to offer a higher salary, he or she must obtain appropriate approval before discussing the possibility with the job candidate. Before permitting the employee to return to work, the University also requires the employee to provide medical certification that he or she can return to work and to perform the essential functions of his/her position.

duke resume

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As a general rule, the University does not allow high-risk trips. This policy applies to all persons on a pepperdine University campus. . Pepperdine, university and the admission process. Please contact Human Resources for more information. 32.3.b the office of insurance and risk although the Office of Insurance and Risk provides this support, each supervisor is ultimately responsible for enforcement of, and compliance with, this policy in their designated departments and areas. 6.4.c process for resolving potential and actual conflicts t he annual disclosures will be reviewed in the first instance by the Executive review vice President, general counsel, and President. Departments shall clearly communicate University procedures on how to report a potential accident or injury to all employees, and shall assist employees in reporting. Collaborate with Human Resources and involve other departments as needed (General counsel, public Safety, etc.).

duke resume

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Human Resources will evaluate the proposed action and make a recommendation to the Chief Human Resources Officer prior to taking action. The packet should be obtained from the Office of Insurance and Risk prior to renting a vehicle. G., standard business attire in the business office; clean custodial uniforms in the custodial department; etc. In order to ensure safety while the employee is being evaluated, the employee may, if appropriate, be placed on administrative leave for the time needed to conduct the evaluation. Student workers who must miss work because of emergencies or plan other unexpected circumstances must notify their supervisor as soon as possible. Regular full-time employees changing to part-time status may be continued under the Group health Plan for a limited period of time. Suspension if a significant situation occurs, or an employee's presence is so disruptive that prompt action is necessary, the supervisor should take the following immediate actions: Suspend the employee without pay for a definite period of time (normally one to three days). For accrued sick pay, the University reserves the right to request verification from a licensed healthcare provider for all absences due to illness, and a medical release to certify the employee can resume normal duties.

Initiation of Complaint : If an informal resolution does not result, the grievant may submit a complaint to the immediate supervisor of the employee against whom the complaint is made, with a copy to human Resources, to initiate a grievance. Appointment and reappointment are at the discretion of the department or school. Partial weeks are paid at a daily rate. Employees shall report any potential accident or serious near-miss to the department of Public Safety as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the end of a work shift or workday. Physical harassment may include but is not limited to assault, impeding or blocking movement, or any physical interference with normal work or movement. 17.8 bereavement leave paid leave due to the death of a person related to a full-time employee by blood, adoption, marriage or registered domestic partnership is authorized up to a maximum of three working days. For proposed high-risk trips, the Office of Insurance and Risk will coordinate with the trip planner, public Safety, governmental and/or non-governmental international experts, and members of the University administration, as necessary, to obtain safety intelligence and initiate a collaborative discussion regarding specific risks, mitigation strategies. In cases where related employees assignments are in different departments and/or otherwise assure the absence of favoritism or nepotism, exceptions may be approved by the Executive vice President.

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duke resume

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Application Procedure leave must be requested four weeks in advance with a written application, which requires approval by the supervisor and department head. 17.7 military leave every employee of the University shall be entitled to and shall be granted military leave(s) of absence, with attendant re-employment rights, under applicable state and federal law. Applications meeting the minimum writing posted qualifications will be made available to the hiring manager for consideration. A california state law bans the use of cell phones without a hands-free device while driving a vehicle. Bbc radio 4 's, the hudson and, pepperdine, show.

For example, if an employee's spouse or child owns a company that does business with the University, the employee should disclose that income. When the absence or loss of work exceeds fourteen (14) days, then the worker's compensation carrier will pay benefits for the first three days, and the University will only pay the employee for the difference between the employee's regular daily pay rate and the benefits. As this policy is only a brief summary of applicable rules, please contact Human Resources for further details. Go to Alphabetical Topic Index go to table of Contents Section 34 - international travel policy.1 introduction at Pepperdine University, we affirm the transformative power of an international education, and we believe each journey deepens an individual's understanding of what it means to live. Table of contents, section 1 equal employment opportunity employer.1.

If, for example, the allegations in the complaint, even if true, would not constitute a violation of a university policy, procedure, or norm, then the supervisor should inform the grievant in writing that the grievant's allegations are not subject to further investigation. 1 Faculty promotions are defined as promotions from teaching into administrative roles, such as transitions to assistant dean, associate dean, dean, or division chair. Rate changes changes in rates of pay must be made effective on the beginning of a pay period. To the extent permitted by law, the University reserves the right to deny requests for extensions or deny reinstatement to an employee who exceeds the leave amount provided by this policy or fails to provide a requested medical or other certification. 5-9 years, 10-14 years, etc.).

Adequate written evidence of the conflict's resolution must be filed with the annual disclosure form in the Executive vice President's office. Employees shall schedule their classes outside of regular working hours unless other arrangements are approved in writing and in advance by the Administration. The employee retains all of the benefits of regular status. Go to Alphabetical Topic Index go to table of Contents Section 7 - employee files and references.1 employee files an employee may examine the contents of his or her file by making an appointment with Human Resources and may receive copies of any documents. Pepperdine is religiously affiliated with the Churches of Christ. Go to Alphabetical Topic Index go to table of Contents Section 2 - job posting/application process.1 overview all full-time academic and nonacademic positions, except those designated below, shall be posted a minimum of five working days before a final selection and appointment is made. Informational rather than punitive enforcement is the intent of this policy. Specifically, managers and supervisors shall consistently and fairly enforce University safety rules, investigate injuries to determine the cause and take action to prevent recurrence, see that injuries are treated and referred to human Resources for prompt reporting to the workers' compensation insurance carrier, regularly inspect. If an incident is severe enough to warrant immediate dismissal, the managing supervisor must notify human Resources immediately for guidance.

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While department-specific information and various University essay receptions contribute to the on-boarding process, Orientation familiarizes new employees with University-wide policies and procedures that enable them to begin work immediately. March : Applications for. If the decision is to terminate, human Resources will assist the supervisor in composing a final memorandum to the employee. The pepperdine University retirement plan is governed by a legal Plan document. Failure to return to work at the end of essay an approved period of absence, or to request an approved extension may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. The investigation may include, but is not limited to, meeting with the parties, talking with witnesses, and reviewing any supporting documents. In some cases, temporary reassignment to another position may be necessary. 31.1.e final appeal request for Final Appeal : Unless the Appeal of the supervisor's Decision, set forth in Section.1.D above, was heard by a university senior administrator, any party may submit a written request for a final appeal of the reviewing officer's decision. Family/medical leave taken for the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child must be taken in blocks of at least two weeks' duration; however, the University will provide employees with family/medical leave for birth, adoption, or foster care placement of less than two.

duke resume

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duke resume
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Our recent project rms(Resume management Software) got pre-bookings. We listed all questions about duke of Ed and categorized into 4 types: - most Frequently: most frequently asked questions about duke.

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  1. Learn what hobbies to include and check our list of personal interest you can include on your resume. Duke students can make. Latest Update, web Hosting service is now introduced on cheaper and affordable prices.

  2. Does your firm treat my profile confidentially? We will never submit your resume to any client company without receiving your permission first. Project Name: duke clinical Research Institute at Durham Centre location: Durham, nc square feet: 19,872 Scope of Project: Complete interior demolition and up-fit. Personal interests can be the perfect icebreaker for a job interview.

  3. Education -mfa 2013, purdue university, studio arts 2011 -Images of Nature, one day panel Discussion and Project Presentations with Professor. Kathryn hayles of duke university. Job Opening listings. Career Center at duke university - comprehensive resource for locating m - job listings, resumes, articles, employer profiles and discussion groups.

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