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To become part of the solution, visit the earth's Kids Marine Science page or just follow the links below, to learn what you can do to learn, to educate others, and to make your voice heard! Earth's Kids Marine Science games, Crafts, lesson Plan ideas, and links to online learning. Print and do the marine coloring book learn about the importance of keeping our oceans, rivers, and lakes free of debris with this printable coloring book. Do the save the bay activity at home or with your class. . you'll need water, food coloring, cooking oil and a few other simple items. . Great way for preschoolers to learn about what happens to animals and beaches during an oil spill.

But right now, a variety of crises threaten our oceans. . Pollution, over fishing, and global warming are the chief threats. . Right now, pollution is poisoning people and animals with toxic levels of mercury and other chemicals that essay humans have released into the ocean food webs. . And global warming is changing the temperature of the seas, causing some animals to die off because the tiny organisms on which they depend can't survive these small changes of climate. . Some species of dolphins are thought to be beaching themselves writers in response to changing temperatures. In other cases, toxic micro organisms that thrive in the warming waters are multiplying, poisoning humans, fish, and marine mammals alike. And over all these concerns looms the growing problem of overfishing, the capture of so many fish that there are not enough left to spawn sufficient new fish. . over fishing is creating an alarming downward spiral that is already causing fishing industries in many parts of the world to crash. . The end result: not enough fish and shellfish to feed humans or the other creatures that depend upon them - creatures like whales, seals, sea lions, dolphins, birds, and of course polar bears (already in danger from disappearing polar ice). But it's not too late to reverse these problems! . we can work together with scientists, activists, and government leaders to create strategies that resolve the threats to our oceans and marine life - now.

earth day writing paper

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Heifer International allows you to buy trees and donate them to communities fighting deforestation in impoverished areas. Learn how to plant your own tree. Travels with pierre a nice interactive presentation on report the many aspects of trees. . Save our Oceans, there are many who consider the oceans the largest driving force that makes life possible on Earth. To begin with they cover 70 of the earth's surface and, according to some scientists, they still contain the majority of living things. . And the oceans are a vital part of the water cycle that brings rain to our crops and forests and drinking water to our cities. . Just as importantly the ocean also produces much of the oxygen upon which all human beings, and animals, depend. . And the oceans provide fish and shellfish and other vital resources as well as jobs for millions. . In fact in the United States alone, 1 out of 6 jobs is marine related.

earth day writing paper

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They shade our movie homes and help shelter them from wind and rain. . They cut down on soil erosion, preserving the good topsoil we need for farming and preventing landslides. . They provide homes for birds and other animals. . And they make our homes, schools, and neighborhoods more beautiful and enjoyable. . Planting a tree is a great thing to do for yourself and for the earth. Purchase trees through the. National Arbor day foundation, plant-It 2020 is also a nonprofit tree-planting foundation.

Visit the film's official website for companion materials such as screensavers, email cards, fact sheets, and a guide for educators. . Educate yourself and the start spreading the word. . The folks in Washington. Are elected by us, so when they realize we all want them to do something they will. . They know their jobs depend on it! Plant a tree, trees  give us oxygen to breathe. . They clean our air and help slow global warming. .

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earth day writing paper

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Spread the word About Global Warming! Scientists tell us that that the earth's global climate is warming at an unusual rate. Already we are seeing changes in rainfall patterns, ice lgbt pack thickness, summer heat levels, and hurricane activity. . While some sources still claim that this is just a natural trend and nothing to be concerned about, most mainstream scientists agree that the problem is caused by the greenhouse affect. . The greenhouse effect is caused by chemicals released into the air by air pollution. This is a serious problem, but one we can all do something about. . to learn more about global warming and what we can all do to stop it, visit the, earth's Kids special feature on Global Warming.

We strongly urge all parents and educators to rent and watch. An Inconvenient Truth, this riveting documentary is narrated by former. Vice President Al Gore and uses striking graphs and photographs to lay out the all too clear evidence that "global warming" is a very real phenomenon - one that cannot be confused with the natural temperature fluctuations of the past. . While the information can be alarming, especially to those new to the situation, the positive solutions presented by gore offer hope and inspiration. . suitable for middle school kids and older.

Why do we do this? . Because we love to help you make a positive difference in the world! . And we know that you can do this best when you're free to use your time for teaching, creating, and making the world a better place. . Note to parents at home: we hope you'll use the sections below to surf the web with your child. . Discuss the different ideas together, decide on changes you could make as a family. .

And don't forget to plan how you will celebrate earth day! Also you will notice various black and white illustrations below. . These are coloring pages! . Click on them to jump to a printable coloring page for your younger children. . Collect all the pages together and your child can color his own Earth day book. . Use the back side of the coloring page to write your ideas for changes you can make in your own home or to write poems or stories about nature.

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Earth day should be recognized by everyone, everyone in any society, from all economical classes, planting trees should be our goal, needed that we strive accomplish, and fight for their existence. This is a day we everyone gathers where everyone comes together, although every country has their own culture, traditions and religions they come together to share a hopeful dream to make our world a better place, a greener, verdant world filled peace and care. Observed each year on April 22nd, earth day celebrates Earth's life and beauty and Earth day activities strive to educate and alert people about hazlitt the need to preserve and renew the threatened ecological balances upon which all life on Earth depends. Included_m, about the resources Below. What better way to educate kids and adults about the pressing needs of our planet than to plan some earth day events of your own? . Whether you're planning activities for your family, your school, or a booth at a neighborhood event, we've got some great ideas for discussion topics and activities! . Below you will find our overview of major Earth day issues, plus crafts, activities, coloring pages, online games, book recommendations, and lesson plans. . As usual Earth's Kids has sifted through hundreds of pages of material to select and present those activities and ideas that we know kids and educators will really enjoy and benefit from. .

earth day writing paper

Reuse is defined as using something again and more than once. Finally reduce means reducing or lessening the amount of statement waste by each person; this can be accomplished by choosing what you need. Everything can start with a simple step, but in the end a great difference could be implied and a hopeful future is formed. Earth day is not only a day of our lives that we were asked to care for our planet it is more than that, it is not a day; it is not a week, it is a lifetime. Our universe should always be as we planned, it should always be a better place; a place filled with hope, kind-hearted people and most importantly a greener society. To me plants are a symbol of hope a symbol of life and existence. Earth day is a day celebrated annually and internationally to demonstrate support for environmental protection. In conclusion, our planet is a gem, that we should place in each of our hearts, where it could be free from harm nor guilt, a place where everyone is happy, a utopia of our own.

grade 10 we were asked to make a poster of an urban city filled with life and modernization, whereas for some lower grades some were asked to make. After every classroom made a poster out of their own creativity and some guidance, we ended up with a valuable collection of posters and artwork mainly made from recyclable materials. We were then sent to the auditorium for the final few hours of the school day, there they represented the winners, whom made the most creative posters out of recycled materials, then a small lecture was given, and a new start was there waiting for. Recycling is the key to a new start to a new beginning and to a new life, filled with hope and a greener society, where everyone doesnt care about themselves anymore, but cares about where they live, and their planet and their universe, thats life. Reuse, reduce and recycle is the new invention that leads to a new life. The 3Rs is a way where we could finally save our planet earth, and keep its goods for much longer. Recycling is basically the conversion of waste materials into reusable material. This encourages us to form a healthier society.

We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. More Essay examples. Earth Rubric, earth day was celebrated at our school on the 22nd of April 2013. This year was quite different than the past 6 years or more, there was more thrill and excitement which had interfered with our school environment, something greener was formed more than ever, earth at that day became everything we wanted it to be, saving. Some acts filled with humanity were taken into consideration. Loving something doesnt usually acquire a huge amount of accomplishment, by a single word, by a single action; love can be spread to the world. Looking back and remembering that day, happiness was our path and serendipity was our new way of dealing with everything involving our planet, walking down the hallways at school at that day looking closely, what I mostly remember is one single smile shared between millions. At that day younger grades were full of happiness, as i entered the school. I could see the patterns of joy spread around every corner of every classroom.

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Earth day, our earth is a pleasant place, where everything is found, everything that we love, and everything that we please, including our own understanding. Earth day is not only about us, as human beings occupying the world around. It is about our planet, our universe, and our mother earth. Earth day was first celebrated in 1970, 43 years ago, it is celebrated in 192 countries around the world. We will write a custom essay sample. Earth day or any similar topic specifically for you. Do not Waste, your Time, send, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

earth day writing paper
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  2. Today i have some earth day writing Paper for you! If I were celebrating earth day, here is what I would. I would read the book beautiful Oops!

  3. Celebrate earth day by writing a letter to someone special with this colourful paper. You could also use it in the classroom by asking the children to write a list of things they can do to help the environment and our planet. Earth day writing Paper. April 2, 2017 by meeghan mousaw 1 Comment.

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