Hairspray movie review

Hairspray (2007 movie, review

The wedding Planner and, cheaper by the dozen 2 ) but his work here is faster on the uptake and much more assured. The screen transition is aided by a streamlined and quick-witted. Leslie dixon screenplay that hits the show's pro-integration theme a little harder (though not enough for. Hairspray to count as a message picture) and shears off some of the story points, notably the prison-set number "The big Dollhouse." Songs like "Cooties" have been bumped to the back end of the credits. To compensate, marc Shalman and, scott Wittman have come up with four additional tunes, notably "The new Girl in Town which failed to make the cut on Broadway but here underscores a brisk montage as Tracy takes Baltimore. Eighteen-year-old newcomer, nikki blonsky gives a plus-sized performance as Tracy, and like jennifer Hudson.

But there is a transformer: John Travolta, stepping into the plan pumps of drag performers divine in the 1988. John Waters comedy and Harvey fierstein in the long-running Broadway need hit, in his first singing role in a movie musical since 1978's. For him, the role of Edna turnblad, the sweet stick-in-the-mud as her dancing daughter Tracy kicks off a high-stepping racial revolution in 1962 Baltimore, has been made over-Edna is now expected to impress as a real woman, albeit one vacuformed into a feminine fat suit. It isn't easy; memories of his predecessors die hard, and as he is the only major performer to adopt a baltimore accent his singing comes off as somewhat warped. Yet when he and co-star. Christopher Walken, cast as Edna's loving husband Wilbur, launch into their duet "Timeless the performance comes together, and the two actors harmonize in a sweeping routine that takes off into the song-and-dance stratosphere. Unburdened by over-fidelity to its stage source, unlike. Rent or, the Producers, or the need to "mean" something, like. Dreamgirls, hairspray simply concentrates on giving the audience a good time, which the tony-laden musical has been doing for five years now. The director and choreographer, Adam Shankman, is the guilty party behind some godawful movie comedies (.

hairspray movie review

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Teen, 17 years old Written. Peopleschamp1995, august 15, 2012 age 6, teen, 13 years old Written by harrypotter13, june 15, 2012 age 13, advantages what's the story? Movie details, in theaters: June 15, 2012, on dvd or streaming: October 9, 2012 Cast: Alec Baldwin, julianne hough, tom Cruise director: Adam Shankman Studio: New Line genre: Musical Topics: Music and Sing-Along Run time: 120 minutes mpaa rating: pg-13 mpaa explanation: sexual content, suggestive. Music and Sing-Along see all Our editors recommend hairspray (2007) Infectiously fun musical with a message. Age 11 This Is Spinal Tap Hilarious, ribald, drug-filled rock send-up. Age 14 School of Rock Standout Jack Black in nerds-become-cool comedy. Age 11 Top advice and articles 5 Tips to make family movie night a success tv and movies That Celebrate Grit. High times, by robert Cashill, john Travolta and nikki blonsky, to the relief of more discerning moviegoers, there are no pirates, spider-men, or Silver Surfers in the latest screen-to-stage-and-back again musical, hairspray.

hairspray movie review

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Many famous rock bands are name-checked, often by showing their albums. Drinking, Drugs smoking, no smoking or drugs (a bit of a surprise in a movie about rock stars but lots of drinking. Much of the film takes place in nightclubs where many people are drinking, and some get quite drunk. A rock legend is almost always wasted; his preferred drink is scotch, straight from the bottle. Adult Written by, tiberius01, june 16, 2012 age 18, not a movie for children. I'm surprised and disapointed at how common sense reviewed this movie. There are so many foul and distasteful sex scenes and inuendos that it should have. Continue reading, adult Written by 500090, june 17, 2012 age 18, not for kids, this is not for kids. I'm not conservative at all, and I have no problem with the movie, but I can guarantee you, you will cringe if you watch this with.

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hairspray movie review

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Positive role models representations, stacee jaxx is the epitome of an aging rock legend who's become a self-absorbed diva, his manager is a complete sleaze, and the anti-rock activist is a hypocrite with a secret past. But on the other hand, the young couple at the heart of the film is seeking love and the true spirit of rock 'n' roll, and the brusque-yet-kind nightclub owner is certain that good music will redeem all of his problems. Some heated arguments and one powerful slap when a guy says something especially spiteful to his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. Bouncers sometimes throw people out of nightclubs, and a few bodyguards growl menacingly. A pet baboon throws things at people he dislikes. Lots of suggestive scenes, exaggerated cleavage, and innuendo throughout, including scenes that suggest couples are about to or have just finished having sex. In one scene pdf a couple is passionately kissing when a bunch of packaged condoms fall on them.

A rock legend is almost constantly surrounded by scantily clad groupies writhing suggestively. He frequently greets women by groping their chests and passionately seduces a music journalist in a scene that features plenty of implied activity and a woman in her underwear, but no graphic nudity. Opposite- and same-sex couples kiss romantically, while others kiss with so much excess tongue activity that it's clearly played to be way over the top. A cocktail waitress at a strip club must endure unwanted touches from her customers; eventually, she considers dancing herself. Language, language includes one "f-k plus "s-t "ass "crap "hell "damn "suck "t-ts "oh my god and "blow." One character flips his middle finger. Consumerism, visible brands/products include Greyhound buses and Budweiser beer. The sets are filled long with signage for brand names, and many well-known Los Angeles businesses are shown.

Ann-Margaret's heroine is spunky and nobody's fool (she proves she can even outshoot and out motorcycle-ride Elvis but she acts the klutz in a race-car garage in one demeaning scene. All other women are objectified showgirl fantasies, practically window-shopped by the men. Violence, elvis fires sixguns in the air to calm down a raucous saloon. Cars wipe out during a grand prix race. Girls in bikinis at poolside and occasionally slinky showgirl numbers.

Language, consumerism, practically a tourist ad for the las Vegas, nevada area and attractions, with the qualifier that most of the casinos and clubs pictured by name have since closed. Drinking, Drugs smoking, recreational drinking and rowdiness. Rusty's dad talks about getting "lit up" on booze. There aren't any reviews yet. Be the first to review this title. Kid, 1 years old July 2, 2009 age 6 epp doggies i love elvis, kid, 12 years old February 23, 2016 age 8, i love elvis movies-they are always good! Jump to navigation, common Sense says, pG minutes. Positive messages, drew is hoping to make it as a rock singer in Los Angeles, but he loses track of his identity when a slimy manager tries to remake him into whatever might sell. His girlfriend's faith helps him rediscover himself and salvage a budding musical career that was almost scuttled by a detour into boy-band territory.

Hairspray ( review )

And I really appreciated the callbacks to movie past productions: Did you recognize former Tracys, ricki lake (movie) and Marissa jaret Winokur (Broadway in the "Welcome to the 60s" number? And how about that divine pet food storefront with its neon pink flamingo, an homage to the original movie edna? Something tells me that the next time i need. Hairspray fix, which might be tomorrow, i'm more likely to replay this than the 2007 movie. You just can't beat that Harvey. Jump to navigation, common Sense says, nR 1964 85 minutes. A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Positive messages, while he's flirtatious, lucky is still an all-around decent guy who's even friends with his romantic rival.

hairspray movie review

Best was a reddi Whip milkman cavorting in a production number, worst was hough forced to pitch Oreos directly after coming off stage. Hairspray was also clearly influenced, for the better, by fox's. Earlier this year, staging several numbers on the Universal backlot and including a studio audience (on the. Corny collins Show set) and enthusiastic spectators outside the soundstage. But it also copied the worst of the gimmicks, hiring. Glee 's Darren Criss to channel Mario lopez, intruding on every break in the action as an aggravating behind-the-scenes fanboy, introducing remote segments that threatened to drain the night of much of its magic. Previous Tracy turnblads Ricki lake (left) and Marissa jaret Winokur (right) made cameos to welcome baillio to the club. Thankfully, hairspray holds up (pardon the aerosol pun) so well that no regrettable decisions or wonky camera angles could dim the adrenaline rush of joy felt throughout.

i've been" civil-rights anthem, and. There was also much more musical-comedy chemistry within the "checkerboard" couple of Ariana Grande's daffy penny and. Hamilton veteran Ephraim sykes as soulful seaweed than between Tracy and the pretty-boy matinee-idol Link of bland Garrett Clayton (truly the show's weakest link). Dancing With the Stars ' derek hough, as tv host Corny collins, had silky pipes to match his fancy footwork? Jhud scored one of the nights most powerful moments. Though not averse to the usual technical glitches with light and sound, and some surprisingly shaky and awkward camera work—including an unforgivable cutaway from Chenoweth's final bow—. Hairspray thrillingly pulled off show-stopper after show-stopper. The night culminated in a grande-hudson duet and curtain call that recalled the best of classic music-variety tv shows—a relic of the 1960s I wish power-producers Craig Zadan and neil Meron could revive with the zeal they bring to these musicals. The show's timely theme of integration found an ironic, and occasionally successful, counterpart in retro commercials woven into the fabric of the play.

Fierstein gave a timeless peformance, with all honor to jerry mitchell's fabulous period choreography, evoking. American Bandstand past waking to a funky and racially integrated future, much of the thrill of this splashy new incarnation came from its powerhouse cast. What a gift to witness Harvey fierstein (also the book writer) leading the troops, sensationally reprising his Tony-winning role as blowsy but unbowed Edna turnblad, she of the hilariously guttural, gravelly croak. Just hearing movie Edna growl "Hold Mommy's waffles" with his rubber sour-pickle face was priceless. His/her "Timeless to me" love duet with wacky husband Wilbur (a jolly martin Short) was nothing short of sublime. Related: On the set for, hairspray live! Rehearsals, the show's discovery, maddie baillio, gave it her all as a charmingly perky tracy, growing in confidence—and wonderfully brazen dance moves—as the night went.

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Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the eu market. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism. Honestly, who would want to stop that beat? From the peppy "Good Morning, baltimore" opener to the jubilant "you can't Stop That beat" high-stepping finale, wednesday's. Was a snappy, happy, candy-colored and newly relevant delight. Of all nbc's productions since. The sound of Music revived the ambitious reviews form of live theatrical entertainment for tv, this musical with a message felt most like an exhilarating night out on Broadway.

hairspray movie review
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Read Common Sense media's Mamma mia! Review, age rating, and parents guide. Vegas ad is a nonstop song-and-dance delight.

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  1. Hairspray is set the first time the movie shows divine in a housedress. Hairspray, live, review : The beat goes On, jubilantly a, hairspray fix, which might be tomorrow, i'm more likely to replay this than the. for-tv movie - which stars, hairspray sensation nikki blonsky - has central messages about acceptance, body image, and eating issues. Upbeat, silly abba musical has sexual innuendos.

  2. Full, review, original Score:.5/4 avi offer nyc. reviews, movie, reviews, london Theatre Archives ny theater Archives Latest New York news Latest London News ny news Archives London News. Hairspray : hairspray ' is originally based on the 1988 John Waters comedy about star-struck teenagers on a local Baltimore dance show. The tone of John Waters.

  3. To be as subversive or as comically edgy as its predecessors, but one of the good things about. Hairspray is that it never intends. A big step backward for director Adam Shankman.

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