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The coaches would also tell the team they did not see the selfishness in Bryant that the players saw. Winter even put together a video for o'neal to show that Bryant was playing his role correctly. Edit losing Derek fisher to injury affected the chemistry between o'neal and Bryant in 200001. In 2001, the lakers won the title again; however, o'neal and Bryant began feuding during the season. O'neal came into training camp out of shape, which disappointed Jackson and also Bryant, who worked hard over the offseason to improve his game. Bryant was leading the league in scoring as 2001 began, and Jackson said Bryant was playing the best ball of his career. O'neal was shooting below 50 percent during stretches, and his free throw shooting was in the 20 percent range.

Gradually, he's seen there is a different way to contribute that incorporates paper more of the team." 38 Upon arriving to the lakers that season, winter said he was stunned to discover the level of hatred o'neal expressed toward Bryant. "There was a lot of hatred in o'neal's heart. Kobe just took it and kept going." o'neal regularly expressed to management that he did not believe the team could win a championship with Bryant. Winter observed that o'neal influenced the entire team against Bryant. 39 Winter thought that Bryant made it a point to get the ball to o'neal that year, but o'neal did not appreciate what Bryant was doing to help him. 27 During that season's All-Star Game, bryant did not participate in the Slam Dunk contest and a matchup against Vince carter, following Jackson's request to pass on individual accomplishments to keep the focus on the team. During All-Star warm-ups, o'neal mimicked Bryant's crossover dribble but threw the ball into the stands to accentuate Bryant's turnovers. 40 o'neal said it was an inside joke between Kobe and him. 41 Jackson and Winter relied on the triangle offense to heal the relationship between o'neal and Bryant. The coaches believed that the offense was so structured that the relationship between the two players would be attorney smoother on the court.

kobe bryant autobiography

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After o'neal fouled out in overtime of Game 4, jackson spread the floor and had Bryant take over the offense and lead the team to victory. Leading 110109 with 1:32 remaining in Game 6, jackson again spread the offense—even with o'neal on the floor—and again allowed Bryant to take over; the lakers won the game, 116111, and won the championship. 34 In the ensuing celebration, Bryant was paperless the first person to embrace o'neal. 35 The season was not without confrontation, as o'neal in one team meeting said, "I have something to say. I think kobe is playing too selfishly for us to win." 36 o'neal felt pressure to be leader of the team and was upset with Bryant's shot selection. Teammate ron Harper helped mediate the differences between o'neal and Bryant. 37 According to jackson, "Kobe didn't have a selfish agenda; he just felt that the way he had been playing was the best way he could contribute.

kobe bryant autobiography

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Portland led by 15 points early in the fourth quarter, before the lakers mounted a 254 rally to take the lead. The comeback run culminated as Bryant drove the lane and threw an alley-oop pass to o'neal for a one-handed slam dunk after which o'neal ran upcourt with his mouth agape and both index fingers waving. 30 Bryant extended his hand to o'neal for a high five, but o'neal in his celebration did not notice. 31 The lakers won the game 8984, and the 13 point comeback after three quarters was the most ever in a game 7 in the nba playoffs. O'neal had 18 points and 9 rebounds, and Bryant had 25 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 blocked shots. 32 The two players complimented each other on the alley-oop play after the game, and assistant coach Tex Winter thought they came to respect each other. 33 The lakers went on to defeat the Indiana pacers gpa in six games and won their first nba championship since 1988. 3 The lakers led the series 20 behind o'neal's dominating presence. The lakers lost Game 3, which Bryant missed with an ankle injury.

27 The coach chose to develop a close relationship with o'neal and not Bryant. Jackson calculated that o'neal's personality craved such a relationship. 28 Bryant missed the season's first 15 games due to a broken right wrist, allowing the team to focus on o'neal as Jackson had planned. 29 The results of Jackson's hiring were promising, as the lakers amassed a 6715 record (one of the best records in league history). O'neal led the league in scoring, averaging.7 points per game, and he won his first nba most Valuable Player Award. 26 During the playoffs, the lakers fought off the eighth-seeded Sacramento kings in five games, and then defeated the Phoenix Suns in the second round, four games to one. It was in the 2000 Western Conference finals that a defining moment of o'neal's and Bryant's on-court success together occurred. The lakers had led the portland Trail Blazers three games to one, before dropping Game 5 at home and Game 6 in Portland. The Blazers were leading the decisive game 7, putting the lakers on the brink of elimination.

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kobe bryant autobiography

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"That's far from the truth said Fisher. "All Shaq wants to do is win." 19 Asked if he helped Bryant through his growing pains, o'neal said "I try not to help guys out too much. Experience is the best teacher. Kobe's a great player. He's a new, up-and-coming kid." 19 o'neal thought Rambis favored Bryant. 20 Rambis asked o'neal, the veteran team leader, to heal the rift and reach out to Bryant.

Rambis said o'neal gave him a "blank, cold stare." 21 The rift between o'neal and Bryant continued into the playoffs. While the lakers defeated the houston Rockets in the first round of that year's nba playoffs, they were ultimately swept 40 by the san Antonio spurs in the second round. 22 Three-peat: edit coach Phil Jackson 's arrival led to three consecutive nba championships for the duo. During the 1999 offseason, west and lakers owner Jerry buss agreed to sign the then six-time nba champion Phil Jackson to a high-priced, 5-year 30 million contract to be the team's new head coach entering the season. Buss was previously a believer writing in spending conservatively on coaches, 24 but o'neal and Bryant had both encouraged West to hire jackson. 25 Jackson decided that the offense would revolve around o'neal, who would be given responsibility to distribute the ball. 26 Jackson also wanted better leadership, physical conditioning, and defense from o'neal.

O'neal wanted a championship immediately, and he did not want to wait for Bryant to mature as a player. Harris thought the nba and its television broadcaster, national Broadcasting Company (nbc were overexposing Bryant and that he became more of a one-on-one player after the break. 15 Bryant's playing time became reduced. The lakers were eliminated in the 1998 playoffs in the conference finals after they were swept by the jazz,. Edit The team's lockout-shortened 50-game 199899 season included a brief stint as a player by dennis Rodman, the firing of head coach Harris, and the interim head coaching stint of former laker player Kurt Rambis.

3 During the lockout, o'neal, Bryant, derek fisher, and Corie blount played a two-on-two basketball game. Bryant was always a physical player during practice. Other players, though, disliked Bryant's approach to practice. Fisher said, "That was really the way we all should have been playing. With Kobe's spirit." During the game, o'neal slapped Bryant. Fisher said neither o'neal nor Bryant really started it, as they were both being physical. 17 During the season, the team would blame their problems on what they felt was Bryant's selfish play. At one point, o'neal pointed at Bryant and told reporters in the locker room, "There's the problem." 18 Bryant's jerseys were outselling o'neal's in southern California sporting goods stores, and rumors started that o'neal was jealous, as he was with Penny hardaway when they played.

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9 o'neal began calling Bryant showboat because of his flashy offensive moves. 10 In an overtime playoff loss to the Utah jazz that eliminated the lakers, o'neal fouled out with two minutes remaining in regulation. Lakers coach Del Harris had designed the laker offense around the rookie bryant, who went on to shoot four air balls. Harris explained that Bryant's one-on-one skills made him the best choice. 11 After the game, o'neal put his arm around Bryant and told him there would be other opportunities. 12 West said the team's shortcoming made o'neal angry since he evernote was going to be judged by the team's success. Edit Bryant was assigned by the lakers to play in the 1997 nba summer league to improve as a team player and learn where to send the ball when he drew double teams. 14 The following season, Bryant was voted as a starter in the 1998 All-Star Game though he was a reserve on the lakers. The lakers struggled after the All-Star break, losing seven of their first 12 games, and Bryant had a stretch where he made only 30 of 100 shots.

kobe bryant autobiography

first three seasons playing together from 19961999. 4 Bryant kept his teammates at a distance, answering non-basketball questions with one- or two-word responses. O'neal told the lakers when Bryant arrived, "I'm not gonna be babysitting." 5 Bryant had extreme confidence in his ability, which was unusual for an 18-year-old. Some teammates interpreted Bryant's confidence as arrogance. 6 o'neal was wary of Bryant, as a rookie, boasting that he would lead the lakers in scoring and be the best player in the league. 7 lakers general manager Jerry west criticized o'neal's leadership for hazing Bryant that season. 8 While o'neal's personality was good-humored, Bryant's demeanor was all-business and was interpreted by some teammates as selfishness.

Personal differences and arguments over their respective roles on the lakers were followed by a trade that sent o'neal to the. Miami heat while Bryant was re-signed as a free agent by the lakers. Phil Jackson would later write a book entitled. The last season: a team in search of Its soul, reflecting on the troubles Bryant and o'neal had during their last season together. Contents, origins: edit, general manager, jerry west brought o'neal and Bryant to the lakers in 1996. In 1996, the los Angeles lakers acquired the draft rights to high pdf school player. Kobe Bryant from the, charlotte hornets by trading established center, vlade divac.

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Shaquille o'neal (left) and Kobe Bryant (right) helped the lakers resume win three straight nba titles. Though they played well together on the court, the pair had an acrimonious relationship at times in the locker room. 1, the shaqKobe feud " (or kobeShaq feud was the conflict between. National Basketball Association (NBA) players, shaquille o'neal and, kobe Bryant, who played together on the. Los Angeles lakers team from 1996 to 2004. The two were able to win three consecutive. Nba championships ( 2000, 2001, 2002 ) and make an nba finals appearance in 2004. O'neal was the, nba finals mvp in each of their victories.

kobe bryant autobiography
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  2. No nba team had previously drafted a guard straight from high school. Kobe code: Eight Principles For Success : An Insider's look into los Angeles laker. Kobe Bryant 's Warrior Life the code he lives by pat Mixon.

  3. Buy, kobe Bryant - the, inspirational Story Of Basketball Superstar Kobe Bryant kobe Bryant, biography, autobiography, phil Jackson, Shaquille o'neal, lakers read 12 Kindle Store reviews -. In 1996, the los Angeles lakers acquired the draft rights to high school player. Kobe Bryant from the Charlotte hornets by trading established center Vlade divac.

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