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May also be included in other disciplines' journal directories. Marilyn Marilyn Edelstein Associate Professor of English Santa Clara University 500 El Camino real Santa Clara ca 95053 medelstein at scu. Edu for information about wmst-l wmst-l file collection.

I have searched the list's archive for this issue, with little results. Thanks, - becca Cragin Department of Popular Culture 108 Popular Culture building Bowling Green State University bowling Green, oh bcragin. Edu date: Fri, 15:50:51 -0700 From: Marilyn Edelstein medelstein at scu. Edu subject: Re: journal rankings and related info. The mla (Modern Language Association) Directory of Periodicals does index a lot of ws journals (and other interdisciplinary treasure journals as well as what is probably thousands of journals in literary studies (broadly conceived). Although it does not provide rankings per se, it does provide the sort of info. That evaluation and r t committees are interested in, especially number of submissions a journal receives annually. Number of articles accepted. So, for instance, if a journal receives 500 submissions/year and accepts 10 articles, it's clear to such committees that this is a highly selective journal. Also, the mla directory lists circulation numbers, which can be one indicator of scholarly reach of the journal. I know that at my institution, many people being evaluated in one context or another xerox pages from this directory to include with their evaluation and/or r t materials.

peer reviewed literary journals

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date: Fri, 13:51:01 -0400 From: Becca Cragin bcragin. Edu subject: journal rankings I was homework looking for suggestions of sources to help me figure out the ranking of ws journals? I have had a hard time doing this, as it's usually tracked according to disciplines. The mla's Directory of Periodicals gives some general information (though not any ranking but i know lots of ws journals are usually indexed under social science. My library will be purchasing the isi's social science citation index/journal ranking, which, although imperfect, would give me something to work with. I am sure many of you have had this problem. While we all probably have a rough sense of the ranking, the bureaucrats would like something more concrete for third year review. How have others handled this?

peer reviewed literary journals

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While it is true that references to these journals will be counted if they appear in any of the 25 scanned by isi, it is quite likely that their scores would be considerably different if they were included in the group looked at systematically. I've read somewhere about the relatively high percentage of cited references in a particular journal to other articles published by that same journal. None of these will show. Also, journal citations are likely to cite similar journals. The fact that women's health, women's health issues, and journal of women's health are all among the 25 probably accounts for their high scores. Sincerely, phyllis - phyllis Holman weisbard University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Librarian 430 Memorial Library, 728 State Street Madison, wi 53706 pweisbard at library. date: Wed, 13:13:36 -0800 From: Elizabeth say y at csun. Edu subject: Re: top feminist journals as measured by journal Citation Reports Also not listed would be the journal of feminist studies in religion, the leading journal in this area. Phyllis Holman weisbard wrote: i share ruth Dickstein's "squirm" factor, and would like to elaborate on it with respect to relying on the Impact Factor in isi's journal citation Reports for a ranking of the relative import of feminist journals.

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peer reviewed literary journals

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The impact factor is calculated by dividing the number of current citations to articles published in the two previous years by the total number of articles published in the two previous years. Now there is a new company out claiming to have better data about tracking cited references and journal importance that excludes book reviews from their listings, but I have heard complaints from faculty about their methodology. fiona nelson Assistant Professor, women's Studies Faculty of Communication and Culture social Sciences building University of Calgary 2500 University Drive. Calgary ab canada T2N 1N4 nelsonf at date: Wed, 12:56:21 -0600 From: Phyllis Holman weisbard pweisbard at library. subject: Re: top feminist essay journals as measured by journal Citation Reports I share ruth Dickstein's "squirm" factor, and would like to elaborate on it with respect to relying on the Impact Factor in isi's journal Citation Reports for a ranking of the relative import. The first is that these are applied to science and social science journals, but not to any in the Arts and Humanities (and perhaps shouldn't be, but that's another topic).

At any rate, that means that people who do feminist work in literature, music, art, cultural studies, etc. Won't see "their" journals listed much. The second, and in my view more insidious problem is that there are only about 1,500 isi web of Science journals in the social Sciences whose cited references are included in the database. There are only 25 women's studies journals among them. Here are some of the significant women's studies journals not among them: nwsa journal, women's studies quarterly, feminist teacher, feminst theory, journal of women's history, genders, women's studies: an interdisciplinary journal, women's studies in communication, or any of the feminist law journals.

Psychology of Women quarterly nder and Society. Women's health Now if i ask for the Impact Factor (I'll copy their definition of impact factor into this message after the next list). Journal of Women's health. Gender and Society. Psychology of Women's quarterly.

Women's health Issues (Signs is number 8 and Sex Roles 10) their definition: Citation counts. The formal acknowledgment of intellectual debt to previously-published research, publicly recorded in the references listed by contemporary authors. Total citations (listed in the total Cites column in the journal Rankings Window) indicates the total number of times that each journal has been cited by all journals included in the isi database within the current product year. Citations to journals listed in the jcr are compiled annually from the current year's combined database, regardless of which jcr edition lists the journal and regardless of what kind of article was cited or when the cited article was published. Each unique article-to-article link is counted as a citation. For example, a single article may give 40 references, but if only 35 different articles are cited in those 40 references, it is the 35 unique citations that are distributed among the cited journals. Impact Factor Impact Factor The journal impact factor is a measure of the frequency with which the "average article" in a journal has been cited in a particular year. The impact factor will help you evaluate a journal's relative importance, especially when you compare it to others in the same field.

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Send.95 shipping (20 for airmail). Lorber at t "Unless the past and future were made part of the present by memory and intention, there was, in human terms, no road, nowhere." Ursula leguin, The dispossessed Date: tue, 14:48:16 -0700 From: fiona nelson nelsonf at subject: top feminist journals. I have compiled the list of responses (in no particular order) below. Below that is the response i received from Ruth Dickstein (thanks again and thanks for the permission to reprint it here) that describes how one might go about determining something write like this (I had no idea). The list: Women's Studies International Forum Feminism and Psychology feminist Media studies Signs Gender society feminist Studies Feminist Economics Sex roles Psychology of Women quarterly women's health journal of Women's health Women's health Issues Ruth's: University use this kind of thing to measure value. As a librarian i always squirm when I"m asked that question, but many academics accept the "Impact Factor" from isi's Web of Science. This is based upon a counting of the total cites made to particular journals from articles published in the already identified top journals. I just did a search of the journal Impact factor of the social Sciences part of the journal Citation Reports (our library subscribes to this) and here is what came up: If you best go by what journals received the top numbers of cited referenced.

peer reviewed literary journals

Testifying as to the worth of a colleague is a different task, one that usually involves, in women's studies, testifying in the first place to the worth of feminist scholarship and feminist journals. Similarly, on who started feminist theory - there isn't any one "feminist theory" or any one "feminism" for that matter. There are feminisms and feminist theories. I cover 12 feminisms in the second edition of Gender Inequality: Feminist Theories and Politics (Roxbury 2001) and some could be considered 2 and - liberal, marxist and socialist, post-colonial, radical, lesbian, psychoanalytic, standpoint, multicultural, men's, social construction, post-modern and queer theory. Gender inequality: feminist theories and politics, 2nd. Roxbury publishing Company. Box 491044 Los Angeles ca you can request desk copies on the net if you are teaching in the us - ml to order - you can order the book as follows: go to website: t go to lorber, then click on Amazon. Once on, you should be able to order it with your card. If not, please send a check in us dollars to roxbury publishing, pob 491044, los Angeles 90049.

order. You could do a subscription comparison (libraries and individuals and for the totally quantitative - number of reprinted articles, citations, etc. Seriously, what tenure committees want is for those vouching for the worth of the candidate to tell them these (and any others the candidate has published in given the specific field) are "prestigious, peer-reviewed journals of international standing in gender studies scholarship. as to patai's complaint re standards, we make our judgements of those we hire, promote, and support with reference letters on many grounds. As in any field of endeavor, evaluation criteria are multiple and serve several goals.

Below are messages from 20 that address this question. For additional wmst-l files now available on the web, see the. date: Thu, 16:54:45 -0700. From: fiona nelson nelsonf at subject: Top Feminist journals, hi everyone, i can see many reasons why the question i am about to ask could be even more contentious than the question that was asked about the founders of feminist theory but, i have been. I'd love to hear what people think are the top journals way (you can send responses to me and I will post to the list if people are interested). Thank you so much! Fiona, fiona nelson, assistant Professor, women's Studies. Faculty of Communication and Culture, social Sciences building, university of Calgary 2500 University Drive.

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Literature resource center, collection of critical essays, biographies, timelines and other resources. Includes Contemporary authors Online, contemporary literary Criticism Select, and The dictionary of Literary biography. Selected material from Literature Criticism and For Students Series. In the interest of increased readership and citation of authors work, as well as making research readily available to the public, Kritika kultura provides open access to all of its content. This means that readers are free to download and share with others published materials from the. Kritika kultura journal good website, provided that the journal is properly cited as the original source and that the downloaded content is neither modified nor used commercially. Kritika kultura by, ateneo de manila University is licensed under a, creative commons.0 International License. Ranking Women's Studies journals, from time to time, someone on wmst-l asks about how to rank women's. What are the "top journals" in the field?

peer reviewed literary journals
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  2. Common words are ignored. What is deposited can be either a preprint, or the peer - reviewed postprint either the author s refereed, revised final draft or the publisher s version of record.for those vouching for the worth of the candidate to tell them these (and any others the.

  3. Not peer reviewed (77) International journal of Gender, Science and Technology (1). If the article describes original research that was conducted by the author(s it was probably peer - reviewed.experiments, it could also mean field research, surveys, statistical analysis, interviews, literary. Search all categories for. Search terms are case-insensitive.

  4. Academic, critical or analytical essays written by scholars, including all articles from peer - reviewed journals and all articles reprinted in Gale s various Literature Criticism series ( Contemporary. Literary, criticism, twentieth-Century, literary. Department of Linguistics, literary and Aestetic Studies.

  5. Literary, studies (alls) is a peer - reviewed journal established in Australia in 2010. The focolares life and thought, dialogues and initiatives provide the inspiration for this interdisciplinary, peer - reviewed, online/open access academic journal. Academic Medicine, a peer - reviewed monthly journal, serves as an international forum for the exchang. Since submissions cannot be fully accepted for publication until Academic Medicine acquires permission to reprint literary.

  6. The definitive resource for modern, peer - reviewed literary criticism. An online archive of core scholarly journals in most fields of study-not a source for recent articles! 1 Advances in Language and. Literary, studies alls issn: Advances in Language and.

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