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Be prepared to provide reliable references. The ideal candidate will have a strong culinary background to include customer service skills, excellent communication, maintain consistency, quality and portion control. He/she will always put forth a strong work ethic along with respecting member and coworkers. Additional Information eeo/ADA/Drug Free workplace to apply: Submit a completed Wilcox oaks Golf Club Application packet, and resume to a jtc staff member. Bickleys Air Conditioning heating Full Time position Wage: 15 25 per hour based on experience *Need to be experienced in hvac service holiday pay, vacation after 1 year, and full benefit package with more than 30 years in the heating and cooling business, bickleys Air. Bickleys trains each employee to see the job through from start to finish, making sure the unit or system performs up to their expectations.

Ability to meet deadlines, work independently be creative. Able to take inventory assist Chef in product ordering, receiving, storing food products and dry goods. Must be able to work saturday and Sundays including limited evenings. Must have current ca food Handlers Card (Ask a jtc staff person for information). Must have 1-2 years of wait Staff (Server) experience. Must have 2 years experience as an Assistant cook. Must be able to pass a company drug screen and physical. Be familiar operating a pos system and working with computers. Must be able to follow directions and pay close attention to details. Able to perform summary under pressure with speed and efficiency.

pet sitter resume

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Or turn in direct to the employer at 2370. Main., red Bluff. Wilcox oaks Golf Club, hours: 30 hours per week. Wage: Minimum Wage plus tips, breakfast, lunch, Upscale dinners events. Open 6 days a week, weekends and evenings. Tucked writing away just North of Red Bluff on 120 acres of gently rolling oak woodlands, wilcox oaks Golf Club is one of the jewels of the northern Sacramento valley. They are a private club providing excellent customer service to the needs of their members and guests. Position Requirements: Proficient in meal planning, events, tournaments, Friday night Dinners and breakfast.

pet sitter resume

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Position Requires: Must have a california food Handlers Card (see a jtc staff person for more information). Must be able to operate a computer cash register, make and count back change to customers. Must be 21 years of age or older. Must be reliable, dependable and punctual. Must have good interpersonal skills dealing with paperless the public (friendly, polite, helpful working with customers and staff). Must be able to do heavy lifting and stocking shelves (cases of bottles, etc). Bbq experience is preferred, deadline to Apply: asap. To apply: Please submit a, application packet to a jtc staff person.

Here are 2 photos from this morning, while feeding apples to some of the sheep. Heres Barbie impatiently waiting for me to drop apples into the feeder: This isnt the greatest photo in the world, but I wanted to show Martha chomping on an apple. Sheep love apples, and right now Martha, barbie and the lambs are all eating grass (from the front yard, best grass on the farm, courtesy of Will who can reliably keep them herded away from the road a corn/oat mix, high quality alfalfa hay and. Home featured Job Openings, featured Job Openings, adobe road Chevron. Red Bluff, hours: 8-20 hours per week, shifts: Vary. Wage: Minimum Wage, applicants will provide excellent service to customers as well as stocking and keeping the store clean and organized. There will be some food prep and handling along with basic janitorial duties.

Pet sitter /House sitter or 4-8 weeks at Smith College

pet sitter resume

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Turns out thats exactly what favorite my brain thought too. And so, remember that when you lose a dog, or if you are still grieving for one you lost in the past, your body thinks youve been injured. It needs you to take care of yourself. It needs rest and comfort and flowers and sweet soup and gentle kisses and hugs. As I write this, i think of my lassie girl. Her 16th birthday party is planned for a few months from now.

Shes doing amazingly well, but good grief, shes old. It hurts to think of the future i think tonight Id better make some chicken soup and put it in the freezer. Meanwhile, back at the farm: Lassie played tug with Willie this morning, oblivious as pdf she is to calendars or human concerns about the future or the past. Willie got lots of sheep work this weekend, is a bit gimpy on his left shoulder but lordy we had fun. Its fall in full force here: leaves turning cranberry, frost on the grass in the morning, lots of wild apples falling from the trees.

You tried as hard as you could. To all of us: Try folding up that guilt and pain like a pile of dirty, ripped clothing, and throwing it away. Remember: Much of what we love about dogs is that they live in the present and accept what happens. Thats our job, to accept what happens sometimes, even though its the hardest job of all. Secondly, theres one more thing, i want to remind everyone who has lost a beloved dog, no matter what the reason or whether there was guilt attached or not: neurobiologist jaak panskepp tells us that social distress, or what wed call grieving, is registered.

I learned about this while i was writing. For the love of a dog, and it blew me away when I discovered. Ah ha, i thought; no wonder we talk about the pain of loss and healing after grieving. And dont we respond to anothers loss as if theyd been physically hurt? We take people flowers and food when they are grieving just as we do after they have a major operation. . I remember feeling physical pain when luke died, when Tulip died, when Pippy tay died, just as I did when my mother died. I told someone it felt like id had abdominal surgery.

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Gorgeous dogs brimming with health, except for that tumor or those crappy kidneys, die long before their time. Dogs who are dissertation otherwise healthy but are a severe health risk to others end up being put down. Its not fair, its not right, and it hurts like hell. But please please, if youve essay moved heaven and earth to save a dog and havent been able to just remember: Stuff happens. We cant control everything. (Difficult words to dog trainers i know. Arent we all control freaks to some extent?) you didnt fail.

pet sitter resume

It took awhile, but I slowly began to notice how everyone i talked to who loved their dog, like we all love ours, was guilty about something related to the dogs death. It didnt matter how or why they died: hundreds of owners, from profl trainers and behaviorists to the dog loving public, found something to feel guilty about. I should have seen the symptoms sooner, or How could I have not known that the lock on assignment the door was faulty and allowed my dog to run out the door? Or Surely i could somehow have prevented the bite if I just hadnt. Heres what luke taught me, along with the wise comments of a psychologist friend: It is easier to believe that we are always responsible (if only i had done/not done this one thing.) than it is to accept this painful truth: we are not. As brilliant and responsible and hard working and control-freaky that we are, sometimes, bad stuff just happens. Good people die when they shouldnt.

but she couldnt say where or what it was. I obsessed over trying to find it, and felt a crush of failure when nothing we did turned around his failing kidneys. I was consumed by the idea that iust work hard enough, i could fix things and save luke. After he died, devastated by his untimely death (he was 12,  his daughter is now 15 3/4 i couldnt get it out of my mind that somehow I should have done a better job of trying to save him. . In the cold light of day, this was, frankly, absurd. Luke had 5 of some of the best vets in the country and if they couldnt save him, how in heavens name was I supposed to? But as he always had, luke left me with a gift.

With apologies for the change in topics, i just have to respond to a comment on my last post, and to the hundreds of comments ive heard over the last 20 years, about the guilt associated with putting a dog down. It is always wrenching, heart-breaking to euthanize a beloved dog, but taking a dogs life away for a behavioral problem can be especially hard. I cant take away the pain, no matter what the reason for the death, but here are a few things that I have found that have helped me and some of my clients. First, for anyone who has had to euthanize a dog, i hope it helps to know that devoted owners are often wracked with guilt, no matter why the dog died. For example, i euthanized cool Hand luke after a long battle with kidney failure. By the time he died (he mom was close to death when we helped him along i had worked extensively with five veterinarians, including specialists at the uw vet School. He received the best that money can buy of western medicine, homeopathic medicine and chinese medicine. I cooked him a special diet every day and monitored every thing that went into his mouth. Id go on, but you get the idea: I moved heaven and earth for luke, and still.

Pet sitter to care for 5 kittens, wed thursday

Dear Name, this is to officially express my intent to be transferred to department at location. I have been a loyal and hardworking employee of our dissertation company for the last number of years. Our facility at location is in very close proximity to my home at address and my children's school. It will only take a number of minutes walking to reach our workplace compared to the daily commute of 4 hours from our department at location of which i am currently assigned. My reasons for this request is to be able to give more time for my family after work, such a transfer would be beneficial for my children's well-being. Also the transfer would make the workplace very accessible for me in case there might be occasions of which you may suddenly require my presence over for business matters. Hoping for your consideration. Sincerely, sample cover Letter.

pet sitter resume
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Being able to appreciate what is important. The dog is a pet animal. Ohlinger, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

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  1. Professional Dog Trainers' Association and operator of the famous Maller School for Dogs. Title: Experinced Dog Groomer - vickis Paw Spa employment: Full Time location: Langley - bc - canada salary: tbd cad vickis Paw Spa is looking for a full-time experienced. Pet, stylist to start immediately in our busy downtown Langley location.

  2. Hours: 25 30 hours per week wage: Minimum Wage with a passion for creating happy people and our love of coffee, we opened our first drive-thru espresso stand in Ashland Oregon in 1998. Days to a trained Dog, dick maller. Free shipping on qualifying offers. No one is more qualified to teach you how to train your dog than Dick maller, president of the.

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  4. This highly nutritious dog food receives an above average rating from us for its good quality, healthy dry and canned dog foods that meet the aafco nutrient profiles for adult dogs and puppies. With apologies for the change in topics, i just have to respond to a comment on my last post, and to the hundreds of comments ive heard over the last 20 years, about the guilt associated with putting a dog down. It is always wrenching, heart-breaking to euthanize a beloved dog, but taking a dog.

  5. Want to live rent-free - anywhere in the world? There are empty homes in every state and country, and property owners are looking for trustworthy people to live in them as property caretakers and housesitters! i the caretaker gazette /i contains these property caretaking/housesitting openings in all 50 states and foreign countries.

  6. Free sample cover Letters for your Job Application and. Great ideas for fun things to do with your dog or puppy. Take your Dog to work day! Veterinary advice on coccidia and coccidiosis in dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and other animals: contains advice on the disease, its transmission, symptoms, treatment.

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