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As you scan the work, you will know instantly who chooses the first, second, or third column and who did no homework at all. You now do not need a theoretical disquisition about differentiated instruction, but you can begin the class as if you are looking through a prism and seeing the entire spectrum of student achievement. Some students, having at last mastered the skills necessary to begin the assignment, can begin to learn single-variable equations. Others, having failed to do the homework, need to have 10 minutes to finish the task. Others, having moved well beyond the planned task for the day, can begin not with a stultifying repetition of what they already know but with a series of challenging tasks that will engage them and reward their work. Differentiated instruction, in brief, begins with differentiated homework and assessment. Menus in daily Practice, if the homework menu makes sense, then why not expand the concept to an assessment menu.

Some will start in the first column and remain there; they need to practice number billion operations. Other students will start in the first column, quickly find those problems too easy, and proceed to the second column to finish their 15 problems. Other students may start in the second column and think, "ok, i did this 5 times. Why do i have to do it 15 times?". These are the very students, by the way, who are going to fail a class despite having passed the final exam. They know the material but did not finish their homework assignments. Rather than engage in a power struggle with the teacher, these students need a next step, and that's where column three comes. Some of them will proceed to column three and relish the challenge, while others will find column three too difficult and finish their 15 problems in other columns. A few students will do only column three problems. The teacher's Perspective, put yourself in the teacher's position. You are collecting homework as students enter the classroom (a technique that will save teachers at least 10 minutes every day).

real homework opportunities

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Homework menus, differentiated instruction means nothing when every student is told to finish the same 15 problems with instructions such as, "Complete the odd-numbered problems, numbers 1 through." A better approach is the homework menu. Consider a 7th grade math class in which some students continue to struggle with number operations while others are bored by what they consider the low-level demands of the class. The lesson: one-variable equations, such as "In the equation 3 x 10, what is the value of x?". An assignment menu would have three columns, each with 15 problems: The first column contains problems that allow students to practice the basic number operations required for this lesson, including multiplication, division, and decimals. The second column contains opportunities to practice and master the central challenge of a one-variable equation. The third column includes two-variable equations and more advanced story problems that include opportunities to create one- and two-variable equations based on a real-world challenge. Students can choose to complete any 15 problems of their choice.

real homework opportunities

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Keys to motivation and Engagement, if we were to synthesize evidence on student motivation and engagement, there are three overlapping concepts that are essential: choice, power, and competence. Any one of these is insufficient to maintain engagement. Empowered students who exercise choice, doing what they want to do, may be temporarily engaged. But if they never become competent, they will become frustrated and distracted. Conversely, competent students who master a skill pdf but never have the opportunity to enjoy a degree of choice or exercise power over the content and nature of their assessments, will dully go through the motions but never achieve a high level of engagement. However, when students combine these three powerful elements of engagement, then we have the opportunity to achieve what Jeff Howard (Raney, 1997) has called the "Nintendo Effect the trance-like level of engagement that students achieve for sustained periods of time when they play video games. Students would not be engaged by merely watching videos; rather it's the improvement in competence and the exercise of power, making choices every minute, that keeps them engaged. These are principles that can be applied in every classroom.

The mission. Dominic High School is to educate young people in a community dedicated to gospel values and Catholic teachings. Ministering to students of diverse abilities,. Dominic High School strives to achieve wholeness through personal holiness, academic excellence, and social responsibility. The pride of this community is its celebration of a student's growth and individuality. For all the ink that has been spilled regarding the issue of differentiated instruction, little has been said about differentiated assessment. There is no doubt that students come to school with a variety of backgrounds and learning needs, and Carol Ann Tomlinson (Tomlinson mcTighe, 2006) and others (e.g., Stefanakis meier, 2010; Fogarty pete, 2010) have documented the importance of the issue and the potential success. The devil, as always, is in the details, and as Schmoker (2010) recently noted, some teachers find the demands of creating different lessons for the learning needs of each student overwhelming. Here are some practical ideas for busy teachers who want to meet the different needs of students while managing the demands on their already busy schedules.

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real homework opportunities

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Your cash flow is like the dashboard of your business. It tells you how fast youre spending money and fashion whether you can do so responsibly at your current pace. 10 delegate: leaders need lieutenants. If you grow, youll need someone to help you oversee your expanded business. Pick an agent in your office with the respect of his or her colleagues. Make them a senior associate, grant them responsibility and compensate them accordingly. 11 be Advised: seek out an objective business person (i.e., perhaps someone outside of real estate) with a strong track record, who is willing to commit at least one hour per month to counsel you.

As your business grows in different directions youll want to talk to others, and you might even consider forming an advisory board of experts in different areas such as tax, legal, banking, marketing and technology. 12 fail Forward: learn from your mistakes. If your marketing plan bad isnt bearing fruit or your new ad campaign doesnt improve your brand recognition, move. Identify why it didnt work and factor the answer into the next solution. Be a problem solver, every day.

5 strengthen your Brand Presence: How recognizable is your brand in the markets in where it operates? Is your logo working or is it ripe for a refresh or total redesign? What is your target audience doing in their free time? If they are at their kids soccer game, why not consider sponsoring the team or even the whole league? 6 drop the hard Sell: we need to behave like advisors, not salespeople.

Its our job to represent our clients, not coerce them into spending money. Theyve come to you because theyve likely decided its time to make a move. Help them reach a decision. Clients Come first: Of course you should ask your clients lots of questions, but first try being quiet, listening and letting them talk about what they want and are willing to pay. Dont rush them, but always call or email back quickly with useful information. 8 research plan your Marketing: Research and determine the most successful ways to improve sales and brand reputation. Measure against benchmarks when recruiting agents, spending on advertising, or testing new ad platforms, focusing on new geographic areas, investing in new technologies or other strategic tactics. 9 keep on Top of Cash Flow: Understand your budget and set realistic forecasts of your future revenues and liabilities.

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In green, he highlighted where he wanted to expand. In red, he circled neighborhoods where his agents rarely ventured. If someone sold a house in a red zone, he bought lunch for the office. It was sandwiches, nothing fancy. But his agents worked hard to be the one everyone thanked for lunch. 4 conduct routine swot analysis: Periodically analyze your brokerages strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, or swot. Can you save leverage your strengths to take advantage of opportunities? Are your weaknesses leaving you vulnerable to threats?

real homework opportunities

If you have a brokerage, youve already accepted risk. If this makes you nervous, think about the days larger risk of stagnation. 2 study Up: doing your homework will help you be confident in taking those calculated risks. Subscribe to top real estate social media channels, news feeds and email newsletters from groups such as the local Chamber of Commerce. Pay attention to the hyperlocal, local and national industry news and statistics, with an eye out for profitable business opportunities. 3 incentivize your people : i knew a broker who hung a wall-sized map in his office. In blue, he highlighted municipalities where he commonly sold homes.

the best ways to preserve and protect the nest-egg youve already built; or are looking for some exciting growth opportunities — we have something for you. Take your time to look around our website and see what we have to offerand again, welcome! Kris sayce, publisher, port Phillip Publishing. Like most businesses in the real estate industry, brokerages must grow at a rate in sync with or even ahead of the communities they serve in order to prosper and profit. In todays market, its prudent to take advantage and expand now while real estate values are still on the rebound. Here are twelve steps ive encountered in my real estate career that have helped keep brokerages alive and well: 1 embrace calculated Risks: If you want to grow your business, you must be prepared to take calculated risks. Growth is change, after all. Change always entails risk.

Experienced analysts, with their own strategies and philosophies drive our publications. As such, we do not promote a single view of the markets. Instead, we publish a vast array of opinions, recommendations and investing strategies. Our publications are linked, however, mba by an unwavering commitment to the quality of ideas, risk-management and a contrarian approach to finding investment opportunities. Because it is in these situations having an informed perspective gives you the best chance to grow smarter, wealthier and freer. Were completely, 100 independent. We dont rely on third party advertisers to support our business. Were answerable only to you, our readers.

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real homework opportunities
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  1. For all the ink that has been spilled regarding the issue of differentiated instruction, little has been said about differentiated assessment. There is no doubt that students come to school with a variety of backgrounds and learning needs, and Carol Ann Tomlinson (Tomlinson mcTighe, 2006) and.

  2. Keep up to date with the education department by following our social media channels. We re changing the look of our fundraiser this year. This will be our main source of funding for activities, supplies, and opportunities for the school year. Org (GSO) is a free, public website providing information and resources necessary to help meet the educational needs of students.

  3. Dominic is honored to hold the distinction of being the oldest high school in the diocese of Rockville centre. Incentives and programs are available to help launch, grow and expand your business, and provide support for homeowners and contractors to get work done. Award-winning resources for students and teachers.

  4. E-letters join over 180,000 readers who enjoy our daily independent, intelligent and sometimes controversial views on the financial markets and financial news stories that really matter to you and your wealth. 100 free and sent straight to your inbox six days a week. Dominic High School is now in its eighth decade of offering a value-centered, catholic education to young women and men on Long Island.

  5. Twelve steps to help in growing your real estate brokerage firm. If you want to invest your money, spread it out across different type of investments. Include a combination of stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate.

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