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My favorite joints in the area—rub, hill country, daisy mays, fette sau—use a lot of rub, so wildwoods lighter treatment does stand out, but Id hardly call the meats bland. Ive tried more than a hundred briskets, both at restaurants and as a certified barbecue judge, and this was one of the best ive had. Wildwoods Carolina efforts arent much better. The pulled pork, which had none of the characteristic moisture or piquant vinegar flavor, was bone-dry, as if it had been pulled off a pig hours earlier then placed under a heat lamp. Although the pork was the weakest of the meats I sampled, it was quite moist. With the arrival of the ribs, the results began to improve, albeit erratically. The most successful: Memphis baby backs, which use the tasty organic meat to good effect, with firm flesh and a nice chipotle barbecue sauce.

The menu promises a rub, but I couldnt detect one, unless you count salt. The texas-style smoked sausages were even worse. At their best, texas links boast crisp skin that encases meat so juicy it squirts you in the eye. Wildwoods version reminded me of the sausage you see spinning in the rotating heater at a ballpark. Glad to see youre finally talking about the food. The brisket I had on just one resume visit was moist. Now Im just a lowly blogger, but Im holding out for a second visit before i post a formal review. Im wondering how many visits your review is based on, because while i can imagine the brisket being drier than what I had every now and then, i cant imagine it being dry for three straight visits. So if you based your review on just one visit, shame on you. I agree about the rub (I wish theyd use more) but thats a stylistic choice they made, not an error of execution.

the foo dog ate my homework

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Sure, executive pitmaster (hey, that sounds familiar) paul Kirk is from Kansas City, but their ribs bear no resemblance to the sticky, messy fare from Missouri. And their burnt ends also have no direct lineage to the kansas City specialty but are instead an original (and fantastic) creation. You started paragraph 3 by saying Big lou should know better. Given all the erroneous facts and logic here, you should know better. Inhabiting the carcass of Hansons failed Barca 18, wildwood is everything youd expect of. Guest barbecue joint: david Rockwell has filled the soaring space with reclaimed wood beams; the drinks list boasts 50 beers and 30 bourbons; and the music rotates between effete (Steely using dan) and roadhouse (zz top). The barbecues greatest-hits menu mostly misses. Given his pedigree, big lou should be ashamed of the texas-derived offerings. The brisket was dry, overly lean meat as bland as leftover pot roast.

the foo dog ate my homework

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So again I say, if its Wildwood's execution you have a problem with, thats fine, make your case there. So far you havent. The rest of New York city? Theyre not exactly filled with regionally-focused barbecue restaurants. After Hill country, brother Jimmys is about as close as it gets to regionally-specific barbecue (North Carolina style and Im not all that fond of their execution. The first three joints to lead the barbecue renaissance—Blue smoke, daisy mays and Dinosaur—all offer a barbecue tour of America, specializing no more than Wildwood. Lets get back to rub—also excellent—which you cite as a regional essay practitioner, focusing on Kansas City barbecue. It isnt Kansas City at all. Ask owner Andrew Fischel, and hell be the first to tell you they defy all regional styles in favor of what he simply calls old time barbecue.

Back in the second paragraph, where you talk about better smokers? Hill country and Wildwood both have ole hickory pits. Oh, and back in the first paragraph, where you slammed Wildwood for being late to the party? Hill country wasnt yet one year old when you dined at Wildwood, so are self-service and meat-by-the-pound their way of glossing over their late arrival to the nyc barbecue renaissance? As for corporate pit master, is the crime that Wildwoods goal is more restaurants? If you ever spoke with anyone in the know over at Hill country, they have the same plan of opening more hill country units in other parts of the country. Theyve already opened in Las Vegas and began talks to open in the palisades Mall in West nyack. Even the legendary joints in Texas and Tennessee have multiple units. Although expansion often leads to compromises in quality, expansion in and of itself shouldnt be a problem.

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the foo dog ate my homework

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Just as organic and environmental are separate characteristics from being late to the party, they also have nothing to do with barbecue pdf style. Yes, wildwood is an amalgam of regional barbecue styles, but that in and of itself doesnt make it not a very good cue joint. Is Babbo not a very good Italian restaurant because it serves dishes from a few different regions of Italy? If its Wildwoods execution you have a problem with, fine, but make your case there. Big lou terkini elrose should know better.

Wildwoods pit master (the former cops actual title is corporate pit master, which says in a nutshell whats wrong here) comes over from the. 2 slot at the outstanding Texas barbecue spot Hill country, part of a wave of specialists, along with Kansas Citycentric. U.B., that have helped make new York a respectable place for low-and-slow cooking. You're right, hill country focuses purely on Texas barbecue, and they are excellent. And Big lou can justifiably claim part of the credit for its success. Im glad you brought up Hill country.

Guest juggernaut hadnt been open all that long. Well, you know were the first barbecue restaurant where the meats are all-natural, she gushed, later adding that Wildwood is also green in terms of recyclables and such. She wasnt defensive—with her perky cheerleader demeanor, and T-shirt emblazoned with the motto rub me tender, she was actually quite flirtatious—yet I couldnt help thinking that the script (also recited on Wildwoods phone system) was designed to gloss over its late arrival to new Yorks. Asking if youve eaten there before isnt odd at all, although its much more common to a chain restaurant than a local mom and pop operation. Sure, it hasnt been open that long, but one of my dining companions the night i ate at Wildwood—before the. Review was published, mind you—had eaten there seven times already.

So offering to spare him the spiel is a good thing, not bad. Thats a good thing. Being late to the barbecue renaissance? If thats a crime, we'd have to dismiss every barbecue joint that opens from this point forward, and that would be stupid. The very 2008 hook—organic and environmental—masks a one-size-fits-all barbecue style that in fact feels quite dated. New York barbecue has come into its own over the past few years through a combination of better smokers and a focus on regional styles. For the same reasons that Hansons catchall Ruby foos, while popular, isnt a very good Chinese restaurant, wildwood is not a very good cue joint. It doesnt strike me that Wildwood is trying to mask anything.

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M, willie b's Award Winning bbq (bay shore ny) announced that they will be closing after Labor day, but will still be available for catering and offer rubs and sauces online. M (07/29/08) New York bbq: my rebuttal to time out New York 's Hatchet Job make on Wildwood permalink As I mentioned yesterday, there are some reviews you agree with, some you don't. And then there are some that are so extremely positive, you're certain they're shilling, and some that are so negative that you can tell the writer had an axe to grind. Randall Lane 's Time out New York review of Wildwood falls into this last category. Here's my paragraph-by-paragraph rebuttal of that review. Lane's original review appears in black italics; my comments follow in red. Have you eaten here before? That was the odd question posed by my server at Wildwood Barbeque, given that the latest addition to Steve hansons.

the foo dog ate my homework

The sunset Grille tap room (Stowe vt) is a joint that's been around 20 years, and pitmaster Rich haab has won some awards on the competition circuit. Bumping into him this weekend at Harpoon reminded me that this joint needed to be added. Pilgrim Bar-bq (Ansonia ct) is a hole-in-the-wall, according to my source on m, located on route 115, not too far from New haven. Cc's Barbecue pit (Haledon NJ) closed a few weeks ago. Thanks to douglas for the info. Peaches Market (Brooklyn NY) is another joint brought to you by the same people who brought you the. The menu, which changes daily, includes barbecue offerings from the Smoke joint, with high quality sides, southern specialties like fried green tomatoes and grits, plus an assortment of salads that are good.

madness, here's the latest batch of, joints directory activity, spanning four states. This time there are five new joints, one closing and one impending closing. My daddy's Barbeque at Trumpet Vine cafe (Simsbury ct) is a friday-through-Sunday (4pm to 8pm only) operation in a cafe with a quaint old-time feel and a gift shop to boot. This new joint, recently profiled by the hartford courant, is byob. Thanks to Brett for the info. Smokin' j's real Memphis Barbecue (Wilmington VT) is a joint that's not too far from Brattleboro, making it easily accessible to massachusetts bbq fans. Thanks to gordon for the info.

Whole hogs will be smoking in the custom made 'pig rig' in front of the restaurant all day. The 25 dinner includes real pit barbecue picked right off the bone, plus loins, bellies, cole slaw, corn on the cobb, corn bread, drinks and live music. M, almost a clean Sweep, i just realized this as I was doing today's update. Check the "Recent Eats" photos and you'll see that i visited barbecue joints in six different states this month: Massachusetts, new Hampshire, connecticut, new York, rhode Island and Vermont. If I had the day off I might attempt maine and New Jersey, but that's just not writing going to happen. (07/30/08 boston bbq: Boston Magazine names Blue ribbon As Best bbq in the city. For the third year in a row, Blue ribbon (W. Newton ma and Arlington MA) took the boston bbq crown.

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(07/31/08 long Island bbq: Smoking Sloe's reviewed. The site's 145th review is now available for. Smoking Sloe's (Northport NY). This was another hard one to gauge based on only one visit, but I hope to return for another take. See the review via the. Reviews page or link to reviews using the red icons in the. Boston bbq: Pig mba Pickin' at Redbones to benefit Somerville homeless coalition, august. Redbones (davis Square in Somerville ma) will be holding its 7th Annual Pig Pickin' on Monday to benefit the.

the foo dog ate my homework
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