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Set to be released this autumn, the next open-world installment of saints Row, deep Silver Volition continues the story of the Third Street saints by elevating their status to the highest level the leaders of the free world. In saints Row iv, the head honcho of the saints has been elected to the Presidency of the United States. Saints Row iv lets players delve into an arsenal of alien weaponry and technology that will turn each saint into an ultimate entity of destruction. The player utilizes out-of-this-world superpowers to fight all the way to the top. With intensified action and enhanced customization, the protagonists can use their newfound superpowers and leap over buildings, outrun the fastest sports cars, or send enemies flying with telekinesis in the most insane installment of saints Row yet. Submission Submitted by mouseTheLuckydog mouseTheLuckydog writes: A couple of photographers had a great idea, mount a camera on a drone and take aerial pictures for clients.

A note about our data: The benchmarks run to collect the data presented here were taken twice a day, over four days, then averaged. When a high variance was observed, we took note of it and present it here as intervals for which 80 percent of observed data points fall into." submission Submitted by waderoush writes: "How many electronic gadgets did you own in 2005? How many do you own today? The answer is almost certainly a lot fewer. Counter to the dominant trend in consumer technology since the 1920s — and despite predictions of a coming Internet of things — there may actually be *less* electronic stuff in our homes and offices today than ever before. Thats thanks largely to the rise of multipurpose wireless devices like smartphones and tablets, which are now powerful enough to replace many older, dedicated devices like point-and-shoot cameras, music players, digital voice recorders — even whole home entertainment systems. To prove the point, here are before-and-after photos from one san Francisco household (mine) where the herd of digital devices has been thinned from about three dozen, eight years ago, to just 15 today." submission Submitted by Anonymous Coward An anonymous reader writes: A spate. But do they really make sense for lighting control? Heres a comprehensive roundup of 13 products and the pros and cons hassles of the category. Submission Submitted by jones_supa jones_supa writes: The cartoon heroes are back, with even stronger superpowers.

who writes a thesis

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According to a public mailing list conversation, google is doing this as a lazy way to handle a spam problem. Submission Submitted by helix2301 writes: "The hacker who has spent the past several months breaking into the e-mail accounts of family, friends, and political allies of the bush family has crossed party lines and illegally accessed the aol account of a former senior White house. The intrusion into sidney blumenthals e-mail account apparently occurred this week, days after the hacker-who uses the alias Guccifer-defaced Colin Powells Facebook page and breached the former Secretary of States aol account." submission Submitted by alphadogg alphadogg writes: The vast majority of 3G and. Researchers nikita tarakanov and Oleg Kupreev analyzed the security of 3G/4g usb modems obtained from Russian operators for the past several months. Their findings were presented this week at the Black hat Europe 2013 security conference in Amsterdam. Most 3G/4G modems used in Russia, europe, and probably elsewhere in the world, are made by Chinese hardware manufacturers huawei and zte, and are branded with the mobile operators' logos and trademarks, tarakanov said. Because of this, even if the research was done primarily on huawei modems from Russian operators, the results should be relevant in other parts of the world as well, he said. Submission Submitted by vu1986 writes: "Google launched its EC2 rival, google compute Engine, last June, it set good some high expectations. Sebastian Standils team at Scalr put the cloud infrastructure service through its paces — and were pleasantly surprised at what they found.

who writes a thesis

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Read the entire lawsuit here. Submission Submitted by dirac_my_friend Dirac_my_friend writes: I'm studying as a theoretical Physicist and I'm very close to start working on the thesis. I'm fascinated by emergent complexity, such as: the conway's game of life, bees organization, neural network, complexity economics. I'm asking you either where to read something interesting about or some cool topics you consider useful for a future job/interesting to work. (sorry i made a mistake in the previous story) submission Submitted by kxra kxra writes: do you have a federated jabber instant messaging account that never gets responses from google accounts anymore? Or do you have a gmail account that a friend has been unable to invite from their 3rd party jabber account? The Free software foundation reports, "Google users can still send subscription requests to contacts whose accounts are hosted elsewhere. But they cannot accept incoming requests. This change is akin to google no longer accepting incoming e-mail for @m addresses from non-google domains." This sounds like something Facebook would try in order to gain even tighter control over the network, but they never even federated their Jabber service to begin with.

The threats allegedly come from John Gertz, who owns Zorro Productions Inc. As a result of the reported threats, cabell has gone to court with a complaint that's similar to the one that was recently filed in an attempt to declare "Sherlock holmes" in the public domain. Except this one goes even further by alleging fraud on Gertz' part. "Specifically says the lawsuit, "Defendants have fraudulently obtained federal trademark registrations for various 'zorro' marks and falsely assert those registrations to impermissibly extend intellectual property protection over material for which all copyrights have expired. Defendants also fraudulently assert that copyrights for later-published material provide defendants with exclusive rights in the elements of the 1919 story and the 1920 film." In a 2001 decision, in a footnote, a federal judge said, "It is undisputed that Zorro appears in works whose. cabell says that despite the ruling, gertz and his company have fraudulently obtained multiple trademark registrations on "Zorro" and after allegedly duping the Trademark Office, have been using the registrations to prevent others like him from exploiting expired Zorro intellectual property. Cabell now seeks a declaration of non-infringement, permanent injunctive relief and cancellation of trademarks. He's also seeking damages for tortious interference, fraud and violation of the consumer Protection Act.

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who writes a thesis

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For those not familiar with essay the term, swatting is the practice of spoofing a call to wedding emergency responders (911 in the us) to induce an overwhelming and potentially devastating response from law enforcement and/or other first responders to the home or residence of the victim. Brian's first person account of the incident and what he believes to be related events are chronicled here. Krebs has been prominent in the takedown of several cyber-criminal groups in the past, and has been subject to retaliation. I guess this time he poked the wrong bear. Submission Submitted by Anonymous Coward An anonymous reader writes: It's been less than two days since google announced plans to kill off google reader on July 1st, and already a petition to save it has hit a notable milestone. While other petitions have received anywhere from 2,000 to 30,000 signatures, this one on Change.

Org has passed the 100,000 mark. Submission Submitted by silentbrad silentbrad writes: The hollywood Reporter has a story about a playwright who has filed a lawsuit claiming that Zorro is in the public domain : "For nearly a century, the masked outlaw Zorro has been a popular character who in books. Zorro has been played by douglas fairbanks, Antonio banderas and others. But now comes a big attempt to free zorro from any intellectual property grip. On Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed that asserts that Zorro is in the public domain, that trademarks on the character should be canceled and that the company currently professing rights on Zorro has perpetrated a fraud and that the masses should be able to exploit. According to complaint, "Defendants have built a licensing empire out of smoke and mirrors." The lawsuit, filed in Washington federal court, comes from Robert Cabell, who says that in 1996, he published a musical entitled "z — the musical of Zorro that's based upon author. Cabell now says that he has been threatened with litigation after licensing his musical so that it can be performed in Germany this summer.

While western civilization chokes on its own gluttony like a latter-day marlon Brando, china continues to buy up American debt and lock away the worlds natural resources. But now, not content to simply laugh and make jerk-off signs as they pass us on the geopolitical highway, theyve also developed a state-endorsed genetic-engineering project. Submission, submitted by walterbyrd writes: "In a rare show of unity, facebook chief Executive mark zuckerberg and Yahoo chief Executive marissa mayer were among a coalition of high-profile executives and venture capitalists to send a letter on Thursday to President Obama and congressional leaders pressing. Submitted by, hugh Pickens writes writes: "The web is a place for unlimited exchange of ideas but npr reports that researchers have found that rude comments on articles can change the way we interpret the news. "It's a little bit like the wild West. The trolls are winning says Dominique brossard, co-author of the study on the so-called "Nasty Effect." Researchers worked with a science writer to construct a balanced news story on the pros and cons of nanotechnology, a topic chosen so that readers would have to make.

Half saw the story with polite comments, and the other half saw rude comments like, "If you don't see the benefits of using nanotechnology in these products, you're an idiot." people that were exposed to the polite comments didn't change their views really about the. We need to have an anchor to make sense of complicated issues says Brossard. "And it seems that rudeness and incivility is used as a mental shortcut to make sense of those complicated issues.". Brossard says there's no quick fix for this issue (PDF) and while she thinks it's important to foster conversation through comments sections, every media organization has to figure out where to draw the line when comments get out of control. "Its possible that the social norms in this brave new domain will change once more — with users shunning meanspirited attacks from posters hiding behind pseudonyms and cultivating civil debate instead writes Broussard. "Until then, beware the nasty effect." submission, submitted by tedlistens tedlistens writes: China has accused Coca cola of espionage for its "illegal mapping allegedly with the use of gps "devices with ultra high sensitivity." On its face the case looks like yet another example. Li pengde, deputy director of the national Administration of Surveying, mapping and geoinformation, said during a radio interview on tuesday that the coca cola case was only one of 21 similar cases involving companies using gps devices in Yunnan to "illegally obtain classified information." According. Nevertheless, Chinese law dictates that foreigners, be they companies or individuals, are prohibited from using highly-sensitive gps equipment in China. Submission, submitted by redLeg, redLeg writes: ArsTechnica reports that Brian Krebs, of m, formerly of the washington Post, recently got swatted.

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Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters. Want to read Slashdot from your mobile device? Point it at ashdot. Org and keep reading! Migrate from GitHub to sourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Check out all of sourceForges recent improvements. Submission, submitted by titan1080, titan1080 writes: Its not exactly news that China is setting itself up make as a new global superpower, movie is it?

who writes a thesis

searching and interpreting scientific literature. discussing the essay results with the mentor and promotor. Presentation(s) of methods and resulsts. Communication skills (b-kul-k09E7a) 2 ects dutchFormat: Practical 15 Second term poc farmaceutische wetenschappen The course has two main parts: - training of oral and written communication skills, - study of the impact of intercultural differences on professional communication. Scientific literature Training of oral communication and writing skills. Collecting and processing information on intercultural differences in communication. Evaluation evaluation: Master's Thesis I: Research Project including Communication skills (b-kul-k29E5a) Type : Continuous assessment without exam during the examination period Description of evaluation : Paper/Project, Presentation, participation during contact hours The overall grading mark is determined using the following weight percentages Research project 80 Communication. Evaluation of the critical reflection on intercultural communication differences. You are here: Home membres, news, presentation, publications, careers.

if you have previously taken the courses for which this condition is set. Simultaneous: you may only take this course if you also take the courses for which this condition is set (or have taken them previously). Degree: you may only take this course if you have obtained this degree level. Niveau(bachelor the codes of the course units mentioned above correspond to the following course descriptions: This course unit is a prerequisite for taking the following course units: K05C0A : Masterproef ii expand collapse, activities 21 ects. Master's Thesis I: Research Project (b-kul-k09E6a) 21 ects, dutchFormat: Master's thesis 480, second term, poc farmaceutische wetenschappen, the student performs scientific research in a laboratory of the. U.leuven (following approval by the faculty Pharmaceutical Sciences).He/she writes a report and presents the results of the research at a seminar that is attended by the labmembers. Library, electronic databases, scientific journals, courses from bachelor years. Execution of experimental research in a laboratory.

The student has a critical attitude with regard to scientific literature. In order to be allowed to start the masters thesis, a student must have obtained the diploma of bachelor in pharmaceutical sciences. A student who still has to acquire 9 or less study points for obtaining the bachelors degree at the moment of the start of the masters thesis, can apply for an exception on this improve rule. The application is submitted to the students secretary at the latest on the third Wednesday of the first semester. The request will be judged by the faculty board, which takes its decision on the basis of the number of research places available and the curriculum of the student. If the student does not meet the requirements mentioned above at the moment of application, the faculty board can grant permission for starting the masters thesis on the condition that the requirements are met at the start of the masters thesis. Tolerances which have not been applied at the moment of the request are not taken into account to determine the number of study points. Mixed prerequisite: you may only take this course if you comply with the prerequisites. Prerequisites can be strict or flexible, or can imply simultaneity.

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All programmes master's Thesis I: Research Project Including Communication skills. Master's Thesis I: Research Project Including Communication skills (b-kul-k09E5A) 23 ects, dutch 495, second term, cannot be taken as part of an examination contract. Cannot be taken as part of a credit contract. Poc farmaceutische wetenschappen, the first part of the masterproof has the following objectives (i) the student performs scientific research in the frame of a project in a laboratory of the. U.leuven and (ii) the student acquires adequate written and oral communication skills in this scientific environment. The student will learn to: - plan and execute experimental research - to search and interpret scientific literature - write a report using correct scientific terminology - to present scientific data to the coworkers and to reply to questions - master oral and written communication. to prepare him/herself succesfully for a job application. Profound knowledge of pharmaceutical chemistry, biotechnology, formulation techniques and drug analysis. The student is capable of independently conducting experiments from practical exercises of the study program.

who writes a thesis
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Behind pseudonyms and cultivating civil debate instead, writes, broussard. Until then, beware the nasty effect. As a, theoretical Physicist and I m very close to start working on the thesis.

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