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Aviation storekeeper 1 c, provides information on Administration and Customer Service, storage and Material Handling, material Receipts and Expenditures, aviation Material Management, Inventory management, financial Management, automated Supply support. Aviation storekeeper 2, provides information on Administration, Plant Account, and Publications, financial Management of Resources, material Receipt, custody, and Surveys, purchasing, aviation Material Management, aviation storekeeper 3, provides information on Organization, Administration and Customer Service, material Identification, material Procurement, material Receipt, material Custody, material Stowage. Aviation structural, mechanic (h s). Provides information on Aircraft Construction and Materials, aircraft Hardware and seals, general Aircraft maintenance, hydraulic Contamination and Related Servicing/Test Equipment, hose fabrication and maintenance, tubing Fabrication and maintenance, basic Hydraulic/Pneumatic and Emergency power Systems, basic Actuating Systems, fixed-Wing Flight Control Systems, rotary-wing Flight Control Systems. Aviation structural, mechanic e1 c, provides information on Management Safety and Supervision, Electrically Operated Canopy system, Utility systems, air-Conditioning Systems, navy aircrew Common Ejection seat (naces). Aviation structural, mechanic e2, provides information on Utility systems, canopy systems, Pressurization and Air Conditioning Systems, Oxygen Systems, Oxygen Support Equipment, Ejection seat Systems aviation maintenance ratings the traman and nrtc package provides information on subject matter that relates directly to the occupational standards.

Naval aviation maintenance Program, maintenance, administration, technical Publications Library, maintenance/Production Control, quality Assurance/Analysis, aircraft Logs and Records, aeronautical Equipment. Logs and Records, aviation storekeeper 3, provides information. Organization, Administration and Customer Service, material Identification, material Procurement, material Receipt, material Custody, material Stowage, material, handling Equipment, and Safety, material Expenditure and movement, material Control, supply support, Stock control. Aviation storekeeper 2, provides information on, administration, Plant Account, and Publications, financial Management. Resources, material Receipt, custody, and Surveys, purchasing, aviation Material. Management, aviation boatswain's, mate e 3 2, provides information on Common maintenance. Tools and Their Uses, measuring tools and Techniques, mk 7 Aircraft Recovery. Equipment and Barricade systems, Steam Catapults, Associated launching. Equipment, The aircraft launch and Recovery Equipment maintenance Program (alremp). Aviation boatswain's, mate f, provides information on fuels division organization, general maintenance equipment, quality surveillance, jp-5 afloat below deck systems and operations, jp-5 afloat flight deck systems and operations, afloat lube presentation oil and mogas systems and operations, ashore systems and operations, and administration. Airman, presents an overview of naval aviation and includes subject matter coverage of the following: mission and history of naval aviation; organization of naval aviation; principles of flight; aircraft construction; aircraft hardware; aircraft power plants; aircraft avionics; ordnance; support equipment, line operations and safety; aircrew.

aviation boatswain mate fuels resume

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Stow, assemble and load aviation ammunition including aerial mines, torpedoes, missiles and rockets. Service bomb, missile, and rocket releasing and launching devices. Assemble, test and maintain air-launched guided missiles. Supervise operation of aviation ordnance shops, armories and stowage facilities. Follow the conversation on Twitter Warfighting learn more about all the enlisted ratings with our Owners and Operators Manual. Aircrew survival equipmentman 1 c, liquid Oxygen Converter Test Stand 59A120, Oxygen Component Test Stand (1172AS100 carbon dioxide Transfer Equipment, sewing Machine repair, aircrew Survival Equipment write Training. Administration, maintenance administration 3 2, provides information.

aviation boatswain mate fuels resume

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Aviation Structural Mechanic (Equipment) Airman Brionka jnbaptiste from houston, right, and aviation Structural Mechanic (Equipment) Airman Idgen Cruz from San diego, checks tools after completing routine maintenance of equipment aboard the. Navy photo by mass Communication Specialist Seman Cheryl Callahan/released) The duties performed by ames homework include: maintain the various aircraft systems such as seat and canopy ejection (egress gaseous and liquid oxygen, life raft ejection, fire extinguishing, air conditioning, cabin and cockpit heat, pressurization, ventilation. Remove and install oxygen system valves, gauges, converters and regulators. Inspect, remove, install and rig ejection seats, shoulder harnesses, lap belts and face-curtain mechanisms. Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class david Farace, from Titusville, fla., and aviation Ordnanceman 3rd Class Harris Hall, from Decatur,., move ordnance in a weapons magazine aboard aircraft carrier uss enterprise (cvn 65). We provide the bombs for the mission, said Farace. Without us, the Enterprise would (not be able to complete its missions said Hall. Savarese/Released) The duties performed by aos include: Inspect, maintains and repair aircraft mechanical and electrical armament/ordnance systems. Service aircraft guns and accessories.

Replace gaskets, packing, and wipers in hydraulic components. Remove, repair and replace aircraft fuselage, wings, fixed and movable surfaces, airfoils, regular seats, wheels and tires, controls and mechanisms. Remove, install and rig aircraft flight control surfaces. Fabricate and assemble metal components and make minor repairs to aircraft skin. Install rivets and metal fasteners. Fabricate repairs for composite components. Perform non-destructive dye penetrant inspections (NDI). Perform daily, preflight, post flight and other periodic aircraft inspections.

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aviation boatswain mate fuels resume

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Use, test, calibrate and perform minor and preventive maintenance on meteorological instruments including satellite receivers. Prepare balloon-carried instruments for flight, evaluating and analyzing data received. Operate, program and maintain computers and related equipment. Aviation Structural Mechanic 3rd Class Shanice. Henry, from Fort lauderdale, fla., uses a disc sander to grind down a piece of steel used for an html aircraft part in the jet shop aboard aircraft carrier uss enterprise (cvn 65).

We are directly responsible for the safety of flight for the entire air wing whether its landing gear or hydraulics. If we essay cannot fix it, we are unable to accomplish the mission. If they say it cannot be done, we find a way, said Henry. Navy photo by mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jared King) The duties performed by ams include: Remove, repair and replace hydraulic system pumps, auxiliary power systems and unit actuating subsystems. Maintain aircraft landing gear system, brakes and related pneumatic systems, reservoir pressurization, emergency actuating devices, pumps, valves, regulators, cylinders, lines and fittings. Service pressure accumulators, emergency air bottles, oleo struts, reservoirs and master brake cylinders. Inspect, remove and replace components of hydraulic systems.

My job is to test, troubleshoot and repair all power distribution systems for all makes and models of aircraft. My job contributes to Enterprises mission by expeditiously repairing generator systems allowing maximum tasking for the air wing, said Martinez. Navy photo by mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jared King). Ae sailors attend common basic electronics training, after which they attend the aviation Electrician (AE) rating a school. . The ae sailor will troubleshoot and repair some of the following complex electronic systems, employing the latest test equipment and procedures: digital computers fiber optics infrared detection radar systems electricity generation systems laser electronics navigation systems communications equipment electrical power distribution pressure indication systems electric. Perform micro-miniature module repair on computer circuit cards.

Use a variety of electrical measuring and diagnostic equipment. Read electrical system diagrams. Repair and maintain power generators and electric motors. Aerographers Mate second Class Kyle nobles, right, from Hurst, texas, and Aerographers Mate Third Class Emils Rigano, from Colorado Springs, colo., get wind direction and speed using an anemometer on the signal bridge of the. Navys forward-deployed aircraft carrier uss george washington (cvn-73). Navy photo by mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Alysia hernandez/released) The duties performed by ags include: Collecting, recording and analyzing weather and oceanographic information. Preparing up-to-date weather maps and oceanographic data. Issuing weather forecasts and warnings.

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Handle and service aircraft mom ashore or aboard ship. Perform complete aircraft turboshaft/turboprop engine repair. Determine reasons for engine degradation via spectrometric oil analysis tests. Evaluate jet engine performance, using jet test cells for fixed turbojet engines. Perform helicopter maintenance, installing and maintaining engines, drive accessories and gear boxes. Possibly functioning as aircrewman in various types of aircraft. Aviation Electricians Mate 2nd Class Fernando martinez, from El Paso, texas, connects testing cables for an F/A-18E/F generator control unit aboard aircraft carrier uss enterprise (cvn 65).

aviation boatswain mate fuels resume

The duties performed readers by acs include: Control and direct air traffic at airfields and on aircraft carriers using radio, radar, and other signaling devices. Provid aircraft with critical information on other air traffic, navigation systems, and airfield conditions essential to safe operations. Operate and adjust computer-based ground/carrier-controlled navigation and radar approach systems. Interpret data shown on radar screens and plotting aircraft positions. Maintain aeronautical charts and maps. Aviation Machinists Mate 3rd Class Christopher Cogar from Cleveland, left, and aviation Machinists Mate airman Asunta Allen from San diego measure a high-pressure turbine shaft before installing it into a f-414 jet engine in the jet shop aboard the. Navys forward-deployed aircraft carrier uss george washington (cvn 73). Navy photo by mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class William Pittman/released). The duties performed by ads include: maintain and service aircraft engine, fuel and lubrication systems.

of Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 141 on the flight deck of the. The duties performed by abhs include: Supervise the movement, spotting and securing of aircraft and equipment ashore and afloat. Perform crash rescue, fire fighting, crash removal and damage control duties in connection with launch and recovery of aircraft. Perform aircraft-handling duties related to the operation of launching and recovery of naval aircraft. Air Traffic Controller 1st Class Alisha latiker, a departure controller from Appomattox,., prepares for a case 3 landing due to low visibility aboard aircraft carrier uss enterprise (cvn 65). Im a departure controller in the carrier Air Traffic Control Center, so what I do is just one part of a process that takes the entire department. Its important we work together as a team to launch and recover these aircraft safely (as thats our primary mission aboard Enterprise said Latiker. Navy photo by mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Randy.

Aviation boatswains Mate (Fuel) Airman Brittany johnson, from Clearwater, Fla., opens a fuel inlet aboard aircraft carrier uss enterprise (cvn 65). Without clean, clear and writing bright fuel, the planes dont launch and the mission doesnt get accomplished. We fuel the missions, said Johnson. Navy photo by mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Scott Pittman/Released). The duties performed by abfs include: Operate, maintain and perform organizational maintenance on aviation fueling and lubricating oil systems on CVs, cvns, lphs and lpds. Observe and enforce safety handling precautions and maintain fuel quality surveillance and control in aviation fuel systems. Supervise the operation and service of fuel farms and equipment associated with the fueling and defueling of aircraft ashore and afloat.

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October is Warfighting month focusing on navy warfighters, a fast and flexible force deployed worldwide to preserve peace, protect commerce, and deter aggression on, above, and below the sea. This is one of two blogs highlighting the 19 rates that make up the navys aviation community. Here are the first ten. Aviation boatswains Mate (Equipment) 3rd Class James Johnstone, from Panama city, fla., runs clear of a f/A-18e super Hornet from the dambusters of Strike fighter Squadron (VFA) 195 on the flight deck aboard the. Navys forward-deployed aircraft carrier uss george washington (cvn 73) during flight operations. Navy photo by mass Communication Specialist seaman Apprentice Brian. The duties performed by abes include: hippie maintain and perform organizational maintenance on hydraulic and steam catapults, barricades, arresting gear and arresting gear engines. Operate catapult launch and arresting consoles, firing panels, water brakes, blast deflectors and cooling panels.

aviation boatswain mate fuels resume
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  3. Aviation boatswain s Mate - fuels. 29, 2011) - aviation boatswain s Mate ( fuels ) 3rd Class James Lising explains how to properly man a fire hose to a marine during a fire drill on the flight deck.

  4. Publisher Plans see plans. Publisher Home feed Explore collaborate. Profile Stacks Following Account Settings Services plans. Get a feel for how your asvab score affects the types of jobs you can get in the navy.

  5. Aviation, boatswain s, mate, fuels. Aviation, boatswain s, mate (Fuel) Airman Gabriel nievesclass, fuels and an F/A-18e super Hornet on the flight deck of Nimitz-class aircraft carrier uss carl Vinson (cvn 70). Purple shirts or aviation boatswain s mate (fuel) are also referred to as Grapes. Issuu company logo Explore.

  6. Provides information on fuels division organization, general maintenance equipment, quality surveillance, jp-5 afloat below deck systems and operations, jp-5 afloat flight. Aviation, boatswain s, mate. Fuels (ABF) Without clean, clear and bright fuel, the planes dont launch and the mission doesnt get accomplished.

  7. Nuristan province, afghanistan, aviation, boatswain s, mate fuels ) 3rd Class (ABF3) Robert Wagner, assigned to nuristan Provincial Reconstruction team (PRT) force protection, was awarded a combat action ribbon and promoted. Aviation, boatswain s, mate (Fuel us navy, yokosuka jp— february 2000-December 2001 Performed maintenance on aviation fueling and lubrication systems while stationed aboard the uss kitty hawk. Aviation, boatswain s, mate, e.

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