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Job Analysis: Job Analysis is the procedure through which you determine the duties of the position and the characteristics of the people to hire for them. Job analysis produces information used for writing job descriptions and job Specifications. Techniques for Job Analysis: ubl only use qualitative techniques of analyzing jobs. The techniques ubl uses are Interview and Open-ended questionnaires. They use interviews in which employees are ask what the job entails and questionnaires in which employees are asked different question about what are the activates they perform in job. Job evaluation: 18 Where you come first Job evaluation is a systematic comparison done in order to determine the worth of one job relative to another Job evaluation technique used by ubl is Ranking Method in which each job relative to all other jobs according. Cruitment: In order to determine the future staff needs United Bank limited uses Ratio analysis technique (a forecasting technique for determining future staff needs by using ratios between, for example sales volume and number of employees needed) in which trend between two trends is determined. Internal Recruitment sources: In forecasting the supply of inside candidates ubl use qualifications inventories (manual or computerized records listing employees education career and development interests, languages, special skills and so on to be used in selecting inside candidates for promotion) so in order to replace.

Ubl working Environment: The working/organization environment of ubl is very sophisticated. Environment is very friendly due to group coordination. Employees london can easily communicate horizontally and vertically which help to achieve its goals and objectives. Employees have to follow formal code of ethics of United Bank limited hr esempio measuring Method: 17 Where you come first United Bank limited uses Scorecard Approach to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of hr department. Ubl follow the seven steps to measure its hr department. First ubl define its business strategy (discussed above). Second its outline the companys value chain activates (activities which create value for customers and related supporting activities). Then it outlines what organizational outcomes (goals and targets) the bank has to achieve. Then it evaluates the workforce required to achieve the goals. After that ubl devise its hr policies and practices (what new training is required?). Then it designs the hr scorecard and periodically evaluates the measurement system.

hbl internship report

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There are different Groups containing 10 to report 12 people which are assigned different tasks to work on each group has its own supervisor who supervise all employees in its group. Investment in development performance: 15 Where you come first ubl invest in hr development and performance by promoting or giving rewards to those employees whose performance is better. The performance appraisal of each employee is conducted annually in ubl. Ubl structure: Organizational Values: Trust and Integrity 16 Where you come first Respect for people responsible corporate citizens Passion for business excellence commitment to total customers satisfaction ubl culture: United Bank limited culture is the personality of the organization. Culture is comprised of the assumptions, values, norms and tangible signs (artifacts) of organization members and their behaviors. The organizational culture of ubl is that it always provides profit to its stakeholder and never misrepresents its financial reports and will never do any unethical act which harms its client and competitor. The employees of ubl will always be helping and friendly with its customers. The norms of ubl are it always follows the laws of country and maintain its goodwill.

hbl internship report

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To provide employees with solutions to their problems. Maintaining data records of all employees of ubl (Human Resources information System). To evaluate and retain those employees who are assets to the company. Ubl make hr plannings and Policies: United Bank limited follows Business-level/Competitive strategy (competitive strategy identifies how to build and strength the businesss long-term competitive position in the market place) because of vast number of its competitor in the market place. Ubl analyze its strengths with weakness and opportunities with threats to maintain its comparative advantage. The competitive advantage of ubl is based on Differentiation. It provides different online and offline services to win its customer and periodically analyze the competitive marketplace to enhance its services at a high level. Attracting Methodology: Human Resource policy of ubl is that they attract the current employees by offering them Promotion, cash award, increment, bonuses and stock option so keep up and generate external candidate by offering good salary packages, career oriented jobs, Accommodations etc. Organization Chart: 14 Where you come first The organization design of ubl is Horizontal (which has low hierarchical level).

Opportunities: bank can extend its network in other cities of pakistan like other remote cities, it would increase their sales. 12 Where you come first Proper orientation of employees in all branches can help them to cope up with foreign banks by bringing new technology and modern business processes will bring the change and increase their profitability call centre services should be improved to enhance. Threats: large and increasing competition. High operating costs Lack of huge deposits hr functions Following are the major Human Resource management Functions of United Bank limited. Hr objectives: The objectives are to look out for the well being of all employees of the ubl. Provide leadership and direction to employees of the company. Career development planning for all employees of the company. Ensure thorough training of nationwide employees. To provide 13 Where you come first individual employees with orientation on the company at the time of joining.

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hbl internship report

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Ubl subsidiaries are: united Bank ag zurich, Switzerland United National Bank limited, uk ubl fund Managers Limited ubl due to its innovative corporate culture wins their customer trust. Ubl is running four websites to provide information and customer services which are:, m m m The depositing services offered by ubl are business Partner, rupee trans A/c, basic Banking Account, ubl uniFlex, ubl unisaver, ubl profit cod, term Deposits 9 Where you come first. The loan and card services are ubl address, ubl businessline, ubl cashline, ubl drive, ubl credit Card, ubl money, and some other services are ubl netbanking, ubl e-statement, hamrah, ubl wallet, ubl click n Bank, ubl click n Remit, ubl tezraftaar, ubl omini ubl business. Strengths: 10 Where you come first 3rd largest Bank of pakistan in term of deposits 2nd largest Privatized homework Bank of pakistan ubl offering Customized Products and services aggressively better then its competitors improved operational efficiency as to its past courteous Customer service and fast delivery. Majority of employees have many years of experience in banking sector and are an asset for the bank. 11 Where you come first.

Weaknesses: no standardization in terms of branches some of the branches are very attractive and most of the branches are not very good like other branches. In some regions, urban areas of pakistan service of ubl is not good as compared to other privatized banks the application time is also quite lengthy. Ubl is a step behind in using new technology as compared to other banks All branches need orientation for customer dealing. Most of the employees are overload with the work and promotion is also not timely. most of employees are experienced and they are not able to deal customers well, adopt new culture and above all they are unable to use of new technology like computers. no separate training center to train their employees Employees are not well dressed Workforce is not diverse security system in most of the branches is not up to the mark.

United Bank limited Introduction. Mission Statement of ubl: to develop and deliver the most innovative product, manage customer experience, deliver quality service that contributes to brand strength, establish a 7 Where you come first comparative advantage and enhance profitability, providing value to the stakeholders of bank. Ubl vision: to be the premier organizations operating locally internationally that provides the complete range of financial services to all segments under one roof. Ubl introduction: United Bank limited was established on november 7, 1959 and incorporated as a public Limited Company under Companies Act 1913. The ubl board of Directors of are: Highness Shaikh Nahayan Mabarak al Nahayan.

Where you come first, chairman 8 Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez obe. Omar ziad jaafar Al Askari. Zameer Mohammed Choudrey. Ashfaque hasan Khan. Aqeel Ahmed Nasir. Abdul pauf Malik. Ameer Karachi wall Deputy Chairman President ceo director Director Director Director Company secretary chief Legal Director Chief Financial Officer The bank is currently operating 1056 Branches Domestically and 15 Branches overseas (usa, qatar, uae, bahrain and Republic of Yemen). Ubl hold 51 of its total shares other 49 shares are owned by government. After the privatization of banking sector in pakistan ubl implemented its strategies to achieve the comparative advantage in the market place.

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109 billion and investments were.25 billion in 1995. Ubl incurred a loss.724 million in 1995. In 1996 the management of the bank was changed and by mid 1997 the financial and administrative discipline was restored. The interference of the government was eliminated and the non-performing loans recovery was increased and the liquidity position writing was brought up to the required level. About.6.3 billion were recovered out of which about.5 billion were domestic and of this about. 4.5 billion was recovered in cash. A right sizing program was initiated as well as an aggressive branch rationalization strategy by which 203 loss making branches were shut down and profitable ones were opened in other areas. Surplus staff was removed which amounted to 5416 employees. The entire audit system was revamped.

hbl internship report

Within a short period of time, the bank emerged as the third largest in the 6 Where you come first country after hbl and nbp. The bank was nationalized in 1974. Later on another bank the commerce bank limited was merged into ubl. Ubl was the third bank to be offered for wallpaper privatization. Initially, a saudi based financial institution; Bashrahil Group came up with the highest bid for the bank, and deposited the first tranche for its consideration. However, due to flaws in the transaction, the sbp cancelled the privatization and took over the bank in 1995. The banks total income including interest and non-interest income amounted.4935 million in 1995, its deposits were.

some other hr functions. Group suggestions/recommendations for making ubl human resource management functions more effective. Purpose of This Project, the main purpose of this project is to highlight and to study the human Resource department of United Bank limited. It provides a brief overview of the organization and all the ways, strategies and alternatives mainly used by human Resource department of ubl. History of ubl, united Bank limited was established in november 1959. The bank was sponsored by the saigol Group of Companies, which were the mainstay of the textile industry in pakistan at that time.

We also like to thanks to our friends Eman Wasti zoya altaf for helping us in making this report by arranging the meeting of interviewing hr manager. Executive summary history of United Bank limited ubl introduction Mission Statement Vision Introduction Where you come first. Swot analysis of ubl ubl hr functions ubl hr objectives ubl hr plannings and Policies Attracting Methodology Organization Chart Investment in development performance ubl structure Organizational Values ubl culture ubl working Environment hr measuring Method Job Analysis Techniques for Job Analysis Job evaluation Recruitment Internal. Selection Interview Training development Performance Appraisal Compensations and Benefits Stress Handling Critical evaluation of hr functions Group Conclusion recommendation Bibliography/ References Credits Semi-Structured questioner. Executive summary, united Bank limited is one of the banks playing a very important role in the economic development of pakistan. Its providing high quality services, essay manage customer experience efficiently, have comparative advantage due to its innovative technology and provide high profit to its stakeholder. In order to maintain and improve its services in the competitive market ubl human Resource department plays a very important role. You will find in this report the complete hr function of ubl. The vision, mission and Strategic goal of ubl what are the methods followed by ubl for analyzing and evaluating 5 Where you come first its Jobs.

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Please download to view, iqra university, hrm final Project Company: Prepare. Faizan Umer Malik10839Course: Human Resource management, section: Friday (6 to 9pm) Final Report d for. In the name of allah, the most Merciful, the most Kind Acknowledgement. We are so much grateful to our Prestigious. Kashif who tree gave us this opportunity to make this Human Resource development Report of United Bank limited which enhances our ability in understanding hr functions in corporate world and making report on them. We would also like to pay our thanks to ubl hr recruitment Manager Miss. Ambreen zia malik ubl hr relationship Manager Miss. Sana fatima who provide us 2 Where you come first all the information of Human Resource function of United Bank limited and all other staff who help us in providing in-depth information on the environment and culture of United Bank limited.

hbl internship report
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