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General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion. Article submission sites are a great tool for building valuable links and traffic to your website especially is you have a very newly developed website. We show you the top 30 seo high pr article submission Sites for 2018 that will get you quality backlinks. The way it works is that they write articles on the submission sites which have much higher pr than what their newly developed website with limited backlinks would have. How are Article submission Sites good for Backlinks? By using Article submission sites such as ezineArticles it allows you to also get valuable one way backlinks which is one very important ranking factor in seo especially as things have become more advanced in 2018 regarding search engine optimization. It also allows for your article to get a ton of extra exposure on the submission sites that you wouldnt normally receive due to the fact that there is multiple resources throughout each site showing related articles and if your content is well written.

More like this., hubpages Earnings Proof 2017, hubpages has been around for many years already and many have already earned from writing articles on this site. This video provides you with a proof. More like this., is Hubpages Legit? M writernow/user/new/ In this video i attemt to answer the question: Is Hubpages Legit? Or is it a scam. There are many scams on the internet. More like this., screwing with the Scam Artist, see here: There is a scam going around where someone from India calls, harry identifies. More like this., how to make money using Hubpages m - how to make money using Hubpages - having used hubpages myself I can help you out! Not long ago i was looking for the. More like this., "Serenigy Scam reviewed" (1 of 1) m/ m link for review m/hub/Serenigy-Scam-reviewed and. 2018 m — part of, emrius Network.

hubpages review

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Find something tell your friends you like longList. Hubpages Scam m account4writer/user/new/ m/watch? Vq1BJql6jSdM This video is the first part of a 2 part series. In the first part I will. More like this., hubPages: Is HubPages is a scam. Join here :- /1dzB6se the highest-paid Hubbers make 650 to 3800 per Month: learning from their paperless Stats - part 1, big Money- /1BZm5op. More like this., 10 Biggest As seen On tv scams! Twitter: m/MatthewSantoro Instagram: m/MatthewSantoro facebook: m/MatthewSantoro Check out.

hubpages review

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If you want to strange get rich quick, this is not the option for you. However, for those who want to create a long-term, sustainable system, this is definitely worth the option. It is possible to earn hundreds or even thousands a month. It does take time and patience though. Its a marathon, not a sprint. Note from the author: ive stopped actively writing at the site, as I focus on other platforms. However, my content remains there and will remain there for the foreseeable. I still believe it is a good and promising site for writers. Share with your friends, to report this post you need to login first.

Not all topics are good options, no matter how much you love them. There is a move towards long, engaging hubs. These take a lot of time to write, especially if there is a lot of research involved. The creators of the site believe that hubs of 1,150 words of more do better, and those hubs need at least three photos and two other forms of content like videos and polls. It can take an hour or two to get the hub to look just right. Is HubPages Right for you? Now that youve read this HubPages review, its time to determine whether it is right for you. It really depends on the type of place youre looking at writing.

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hubpages review

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Much of that has now been unfeatured. HubPages unfeatures content for one of two reasons: poor engagement or poor quality. However, not all the content is caught, and it could be resume a problem for google. The staff rely on some of the readers to flag the inappropriate and poor quality content. This flagging system is relatively successful, but there are still some kinks in the works. There is also a grading system, but there is no way of knowing how this grading system works. Some hubs that are unique, engaging and high quality have low scores.

The bad Parts About HubPages. One of the biggest downsides is the traffic. Even though HubPages is old and has a good amount of traffic coming to the site, that is not necessarily to your hubs. It takes essay time to build up a portfolio on the site. Getting one piece up is not going to start making you thousands of dollars a month, unless you have one of those viral anomalies. You need to be in it for the long term. You also need to have the time to do the keyword research, and spend time researching which types of hubs do the best.

HubPages was initially hit quite hard by the google changes due to the poor quality content. People saw it as a quick way to make a few bucks. Over the last 12 months, the site has introduced Editors Choice Awards for outstanding hubs, and created the featured status. Those that are unfeatured are no longer visible to the search engines. Multiple accounts are allowed. This is great for those who prefer to write about specific niches and want to keep them separate.

There are some who believe having different accounts for each niche is worthwhile. Others have never seen a difference. With a site like hubPages, there likely isnt a different because there are so many writers writing about so many different topics. The quality content on HubPages, it has been around for many years now. As previously mentioned, the site has been through all the google changes. While initially getting hit, the site has managed to pull it back. Thats because of the move towards quality content. However, this is still in motion. The truth is there is still some poor content on the website.

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However, there are downsides to the resume website too. For those looking into adding a new revenue share website to their list, you may be tempted to start creating hubs. The question is whether it is worth it for you. The good points About HubPages, one of make the things that attract many to this website is the fact that people can write about anything they want (within reason of course) and at any time of the day or night. There is no minimum", and no need to commit to doing a set amount of hours a day. Some people choose to take year long breaks while they gather the incentive to write more, while others part-take in 30 hubs in 30 day challenges to get more content out there. There is a focus on quality, and this had developed over the last few years.

hubpages review

Again like the benefits, articles and hubs can both benefit your happy overall seo strategy. But Hub Pages does have one big drawback compared to article sites. That drawback is that you cant embed your hubs on another website or blog the way you can with most articles. You can embed your hubs using a widget to display your most recent hubs, but this will only display as a link that will direct a user to your hub rather then keeping them on your site. Where an article can be completely uploaded to another website or blog giving you additional back links. Overall Hub Pages is a quick and easy way for you to build links, and get traffic to your site, and one i recommend using if youre serious about getting your site noticed. Will HubPages make you the money of your dreams? HubPages is still one of the most popular revenue sharing article writing sites. There are a number of reasons for that, which will be shared in this HubPages review.

as text, or a link below a picture or video. Word count, most article sites have a minimum word count required for every article. Ezine for example has just recently bumped its word count from 250 to 400 (click here to visit my blog to see what other changes ezine Articles has made ). Having published several hubs ive never seen a minimum word count, and many that ive seen are more pictures or videos then anything written. You can earn revenue from Hub Pages. Unlike many article sites you can add your own ads to each hub. And while google Adsense and Kontara in text ads you have no control over for placement you can ad as many Amazon and Ebay ads as you want. The disadvantages of using Hub Pages.

You can also ad pictures, videos, or other widgets such as a poll or map. And hub pages allow you to make money from placing your own affiliate ads from sites such as google Adsense, amazon, and Ebay. What are the benefits of using hub pages? This isnt to say that Hub Pages is better then submitting articles, in fact I highly recommend you do both, but there are some unique advantages over your typical article sites. No wait time, make many (not all) article sites have a wait time; this allows their editors to screen your submitted content to ensure it meets their standards. These wait times can vary from a couple days to up to 14 business days if youve submitted an article to ezine for example. Hub pages does screen hubs to ensure quality is maintained but this seems to be more an automatic feature with Hub pages. An article site such as ezine will only allow you to post links back to your website or blog at the bottom of the post in what they call a resource box.

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Hub Pages review, when it comes to getting traffic to your website, one of the ways that is commonly talked about is writing and submitting articles to sites such as ezine Articles, or Article base. These types of sites provide one way back links related your topic with the objective of driving targeted traffic to your website. What is a hub page? If your familiar with Squidoo lens pages then you already know what a hub page is, their virtually the same concept. For those of you who havent heard of these its essentially like an article. There a single web page with a pre designed layout. Unlike many article sites however essay hub pages allows for greater customization in terms of how your text is displayed.

hubpages review
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  2. I belong to an internet marketing inner circle so i had to review the product since some bold claims had been made. Posted on August 9, 2016August 16, 2017 by admin. So, if you are now considering Hubpages for the right reasons, you can find their sign up page by clicking.

  3. Com review, you will find several tips on making money with Hubpages. M is a web site where you can start a free blog and get paid for writing articles. You can also grab a copy of my hubpages Ebook guide at The hubpages Expert.

  4. With Hubpages you can add text, a list of links, pictures, videos, a link to your blogs rss, ebay listings, m products, and visitor comments. HubPages is still one of the most popular revenue sharing article writing sites. There are a number of reasons for that, which will be shared in this HubPages review.

  5. Hubpages reviews voice of consumer Hubpages reviews, rating, and complaints. Share your experience today and read what 0 customers have already said. Signing up with Hubpages to write articles, you will make. A writer's review : Hubpages or Blogs As Center of On-line Writing System Article.

  6. Server headers for. Http header is an information the beginning of a http request or response. From HubPages : HubPages, where you can easily publish information on a topic you love to write about. Please submit your review for HubPages.

  7. It is basically a blogging platform letting people to share their content and earn money from ad this honest Hubpages review to find more. And hub pages allow you to make money from placing your own affiliate ads from sites such as google Adsense, amazon, and Ebay. Hubpages is the most popular website where you can make extra money for writing on Hubpages, creating videos, add views, referral commission is content is about Hubpages review.

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