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Click on the read button to process the ream file and display it on the screen. If desired, view the p file. Discussion One common yuv format group is called the packed formats group where y, u and V samples are packed together into macropixels, which are stored in a single array. . (see the yvu-9 and yv-12 Lab Report above for a planar format example.)  One of these packed formats is uyvy, which  is probably the most popular of the various yuv 4:2:2 formats. Understanding the format of a digital video stream is essential in processing an image. Const yuvwidth  386; yuvheight  320; (Acutally, the original image was 720-by-576. . This example is a subset of the original.) Each row of data is an array of uyvy values, where each y, u, v value is a single byte. . The bufferyuv array contains the array of records.

The tv channel is Estonian TV3. . The picture quality is quite low because tarvo didn't have a sold proper antenna. . he just dropped a cable out of the window (which explains the interference that can be see in the "V" images above - perhaps a good starting point to eliminate the interference with a fft!). Conclusions Humans can discriminate spatial monochrome information better than spatial color information. . Hence, more bits are used to store y information since the human eye is more sensitive to changes in luminance than changes in hue or saturation, which is communicated in the u and V components. Keywords yuv, rgb, yvu-9, yv-12, Scanline, trgbtripleArray, tfileStream, seek, savetofile files Delphi 3/4/5 source code and exe with ream and ream files (319 kb yvutorgb. Zip also, see links below. Purpose The purpose of this program is to read a stream of uyvy bytes and convert the yuv values to rgb for display. Materials and Equipment Software requirements Windows 95/98 Delphi 3/4/5 (to recompile) uyvy. Exe with input file ream Hardware requirements vga (or higher) monitor in high color or true color display mode. Procedure double click on the uyvy.

lab report table

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By the way, the "Y" of yuv is the gamma corrected "brightness" component of the colour; the "Y" of the cie xyz model is linear ( un corrected) brightness. Both are related, but they are not the same. Acknowledgement Thanks to tarvo hirs for providing me these images and asking how they could be processed. His computer is a celeron 300, 128mb ram, 2x ati expertxl pci videocard, windows98 with two displays. . His capture card is a ati-tv add-on to the ati videocard. It connects to the videocard via ide format cable, so no bus bandwidth is used for the tv picture resume transport. The pictures are at maximum resolution for the card.

lab report table

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IF j mod factor 0 then begin ad(Bufferu, ycolumnCount div factor bytes ad(Bufferv, ycolumnCount div factor bytes end; Row : anlinej; for i : 0 to ycolumnCount-1 do begin y : BufferYi; IF i mod factor 0 then begin u : Bufferui div factor;. The y, u, v images are shades of gray since the resume corresponding values are assigned to each of the r, g and B pixel components. . For example, the y image is created in this case: case emIndex of / Y plane 0: begin rgbtBlue : Y; rgbtGreen : Y; rgbtRed : y end;. The conversion of yuv to rgb is in this case: / yuv to rgb conversion / see m / It's unclear whether u and v are switched, or whether / the formula from this web site is correct with / u cb and. The fixRange function enforces a "floor" of 0 and a "ceiling" of 255: / r, g and b values must be in the range.255 function fixRange(const x: double byte; var temp: integer; begin temp : round(x if temp 255 then temp : 255 else. (To count unique colors in an image, see the Show Image lab Report). . Considerable extra coding is necessary to reduce the number of unique colors to only 236, which is what is needed for display in Windows 256 color display mode. . That is the main reason a pf24bit bitmap was used in this solution. . (For an example of how to use a pf8bit bitmap with palettes with a limited number of colors, see the Y8 example below).

The "Y" information is first, and is followed by the "V" and "U" information: File section Index of First Byte columns Rows Y 0 ycolumnCount yrowCount v ycolumnCount*YRowCount ycolumnCount / Factor yrowCount / Factor u ycolumnCount*YRowCount * (1 1/Factor2) ycolumnCount / Factor yrowCount / Factor. Filepointer : 0; ek(Filepointer, soFromBeginning filepointer : yrowCount * ycolumnCount; ek(Filepointer, soFromBeginning filepointer : Filepointer (YRowCount div factor) * (YColumnCount div factor ek(Filepointer, soFromBeginning Ignoring palettes is always the easiest approach when working with color images, so a 24-bit "true color" image is created: Bitmap. Width : ycolumnCount; Bitmap. Height : yrowCount; Bitmap. The following shows the mechanics of reading the three streams from the single file for each of the scanlines. . Note the u and V rows are used Factor times, and the pixel information within a scanline is used Factor times. For j : 0 to yrowCount-1 do begin / read each "row" of data ad(Buffery, ycolumnCount bytes / yuv12: read u and V "row" of data on even-numbered rows / re-use the same row of data for the odd-numbered rows / / yuv9: read new. Re-use / the same row for the other rows.

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lab report table

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In the jpeg fix compression standard the color differences are sub-sampled to reduce their data content. The jpeg 4:1:1 scheme means there are four samples of Y to each sample of cb and. . Cb and majority cr stands for Chrominance Blue and Chrominance red. Chrominance is the amount of brightness that is perceived by the human eye. . The more light you perceive, the higher the chrominance value one common yuv format is the planar format, where each component is stored as a separate array, with the final image formed by fusing the three separate planes. .

(see the uyvy lab Report below for a packed format example.) Two common planar yuv formats are yv-12 and yvu-9. Here's a visual description of yv-12 and yvu-9 file formats and the resulting rgb images: yv-12 yvu-9 Understanding the format of a digital video stream is essential in processing an image. Determining the x and Y dimensions of an image in a file is the first step. In this case, i was given the size of each image. Const yrowCount 288; ycolumnCount 352; The "Y" prefix in these constants doesn't refer to the "Y" spatial dimension but the "Y" luminance data. . (too many Ys here!) Common processing for yvu-9 and yv-12 images is possible by introducing a "Factor" parameter. . This information is selected via the radioGroup129 control: Format Factor Input File output File yv-12 2 ream p yvu-9 4 ream p the ream and ream files contain all the image information. .

Exe icon to start the program. Select either the yvu12 or yvu9 image via the radio box at the left. View the y, u, v or rgb images via the radio box on the right. The displayed image is also written to a disk file. P is written for for the yvu-12 selection, while.

P is written for the yvu-9 selection). Discussion, yuv color is used in European tv broadcasts. . (yiq is used. Tv broadcasts.)  The y component of yuv is not "yellow" but luminance. Only the y component of a color tv signal is shown on black-and-white tvs.   The chromaticity information is encoded in the u and V components. Instead of storing an image as 8 bits of red, 8 bits of green and 8 bits of blue per pixel, an rgb color image can be reduced to 16 bits per pixel by conversion to luminance and color differences: Luminance,.299R.587G.114B. Color Difference (red cr (also known as V) r -. Because the eye is more sensitive to luminance detail than color detail, more bits are used to store the luminance information than the color differences. .

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Bethea said the plan now is to grow all versions to naturally filter the water and essay bolster the marine habitat. He wants to change state menu options by putting more locally raised oysters on North Carolinian's plates. Chef Steven Greene, of Heron's in Cary, is on board. "It's amazing to be able to bring some of the best ingredients in the world that are right here in North Carolina greene said. Efg's yuv lab Reports, yuv, lab Reports, purpose. The purpose of this program is demonstrate how to read a yv-12 or yvu-9 digital byte stream and display the corresponding rgb color image. Materials and Equipment, software requirements, windows 95/98, delphi 3/4/5 (to recompile). Exe with input files ream and ream, hardware requirements, vga (or higher) monitor in high color or true color display mode. Procedure, double click on the, yvutorgbdemo.

lab report table

It was a way to promote our state he said of his company oysters Carolina. His farm consists of bottom cages with a broad assortment of about 300,000 small, large, wild and coddled oysters that take on the flavor of the bay. "Our oysters are going to be really crisp, very salty. They've got a nice sea grass flavor to them and a little bit of citrus you can definitely taste bethea said. Could the north Carolina coast turn into the napa valley of oysters? The difference between a triploid and a wild oyster is stark. The triplod luxury grown in the pamlico sound dwarfs the wild one.

Building off the triploid, virginia's oyster industry took off in recent years, producing 10 times what the north Carolina industry produces. "The triploid is important, both in terms of the speed and the economics of the industry, as well as being able to have an oyster in North Carolina in August from a local water body ted Wilgis of the north Carolina coastal Federation said. While farming the triploid is common practice, states along the gulf of Mexico only allow the breeding of native oysters to boost its population. There's a blueprint in place to grow and nurture north Carolina's native shellfish industry with investments in habitat restoration, clean water protection, and aquaculture. "I think we're moving in the right direction, but we have a long way to go wilgis said. Ryan Bethea, a former middle school teacher, started oyster farming in Westmouth bay, off Harker's Island. "It was a way to leave a positive footprint on our environment.

This allows the shellfish to put all of their energy into growing. The triploid is the invention of a virginia researcher, who short patented the breed years ago by first developing a four chromosome oyster in the lab. Scientists say they are the "seedless fruit" of the seafood world. Ami wilbur directs the Shellfish Research Hatchery at unc-wilmington. Her team breeds oysters in temperature-controlled tanks fed from bubbling cauldrons of nutritious algae. Theyre working to find the fastest growing, most disease resistant oysters to thrive in North Carolina waters. Wilbur does not consider the triploids to be genetically modified, since theyre created by cross breeding. Already supplying some farms, her end goal is to hand off a line of North Carolina super oysters to a commercial hatchery.

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By cullen Browder, wral anchor/reporter randall Kerr, senior producer, wral investigates. From lab to farm to table. After years of over harvest and disease decimating North Carolinas oyster population, research and aquaculture are seen as keys to rebuilding an industry with important economic and environmental possibilities. Chances are, if you've had oysters on the half-shell, youve eaten what is called a triploid. Triploids are grown in hatcheries and then tended to in coastal waters. They are widely used in today's growing oyster bar scene because mattress they grow bigger, faster, and more shapely. The triploids have three sets of chromosomes, instead of two - rendering them sterile, and therefore not preoccupied by reproduction.

lab report table
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Conclusions for the 2015 ipads: All Very good to Excellent Top tier Displays The primary goal of this Display technology Shoot-Out article series has always been to publicize and promote display excellence so that consumers, journalists and even manufacturers are aware of and appreciate the. Display shoot-Out Comparison Table. Below we examine in-depth the lcd displays on the Apple ipad Air 2 and Apple ipad Pro.7 based on objective lab measurement data and criteria.

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  1. As a los Alamos materials scientist, he uses high-powered gas guns to subject materials to dynamic forces, examining the resulting damage patterns to understand why materials fail. From lab to farm to table. After years of over harvest and disease decimating North Carolina's oyster population, research and aquaculture are seen as keys to rebuilding an industry with important economic and environmental possibilities.

  2. Receiving unwanted text messages from this system? This system can send appointment reminder and waiting list notifications via text message, but only if a cell phone number and carrier is entered by a client when creating or updating an account on the system. This section of my uitable report presents the different callback properties that are settable in the old and new uitable, for events such as cell selection, data modification, key press, and mouse click. George (Rusty) Thompson Gray iii is a tactile person.

  3. The "Weather Lady" and "News guy" rgb images contain 62,193 and 45,090 unique colors, respectively. (To count unique colors in an image, see the Show Image lab Report). Considerable extra coding is necessary to reduce the number of unique colors to only 236, which is what is needed for display in Windows 256 color display. Online homework and grading tools for instructors and students that reinforce student learning through practice and instant feedback.

  4. I asked our three wonderful nieman Lab staffers — justin Ellis, caroline odonovan, and Joseph Lichterman — to read through the report and pick out the most important highlights. How to Write a good Lab Conclusion in Science. A lab report describes an entire experiment from start to finish, outlining the procedures, reporting results, and analyzing data.

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