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But thats the other issue i have: This movie and its scenes seem to drag on far too long. After the intrigue of seeing the nerd outside of his basement wears off 45 minutes in, i was constantly looking at my watch, wondering where all of this would. I appreciate the references to old games, but they seemed to hit a drought at the hour mark and resort to the bombastic B-movie effects. The jokes, while funny at times, seemed to be off on timing. I applaud Rolfes script for toning the nerd down and not having him go on a profanity run through the whole movie, but I never found that funny before, and what they had to keep the movie fresh wasnt very laugh-inducing either. This film brought a lot of anticipation given how long Rolfe has been promoting. Going in, i had a good idea of what I was in for, so in no way do i feel cheated. As a film, it certainly doesnt have anything thats worth me watching it again outside of background noise.

Many of you will attribute this to the films b-movie feel, and the film itself does make fun of its low production standards. I can get behind that. I can also get behind the special effects, which while outdated and corny, are well done. Given the budget, this is a well-made movie. Its edited well, its produced well, and James Rolfe has done the absolute best with what he has at his disposal, which isnt much. The entire funding for the film was done via crowd writing sourcing and every penny was well spent. The jokes about the films budget did get some laughs out of me, and how deliberately bad some of them could be taken if in a hollywood blockbuster. What I cant get behind is how the film occasionally jump out of its element and give us some things that would have been better left on the drawing board. About 70 minutes in, after seeing ehs just about every type of monster and special effect technique from the 80s and 90s, rolfe employs robots, cheaply made out of cardboard boxes and tin, and that was when I was taken out of the movie. There are some things you can get away with, and just about everything he did worked, until I saw this and wondered if he killed any darlings. The good news is that out of all the scenes that seem to run way too long, this scene is particularly short and forgivable.

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South Park on the big screen. Things get more and more ridiculous until the end when a massive dark lord in charge of the universe tries to blow up the world, and its up to the nerd to stop them. None of the performances are all that great, and Rolfe, who has turned in way better performances on, seems completely off when hes trying to tell a more mature storyline. Never once does the nerd seem out of character, but Rolfe looks a bit uncomfortable in the role. The other parts are simply hit or miss, with the hits carrying very little momentum. There is some great chemistry between Rolfe and Sarah Glendening, who plays Mandi, cockburns corporate underling. Potential is also there for Rolfe and Stephen Mendel, who plays the main antagonist for most of the film, general Dark Onward. Jeremy suarez, who plays cooper, the nerds sidekick and cameraman feels out of place in this movie, and I feel Kyle justin (who plays the guitar guy in the videos) would have been more deserving of suarezs screen time rather than a brief essay cameo. The rest of the cast just filters in, says their lines, and does a little dance.

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Comes up with the the idea of making an intentionally worse sequel. T., she plans to get it into the hands of the nerd himself, thinking all the negative publicity will end up as positive sales for the game. The nerd, fearing hed have to return to review the original if he goes along with this, instead strikes a deal with Cockburn to go to new Mexico and uncover the landfill, where hundreds of thousands of cartridges are rumored to be buried. His intention: to kill the hoax and not review the original. If that has your head spinning, rest easy, the plot will get more convoluted before it gets any simpler. The good news is, it actually does make sense in a contrived kind of way, and it totally fits the style of the avgn episodes. As I watched it, i couldnt help but see a poor mans live-action.

And this is where avgns full-length debut suffers: While its about video games and full of game references, the character suffering through terrible games is lost until 10 minutes into the end. In its place are joke after joke that show the scripts independent feel. The gang is all here, or rather the character, since avgn is a solo outing. James Rolfe plays the titular character, whose life we get to experience outside of his basement. For years,  the nerd has been constantly requested to review. T., an old Atari 2600 game regarded as the worst game of all time and responsible for the video game crash of the 1980s. When a sleazy corporate urchin from the game developer, cockburn Inc.

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Review Summary: There are worse movies to watch than this. Just leave your brain at the resume door. So, brief fyi—i dont find the Angry video assignments game nerd funny. What I do find when I watch James Rolfes well-made web videos is my childhood frustrations running back to me with those bad games the nerd plays. I find most of the episodes, sans a few, quite simply fun to watch, and I think ive watched ms catalog of escapades from beginning to end more than once. Thats not to say i never laughed, i found some videos to be hysterical, but its usually in relation to the games hes playing and how poorly he plays. The ranting, toilet humor, and profanity flies over my head and the character itself just never made me laugh.

I find him unlikable. And the same continues through the characters full length outing, Angry video game nerd: The movie. A movie that has been related to the classic comedy, waynes World as a more in-depth look in the life of the episodic character. Waynes World is built on comedy. The entire snl skit was made for comedic effect, while the hard rock/metalhead atmosphere was second to the comedy. Avgn is the opposite. The episodes are built on terrible games and the comedy is the atmosphere surrounding.

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They dont make a specific recommendation of exactly when to use it, but they caution you against taking more than 4 servings in a day. Cellucor Alpha Amino Pros and Cons. Advantages of Cellucor Alpha Amino, its got a comprehensive amino acid formula, not just a dusting like some. The cellucor Alpha Aminoreviews show overwhelmingly positive feedback. Customers love the taste and mixability, and they comment how they are well hydrated during and less sore after their workouts. It comes in Fruit Punch, Grape, icy Blue razz, lemon Lime, and Watermelon writing flavors. Its sugar-free and calorie-free.

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Cellucor Alpha Amino Ingredients and borders How They work. Cellucor Alpha Amino is sugar free so it has that advantage over traditional sports drinks, but it doesnt skimp on hydration. To that end, its got: Chia seed, raw Coconut Concentrate, hydromax, together, these three will increase the concentration of fluid in your bodys tissue where its needed when you work this hard. For recovery, bcaas are present in abundance, along with a full compliment of 14 amino acids for protein synthesis. The bcaas are in the recommended 2:1:1 ratio with 3 kinds of leucine in the center stage position. Theres l-leucine, leucine nitrate, and leucine peptides, all working to build and preserve your hard earned muscle mass. The recommended dose is one scoop mixed in 8-12 ounces of water or other cold beverage.

daily in fact. With zero calories and lots of amino acids, its goal is to keep your muscles in a state of readiness and repair, so its supporting your best muscle performance, whether its by giving it your everything for those last 2 reps or recovering after the. With just about everybody a fan with C4, cellucor has a lot to live up to with this product. So we took a look to see if it delivers. Cellucor Alpha Amino promises to fuel your inner alpha. Taken during your workout, it replenishes you with hydration and fortification. Post workout, it helps you recover and rebuild quickly, setting you up to succeed at even higher goals the next time. But since it takes more than name recognition to make a great product, lets take a look at the formula.

Overall rating, please choose, i am a new user, i am a returning user. Returning User, email, enter a valid email address, password. New User, first Name, enter your first name, surname. Email, enter a valid email address, thank you for submitting your review. There was a problem submitting your review. Please try again later. You cannot review your own business. Reviews are reviews limited to one per user and you have reviewed this business before. Rob Miller august 29, 2015, product reviewed: Cellucor Alpha Amino 3 out of 5 review by: Rob Miller.

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