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Recruited and managed a matrix team of software development specialists which increased revenue. Program Management Office Principal Consultant for m e-commerce company. Responsible for all project activities (scheduling, resource planning, reporting, tracking and delivery) involving multiple software providers. Prepared reports for executive management. Managed 21 consultants, including forecast and budget. Program Management Office Principal Consultant for quintiles Transnational * Designed, planned, equipped, implemented and staffed Y2K compliance center to align worldwide organization culminating.5m year 2000 program. Managed 17 domestic and international project teams working on Y2K compliance projects for worldwide executive management. Designed, created and maintained Y2K repository for budget tracking, customer correspondences and acquisition integration.

Managed entire project management teams within it departments. developed and generated Request For Proposals for selection of software services providers. Established priorities among all internal/external interdependent projects. coordinated strategic initiatives through cross-project management. reviewed and approved project plans to ensure they met all business requirements. Provided scheduling tool support (resource availability, time estimates, reporting). Provided leadership and guidance to staff members in Product development, Information Technology and Professional Services. measured and reported/presented progress to senior executive management. Monitored and tracked strategic projects to ensure consistency and satisfaction of interface requirements for existing and newly developing systems. Intellicisions, Inc., cary, north property Carolina 1999 to 2000. Director, Project Delivery and pmo, founding member of emerging Consulting Services company responsible for establishing e-business practice.

pmo resume

Pmo, analyst, resume, sample

reviewed and approved project plans and charters to ensure they met all business requirements. Provided scheduling support for resource availability, time estimates and reporting to executive management. Produced and delivered executive level presentations which measured project progress * Provided consulting services to client executives for developing and implementing e-business strategies that would reduce operating costs and improve the operational effectiveness of their businesses utilizing a hosted solution. Performed engagement staffing, project management, customer satisfaction, and contract profitability functions for sold electronic invoicing and payment processing engagements. Sciquest, morrisville, north Carolina 2000 to 2001. Director, Strategic Planning, executed the leadership role for project delivery, which included developing and implementing strategic and tactical tools for delivery of Internet software projects for Fortune 1000 clients within the healthcare sector. Conceptualized and launched a company wide Program Management Office that increased staff productivity by over. Introduced proven pmo methodology inclusive of issues and change management, communication and risk management, project tracking and reporting both pdf internal and external clients * Implemented formal processes used to define, plan and manage projects within it, product development and Global Professional Services.

pmo resume

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Even if youre already a plan certified pmp, this book can act as a useful reference guide. Pmo manager Resume help Check out these related job titles from our vast online database of real-world resume samples). Information technology and consulting services executive who possess a unique blend of technology, sales, management, and entrepreneurial leadership skills with a demonstrated ability to produce exceptional business results in a consulting services, commercial software, or corporate information technology environment. Professional experience, bce emergis - greensboro, north Carolina 2001-Present. Director, Project Management Office/Project Delivery, responsible for developing and implementing tools to increase revenues and utilization by 15 for a broad portfolio of e-business electronic invoicing consulting services targeted at large and mid-market accounts in the financial and healthcare sector. Conceived and implemented formal processes and tools used to manage projects for us integration Services Organization that increased staff productivity by over. Led and directed teams of professional consultants and business analysts that achieved 73 billing utilization and 30 gross profit in spite of a challenging economic climate for professional consulting service providers.

On LinkedIn Project Management Community with more than 345,000 members, this group is an ideal place to network with other project management professionals, share ideas, learn about certification and more. Pmi project, Program and Portfolio management This group was created by the Project Management Institute, and places a particular focus on career advancement for those working in the field of project management. Humor in Project Management If youre looking for something on the lighter side, youll find it here. This group is centered around the sharing of amusing stories from the world of project management. Books pmp exam Prep This in-depth study guide can provide you with nearly everything you need to know to prepare for becoming a certified pmp. Contains sample questions, practice exercises and test-taking tips. A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge as one of the top-selling books on project management, this book by the Project Management Institute is packed with essential information. Includes illustrations, explanations of processes and descriptions of various techniques. Project Management for Dummies As the title suggests, this book is focused on covering the basics of project management.

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pmo resume

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What type of person is successful in this job? A person with a high degree of natural ability to be organized and organize others is a foundational must havebut, as one advances, they should also have influencer or external leadership skills that can help bring together people and teams towards a common goalas. What do you resume find to be the most rewarding about being a pmo manager? The ability to drive impactful change in an organization. As a very results-driven person, its gratifying to be a part of a process that helps bring high-priority projects to completion. Pmo manager Salary, according to data published by the bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for Financial Managers, which includes pmo managers, is 117,990. Pmo managers in the 10th percentile earn 63,020 per year, while those in the 90th percentile earn 163,680 per year.

Pmo managers in New York, new Jersey and Delaware earn the highest salary in the United States, with median annual wages of 165,600, 143,800 and 142,000, respectively. Pmo manager Resources From blogs to linkedIn groups, this list is filled to the brim with great resources for future and current pmo managers. If youd like to continue exploring your career as a pmo manager, keep reading below. On the web pm perspective blog published by United Kingdom based company esi international, this blog explores all aspects of project management. Includes posts on risk mitigation techniques, explanations of fundamental concepts, industry news and more. Pmo advisory this consulting firm offers free e-learning resources, webinars, online certification courses and a monthly newsletter. M Forum This active online forum provides a platform for the discussion of any and all subjects related to project management, including process improvement, new technologies and knowledge management.

A simple task may suddenly go undone. The pmo manager will have to find out why perhaps the person responsible for conducting it does not want to complete it, does not have the skills to do it or doesnt have the bandwidth. The biggest challenge a pmo manager faces in underestimating a timeline. What skills do pmo managers use most? First and foremost, a pmo manager has to be able to problem-solve any challenge with creativity and patience. Additional key skills include critical thinking, organization, attention to detail and the personal drive to see projects completed.

What should someone consider before becoming a pmo manager? The goal of a pmo manager is ultimately to drive forward high priority projects. On the plus side, the pmo can have a real impact within the organization. On the downside, some of the work can be perceived as mundane and it often takes a long time before you see the result of your work. A good question to ask is Am I motivated by the workstreams I would be leading as a pmo analyst? If not, you should choose another career.

Sample, pmo, analyst, resume

Ex-Consultants Agency and a former pmo manager. Heres what he had to say. What are some of the core duties performed by a pmo manager? The key function of pmo managers is to organize work streams that hippie need to be performed in order for a high priority project to be executed successfully — there are numerous tools that can help with this work. What challenges does a pmo manager face? This job requires one to deal with an incredible amount of ambiguity. Executing projects never goes as planned. It can be difficult to estimate how long work streams will take, what challenges will arise and whether the outcomes will be impactful. There are also numerous personnel issues.

pmo resume

Knowledge of the specific industry to which a potential employer belongs. Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, tools of the Trade: pmo managers use a variety of tools to accomplish their goals. If youd like to be a pmo manager, you should have a good understanding of the following: Recent dissertation versions of the microsoft Office software suite. Digital document management systems (dms computer systems, telecommunications systems. Pmo manager q a, if you want to become a pmo manager, it would be a great idea to talk to someone with extensive experience as one. Thats where Atta tarki comes. Tarki is current ceo.

projects and responsibilities with ease and composure. In addition to these broad skills and personal traits, employers are looking for potential pmo managers with the following skills. Core skills: According to our analysis of various online job postings, employers are seeking pmo managers with these core skills. If youd like to begin a career as a pmo manager, focus on the following. Excellent written and verbal communication. Financial acumen, adept at project and change management. High level of organization, great leadership skills, ability to perform under pressure. Advanced skills: While most employers do not strictly require the following skills, we observed that they often prefer them when looking at pmo manager candidates. To broaden your career opportunities, focus on these.

A significant portion of a pmo managers job is the analysis of financial data as it pertains to each project in their control. This includes the proper distribution and allocation of resources, the implementation of budgets and the quantification of monetary risk and impact. In addition to those duties, pmo managers will frequently need to provide budget outlines and financial reports to executives, such as the Chief Financial Officer. Modify Processes, once a project is underway, a pmo managers work is not done. It is their responsibility to make sure that all processes related to a projects completion are carried out in the most efficient and effective manner while simultaneously upholding a given set of standards. To accomplish this, pmo managers will need to improve new and pre-existing processes, continually reevaluate whether each project is meeting the applicable standards and engage in problem solving with other Managers and personnel. Ensure documentation, every step of a projects creation, development and execution needs to be thoroughly documented, and its up to the pmo manager to ensure the accurate completion of such documents. This may involve thank reviewing and aiding in the writing of documents relating to a projects scope, budget resources and justification.

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The primary job of a project Management Office (PMO) Manager is to ensure that their companys standards are upheld and clearly defined throughout the entire process of each projects development and execution. Pmo managers are responsible for overseeing the work of all project management office personnel, and thus must take ownership of the resulting quality of each project. A position as a pmo manager typically involves collaborating with other department Managers, reporting to executive staff and supervising all members of the pmo team. According to findings published by the bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for Financial Managers, which includes pmo managers, will increase 7 small percent. This is expected to result in the opening of 37,700 new jobs through 2024, although it is worth noting that there is a considerable amount of competition for such positions. Pmo manager Duties and Responsibilities, in order to successfully oversee every aspect of the project development process, pmo managers perform a wide variety of tasks. Our analysis of a number of online job postings revealed these essential pmo manager duties and responsibilities. Facilitate Project Planning, before a project can begin, the pmo manager must prioritize tasks, set deadlines and assign staff to various deliverables so that each project can hit the ground running with minimal wasted time and resources.

pmo resume
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  4. First and foremost, a pmo manager has to be able to problem-solve any challenge with creativity and patience. Additional key skills include critical thinking, organization, attention to detail and the personal drive to see projects completed. The prominence of large projects to fall behind schedule makes the job of a pmo analyst critical. My work experience includes: Collecting, understanding, and transmitting the business requirements for the project, and translating these into functional specifications.

  5. A pmo (Project management Office) Analyst oversees projects, improves business, and client relationships. Match your skills for the job with this resume sample. View Director, pmo and Project Delivery - riteSite Executive jobs - resumes - 100,000 to 200,000 Information technology and consulting services executive with extensive experience in software development and consulting services delivery across a different industries and applications. Learn the key pmo functions for a project management office.

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