Single parent struggle argumentative essay

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Why quit a job to go on welfare? Child care is one reason. Next essays Related to a, single, mothers, struggle. To survive, got a writing question? Ask our professional writer! Growing up in a single parent family have been viewed as different. Being raised by only one parent seems impossible to many yet over the decades it has become more prevalent. In todays society many children have grown up to become emotionally stable and successful whether they had one or two parents to show them the rocky path that life bestows upon all human beings.

Growing up in a writing single parent household and battling for child support, i will state some not so obvious facts about what these children are facing as a result of this struggle to survive. One of the problems with receiving welfare is the struggle to move on and get off. Welfare as defined is an insurance designed for families and individuals who by no fault of their own are unable to work and support themselves. This seems like an easy concept; you only need welfare if you can't work. But that's not the case. The requirements to receive welfare are vast and somewhat restrictive, so many mothers who are undeniably poor and in need of assistance, can't qualify because they work and are supposed to be receiving child support. Herein lays the problem. What if the father isn't paying? And what if your job is a minimum wage job, or part-time. Many of the times, these reasons drive mothers to stop working in order to receive welfare benefits. To some this may not make any sense at all.

single parent struggle argumentative essay

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One question that many scholars are having trouble finding just one fix-it answer to is why are the poor getting poorer? This question lays on the minds of business many politicians, educators, social workers, and the poor themselves. How are we going to stop this trend? I've found that through research in one area of distress, this problem seems to have no solution, and the trap keeps getting wider-with very little chance of escape. This area of concern is single mothers. I have looked at just a few areas of aide in a single mothers" life and I will point out some of the reasons why this social class is barely getting. By looking at the statistics of single mothers on welfare and the some barriers that many women are facing along with the battle for child support from the fathers, i will show why this seems like a never-ending problem for our economy.

single parent struggle argumentative essay

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Concluding the essay the section should be devoted towards reinforcing the aim of the piece. This can be achieved by summarizing the arguments and counterarguments made in the discussion. Single parents have the freedom to make all the decisions that are best for the child. However, they are required to make all the decisions regarding housing matters and often they end up discussing what should have been addressed by the other partner with the children. In case of a divorce and the other partner is interested in spending time with their child, they have to get used to moving children from one home to the other. Tips on final revision Ensure the main point in the essay on single parenting is communicated precisely to your audience. It should be introduced and the content of the essay should tie back to the main idea. Use words deliberately to evoke the intended emotions in your reader. Outline sample title: Single parent Essay the introduction hook statement Introduces the reader to the story purpose statement of the story Thesis statement summary of the main highlights in the story body paragraphs Illustrate your ideas so defend the purpose of your work paragraph 1 Paragraph.

It calls for parents to sort the assistance of life coaches and teachers since they are often carried away trying to support the family and barely have time for their families. In essence, single parents are required to maintain a positive attitude and take into account the advantages of being a single parent. This includes the recently established independence and liberty. They are required to maintain a positive perspective of the future. The parents are required to establish rules and put boundaries in place. Ideally, single parents should maintain a positive attitude and consider all the benefits of being a single parent, such as their newfound liberty and independence. They should try and keep an optimistic view about the future. As single parents, it is important that they set rules and boundaries. Many times, single parents allow their children to have too much power.

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single parent struggle argumentative essay

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Before writing the essay on single parenting shall presentation be discussed by evaluating the changes being experienced in the American society as well as their consequences on the face of the American household. This should be followed by introduction of the challenges that have been associated with single parenting. This includes psychological and emotional concerns. Finally, the statistics regarding the trends on single parents should be discussed. How to write body paragraphs, this topic can be addressed in three body paragraphs. Each paragraph should introduce a new topic and ensure that the relevant facts are provided to back the raised arguments.

For instance, the first paragraph should address the differences between a single family household and a usual household. Certainly all circumstances are different, for some the path is selected consciously while for others they are forced by circumstances to bring up the children alone. The next paragraph should cover both the positive and negative aspects of single parenting. The positive aspects include the freedom to make decisions best for your child on your own. However, it is prudent to note that making decisions can be really difficult and often people are inclined to turning to the support and advice of others. The next paragraph should address the reasons why single parenting is a family challenge that requires to be addressed and presents the relevant statistics on the trends in single parenting as well as challenge the children encounter in handling negative stereotypes.

  family/children/m. An essay comprises of a set of ideas that are arranged chronologically in specialized sections. An essay is structured into an introduction, analysis of the arguments, as well as their counterarguments, and the conclusion. The introduction is placed at the beginning of the essay while the conclusion is positioned at the end of the paper. The introduction brings forward the argument to be debated in the essay while the conclusion restates the purpose of the essay and summarizes the main ideas highlighted in the body paragraph. Background information is often placed at the beginning of the piece, in between the introductory paragraph and the analytical section.

It may also be placed at the beginning of a particular section where it is appropriate. Topic actuality, the essay on single parenting will be devoted to addressing the issue as among the essential challenges being encountered in the modern American society. A single parent is defined as a parent who raises one or more children in the absence of the second parent. This definition, however, is subjected to change depending on the local laws. As such, the definition extends to instances where a couple has divorced, one of the parents abandons their child, gets arrested, or passes. Need a custom essay? Order now, how to start an essay about a single parent, this involves introducing your reader to the topic at hand and stating the purpose of the work.

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The role of dream the father in child development. John Wiley sons, 2004. United States Conference of Catholic thank Bishops. Why Children need Married Parents. Why Children need Married Parents. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1 Jan. 2014.

single parent struggle argumentative essay

However, this may not be case in all circumstances, and it would not be helpful for a child to grow up in a family setting with two parents and yet the parents are always arguing. The child will grow to follow the footsteps of administration the parents since that is the way the child has been raised. . Children brought up by a serious single parent and devoted to their emotion and time would benefit more than a child raised by parents who are always fighting and arguing. Most families are not lucky enough to have a healthy family setting and thus the society needs to see this structural difference and take action. The government should also fund programs that support single parents with housing and childcare services. Whether it is a single family setting or a two family setting, all children need to be supported and given the care they deserve. Children become the product of what they are taught from a tender age, they are easily and deeply affected psychologically and emotionally by the amount of compassion and love put into raising them. Whether it is a single parent or two parent structures, the family must insist on moral values and respect when raising their children. Works Cited Lamb, michael.,.

percent of children live with a single parent. This is a daunting statistic, but the society has embraced the reality. Not all single parents have taken the responsibility of protecting and providing for their children and these parents need to think about their failure before deciding abandoning their responsibility. Michael Lamb argues that boys growing up without a father figure have problems in the areas of gender identity development, sex role, psychological adjustment, and school performance (Lamb, 6). . It is important for a boy to have a father figure as he grows, but that does not necessarily imply that the child would not grow to be responsible. A child can have other male role models who can execute the role of a father in a better way. A child can get advice, support or even attention from cousins, uncles, grandfather, among other male role models in his life. . A  child raised by a single parent whether  it  is a father or a mother will in most cases get support from close relatives, or  friends to the mother and this way he  or she will get the support he required. Children raised in a two family setting may have the full attention of the mother and father and get the time and emotional support they need to be successful and progressive in life.

According to the perception of most people in the society, children raised by two parents gain full behavioral sills and emotional support. The us conference of Catholic Bishops argue that children are raised in a two parent setting, are most likely healthier physically and emotionally, they will attend college and are less likely to be sexually or physically abused. In comparison to the single mattress parenting family structure, the children raised from these families are fourteen times most likely to suffer physical abuse. In addition, the bishops argued that the children from single - parent family setting are more likely going to divorce or become single parents like their parents (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1). . These controversial statements that suggest that single parents are poor in raising children or they are totally incapable of supporting their children emotionally. However, this is not true, single parents can work extra jobs to provide for their children, they can still find time in their busy schedule to interact with their children and offer enough emotional support to the children. This may seem impracticable and excruciating, but it can be done by any loving single parent.

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For many years, the resume society has debated about the social and physical development of children raised by both parents and single parents. For some people, single parenting seems impossible yet it has prevailed in the society for many years. In the current society, the single parenting practice has become an alternative parenting practice and the children raised in this type of family setting have grown to be successful and emotionally stable. The problem in the society is not the parenting; it is within the children who are raised by two parents as compared to children raised by a single parent. In addition, the serious question is whether a child needs both a father and a mother, whether a boy needs a father figure, and if there is support for single parents from the government. There has been a lot of speculation about this issue and people need to know that a properly raised child is not determined by the structure of the family, but by the values and process taught to the child as he or she grows. Therefore, children from a single parenting structure can be successful and emotionally stable as compared to those raised by two parents.

single parent struggle argumentative essay
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Growing up in a single parent household and battling for. The single parent is the primary caregiver with whom the children have most residency with.

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