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For many readers, these will be insights theyve never heard before. But the insights are often misguided from the perspective of a careful biblical hermeneutic. Theyre a psychologists fancies, nothing more. In the chapter Tell the truth—or, at least, dont lie, peterson states: Life is suffering. The buddha stated that, explicitly. Christians portray the same sentiment imagistically, with the divine crucifix (p. This is a peterson insight, not a christian insight.

And, given essay Petersons dictum that life is suffering, peterson offers an antidote to much of the fuzzy, warm, nigh-untruthful thinking that so many books purvey in our culture. What does Peterson Get Wrong? Peterson relies divergent heavily on Jungian psychology to underpin many of his thoughts. Some of Petersons conclusions that result from his Jungian influence run directly counter to the Christian faith. For instance, peterson tends to see the western tradition (under which he includes the bible) as the accumulated memory of our species. There is a sort of ongoing consciousness to the world. This is especially apparent in his chapter on rule 2: Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping. He describes the concepts of order and chaos, and how these concepts are given form in the stories of Christianity, hinduism, ancient Egyptian religion, and elsewhere (pp. He mentions how the bible, in Genesis 1, describes order being created out of chaos. He goes on to describe how the serpent represents chaos entering order once again, and how it appears that even God cannot keep a certain amount of chaos from entering things (p. Part of the struggle with Peterson, as is apparent in that description, is that he mentions biblical concepts and"tions and then offers interesting insights about them.

the twelve book review

The Twelve (The passage, 2) by justin Cronin - goodreads

It often took me a long time to ferret out the deception. Sometimes I was using words for appearance. Sometimes I was trying to disguise my own true ignorance of the topic at hand. Sometimes I was using the words of others to avoid the responsibility of thinking for myself. 224 it is rare to run across such a deep meditation on the sensation of lying. But we have all experienced this internal division, havent we? If we could all learn to recognize this bodily sensation, name it, and choose to tell the truth, tree the world would be a better place. Many of Petersons rules offer these kinds of insights—little anecdotes here and there that offer a thoughtful and realistic perspective.

the twelve book review

The Twelve, by justin Cronin - the new York times

He says she looked crestfallen and hurt, but then she understood, and it was all right (pp. Peterson uses this as a launching point to explain how the truth is always better than lying, shakespeare because words have meaning, and words manipulate reality. Eventually, lies twist and distort others and ourselves. He explains, scientifically, the neurological effects of hiding yourself, concealing yourself, and lying to yourself (p. There is something about lying that you can feel in your gut: If you pay attention to what you do and say, you can learn to feel a state of internal division and weakness when you are misbehaving and misspeaking. Its an embodied sensation, not a thought. I experience an internal sensation of sinking and division, rather than solidity and strength, when i am incautious with my acts and words. It seems to be centered in my solar plexus, where a large knot of nervous tissue resides. I learned to recognize when I was lying, in fact, by noticing this sinking and division, and then inferring the presence of a lie.

Peterson often"s the bible, and as a psychologist, he often goes deeper from an emotional perspective than many people are capable of going. Perhaps the best example of Petersons ability to meditate on a particular truth is rule 8: Tell the truth—or, at least, dont lie. Peterson begins the chapter by describing an experience he had as a student at McGill University in Canada. His class was touring a mental hospital, and a schizophrenic patient asked to join their group. Peterson thought about telling her that their class could only accept eight people (a lie). He thought about telling her they were just getting ready to leave (a lie). Instead, he told her that they were new psychology students touring the facility, and therefore she couldnt join the group. He made clear the difference between his class and her without being overly critical.

Book review: The Twelve by justin Cronin - the boston Globe

the twelve book review

Justin Cronin s The Twelve : Bloodless sequel to best-selling

Millennials have yourself often been lambasted for being entitled. They expected life to be rosy. Many have figured out by now that its not. They have college debt. Theyre living at home.

They cant find a job. Life seems pretty terrible. Here are 12 Rules for Life. What does Peterson Get Right? Peterson has discovered some hard truths we learn from general revelation, and hes dwelled on these truths for years. There are some tremendous insights that come out of such study. Hes also experienced a fair analysis amount of suffering himself, such as in the chronic illness of his daughter (p.

For example, rule 11 is do not bother children when they are skateboarding. The chapter draws you in because, first, you want to know what the title actually means, and second, peterson gets to life application quickly. The chapter begins with Peterson talking about skateboarding children. But soon after, he describes the fact that life is risky. Risk cannot be eliminated, and the goal of life isnt simply to minimize risk, its to optimize it (p.

The chapter connects our cultures obsession with minimizing risk to a great danger—that of taking our obsession too far and destroying ourselves. By the end of the chapter, peterson has run the gamut discussing such topics as danger, risk, resentment, sigmund Freud, carl Jung, Friedrich nietzsche, karl Marx, Aldous Huxley, misanthropy, the soviet Union, marriage, patriarchy, identity politics, disney, and growing. He then repeats the title of the chapter at the end: do not bother children when they are skateboarding. You get the impression that youve been on a wild intellectual ride only to end where you began. In this chapter and in others, peterson tends to back up what hes saying at key points with hard science, personal stories, and examples from history. It gives you the feeling that Peterson is saying, This is reality; deal with. You feel like hes cutting through all of the noise and getting to the way things are, whether theyre encouraging or not. This is why peterson appeals to people—especially young people.

Book review: The Twelve by justin Cronin - the book smugglers

The reader is show how he, too, can be extraordinary through the power of God. Twelve, extraordinary women is a worthy successor. This book is both informative and inspiring. It will lead the reader to understand what each of these twelve add women surely knew, that God was the truly extraordinary one, as he conformed such ordinary women to the likeness of their savior. I highly recommend this book for both personal and group study. What does he talk About? The book revolves around twelve rules, which are the twelve chapters of his book. Each rule, like the book s title, is tongue-in-cheek.

the twelve book review

never relegated to a secondary status and, unlike so many other religions, are never degraded and considered less important than men. From the beginning of the new Testament era to the close of the canon of Scripture we see god granting extraordinary privilege to women. There are countless women in the bible who stand as examples of faithfulness, integrity, hospitality and every other admirable virtue. The faithfulness of these women is their true, lasting legacy. I hope as you meet them in Scripture and get to know more about their lives and characters, they will challenge you, motivate you, encourage you, and inspire you with love for the god whom they trusted and served. May your heart be set ablaze with the very same faith, may your life be characterized by a similar faithfulness, and may your soul be overwhelmed with love for the extraordinary god they worshiped. Each of the subsequent eleven chapters is a study of a particular woman, with MacArthur shining light on the Scriptural accounts of each subject. Each chapter is practical, showing how the virtues exemplified in the lives of the women can be applied to the life of the reader.

Twelve, ordinary men, it is ideally suited for personal or group study, and is intensely practical. The women MacArthur chose as subjects for this book are: eve, sarah, rahab, ruth, hannah, mary, anna, the samaritan Woman, martha and Mary, mary magdalene and Lydia. My prayer for you is that as you read this book you will share their faith, imitate their faithfulness, and learn to love the savior review whose work in their lives made them truly extraordinary. Your life can be extraordinary, too, by his wonderful grace. The format of the book will be familiar to those who have read. MacArthur spends a chapter discussing each of the women (though Martha and Mary share a single chapter) and shows that what made each of these women extraordinary was nothing they brought to god, but the work of the savior in their lives. Each of them had a deep reverence towards God and trusted His promises, whether they looked forward to a time when the savior would come, or whether they looked back at his death and resurrection.

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Twelve, ordinary men, john MacArthurs book on the apostles, was a surprise hit. After the book stayed on the bestseller lists for over a year, Thomas Nelson suggested publishing a second volume, this one dealing with some of the best-known women of the bible. MacArthur accepted the challenge and drew up a long list of possible subjects. I oliver admit that I chose the twelve women featured here by a completely unscientific process: I weighed their relative importance in biblical history alongside the amount of material I had already developed on each of them as I have taught through various passages of Scripture. Then I chose the twelve women who were most familiar. Twelve, extraordinary women is not exactly a sequel to macArthurs. Twelve, ordinary men, yet it bears many similarities. Like its predecessor (and unlike the majority of MacArthurs books Twelve, extraordinary women is not primarily expository. Instead, it is a series of brief character studies.

the twelve book review
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