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By stepan Grigoryan, head, Analytical Centre for Globalisation and Regional cooperation, Armenia. The statement from the President of Armenia in September 2013 sounded like a bolt from the blue. He would not sign the Association Agreement with the european Union at the planned november Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius, he said. Instead, Armenia would be joining the russian led Eurasian Economic Union (eaeu). This signified Armenia's departure from a multi-vector foreign policy. Read more, kurdish referendum has wide regional implications. The 25 September referendum in the kurdish region may not lead to kurdish independence any time soon, but neighbouring countries are apprehensive. On September 25, 2017 the long-anticipated independence referendum took place in the region administered by the kurdistan Regional government (krg and other mainly kurdish populated disputed areas of Iraq.

The expert community put forward several clues on potential reasons for such a decision. The most discussed option was the very possible deterioration of with the economic situation in azerbaijan in the second half of the year, which theoretically may complicate the re-election of Aliyev. Read more, raising Tensions Around Iran: Should Armenia be concerned? In recent months Iran has been facing both internal and external challenges. The wave of demonstrations shook up the Islamic Republic in late december early january. The expert community still has contradicting views for the main reasons of the protest movement: internal struggle between conservatives and reformists, outside meddling with main arrows targeting the us, israel and saudi Arabia as potential sponsors, spontaneous movement based on economic hardships and rampant corruption. Read more, the turkmenistan-pakistan strategic partnership gathers momentum: as the great 'gas game' in Eurasia comes closer to a final realization. By mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan, egf associated Expert on south Asian geopolitics, The view from Lahore, pakistan, turkmenistan and pakistan traditionally enjoy close, cordial relations marked by trust and understanding. Bilateral collaboration is growing steadily in a number of sectors. Indeed, on January 15-16, 2018 one of Turkmenistan's most prominent political figures, rashid Meredov, conducted an official visit to pakistan. Read more, armenias U-turn back to multi-vector foreign policy.

weakness in resume for freshers

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The soviet Union had essay some footholds such as Egypt during Nasser's rule, as well as Syria and parts of Yemen. Read more, the rationale behind Armenia-georgia strategic Partnership. Since gaining independence in 1991 Armenia georgia relations have been characterized as friendly and mutually beneficial. Georgia is one of only two routes connecting Armenia to the world and Armenia serves as a land bridge for georgia to Iran. The mainly positive historical memories also play a role in fomenting friendly images within both societies. yet, there is a lack of clear articulation of the strategic rationale behind those bilateral relations. Read more, armenia and azerbaijan will both finalise important political transitions before the end of April. The convergence in the timing of key political processes in Armenia and azerbaijan has heightened interest in Armenia regarding azerbaijan's domestic developments. The azerbaijani President decision to move presidential elections from October to April 2018 caught many in Armenia by surprise.

weakness in resume for freshers

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Georgia plays a key role in Armenian foreign policy. Given the absence of relations with azerbaijan and Turkey georgia is one of only two gateways for Armenia to connect with the world. Approximately 70 percent of Armenian foreign trade passes through georgia. The country is the only channel for Armenian business to reach both Russia - a critical market for Armenian exports, and Europe - another key spot for Armenian business especially after 2017 november signature of Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement with the. Read more, turkey and Russia aspire to replace a century of Western domination of the middle east. An "Eurasianist" ideology is helping to consolidate a russia - turkey strategic alliance, as a viable tool to achieve long term strategic interests in the middle east and beyond. The security architecture of the middle east is in the midst of a tremendous transformation. Since the end of the first World War the region has been under Western domination of some form or another. In 1920s and 1930s it was wrapped within the mandate system imposed by the league of Nations, and since the end of the second World War the us has been the regional kingmaker.

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weakness in resume for freshers

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Last week world attention was focused on human two key international summits - the G7 in Canada and the Shanghai cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting in China. The first was a gathering of advanced economies, with established democratic institutions and traditions, the second a summit of the "rising others including two giants - china and India - as well as Russia, desperately vying for a seat at the table of global powers. Read more, the limits of Changing Armenian Foreign Policy after the velvet revolution. The April may 2018 Velvet revolution in Armenia caught many by surprise. A few, if any, domestic or foreign experts anticipated such a quick removal from power of the long-term leader Serzh Sargsyan and the republican Party.

Many questions regarding the factors which facilitated the revolution remained unanswered. However, protest leader nikol Pashinyan has been elected Prime minister on may 8, and he will hold that position at least until the snap Parliamentary elections, either in november 2018 or in spring 2019. Read more, pashinyan's timely visit to georgia, by benyamin Poghosyan, Phd, executive director, political Science Association of Armenia. Armenian-georgian relations are friendly, regardless of some tensions under book the surface. During his visit to georgia, prime-minister nikol Pashinyan should focus on pragmatic issues related to transport corridors.

Tips for designing an effective curriculum-vitae. Curriculum-Vitae (C.V for short) is a brief account of your personal details, educational and professional qualifications and the jobs you have held. T is a british expression. The American term for the same is Resume. Turkey's Post Elections Policy in the south caucasus. By benyamin Poghosyan, Phd, executive director, political Science Association of Armenia.

Turkey's strategic alliance with azerbaijan, trilateral co-operation including georgia and its efforts to transform itself into a regional energy hub will continue to be the main features of the Erdogan government policy in the south caucasus. was a big day for Turkish domestic politics. Turkey elected both the President and the parliament. Given the sweeping constitutional changes approved in the April 2017 referendum, the new President has become an almighty figure in Turkey. Despite various assessments envisaging hard times for the incumbent Turkish President, Erdogan managed to win the race without entering into a possibly dangerous run-off. Read more, is this the end for the post-Cold War world order? The G7 and Shanghai co-operation Organisation summits last week highlighted the decline of western dominated post-cold war order, and a growing role for regional powers in their respective zones of influence.

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Pre-requisites for business Success in your Career, there are some fundamental pre-requisites for success in your career, irrespective of the choices you have arrived. These need to be understood well. Career Preparation And Planning - preparation and Planning will enable and enpower you to take right decisions, without fear and shall remove the state of uncertainty. A well prepared student can understand the options and choices available and how to turn the odds in his/ her favor. Career Preparation And Planning - good Education - education is critical and good education will be your permanent asset in life. There is no substitute for this and its importance cannot be over stated. Perfecting the Art of Group Discussions. The management institutes and Companies organize group Discussions for the purpose admissions and recruitments of freshers.

weakness in resume for freshers

G) If you have passion and 'fire in the belly" to clear ssb, you are a sure- shot winner provided you follow my advice. Author : Col Ashokan k is One of the Promoters. He is a trainer and. Facilitator m com, dip Adv wks Study, ex Member Services Selection board. (Trained at Defence Institute of Psychological Research, drdo in Psychology with special focus on Competency based evaluation through Group Dynamics) Held numerous training and motivational programmes on leadership and team building for over 20 years. Career articles, career Preparation And Planning - self Analysis - the preparation starts with self-analysis. While the opinion of your business parents, teachers, friends and other social groups should stay at the back of your mind; it should not be the sole/dominant factor.

sms language. Thus improve your Creative writing. See movies with English sub titles to get familiar with the language. V) Improve gk and Current Affairs through tv, internet, and reading. E)If you devote 3 months into this process of learning, you are ready to undergo leadership Training. F) you may join Olive greens Institute in Chandigarh, for your leadership and grooming training for a 2 weeks capsule in which i am a director and Trainer,.(GTO).Visit our site, and view our training movies, especially "Sahasam Vijaye recently shot and uploaded. Olive greens is a premier Institute having top success rate in India because of its expert former ssb qualified faculty and state-of-the-Art ssb infrastructure and ditto gto testing Ground.

You need to ensure that your mental age is compatible with your physical age. Please remember - mental age is directly proportional to your general awareness. D) Hence what you need to do immediately? I) Start reading English News papers and good magazines like india today, frontline etc regularly. Read the editorial pages seriously. Indian Express is a highly readable paper. Ii) Simultaneously, enhance your English vocabulary. Whenever you come across any new words, take a pause and learn the word with meaning, thank using a pocket Dictionary or Thesaurus in Mobile. Keep a target of minimum 25 new words a day.

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Tips to crack ssb for Armed Forces Aspirants. I want to give you all few valuable tips if you all, are passionate about wearing Uniform and clearing ssb: a) The selection is absolutely based on your leadership qualities. (OLQs).Hence, you must not resort to traditional coaching for ssb. What you require is proper training to hone your qualities as a leader and understand your strengths and weaknesses. You have to showcase your personality at the required level during ssb interview. What you require is genuine leadership training with an orientation towards ssb. B) you all must realise that the foundation to personality is made by two ingredients: General Awareness and sound Communication skill. If the foundation is shallow the building is going to be shaky and will develop cracks. C) trunk At ssb we will observe and assess your exhibited performance.

weakness in resume for freshers
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A trip which eventually took me through 20 states and over a dozen national parks. affect the biology lab report on enzymes predictions.

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