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Also included are a series of flow charts, check lists, and worksheets to help detail finances, key personal contacts, important documents, medical directive choices, and key items for the patient to emphasize, which will enhance quality of life and add joy to the days that. From the foreword to the book. In the chapters that follow, john describes the emotions that arise in individuals faced with life-threatening illness and outlines a cogent, detailed strategy for effective living with a potentially terminal illness. More than a "how to cope" book, it provides sound specific advice for dealing with doctors and other caregivers, family members and friends, and legal advisors. It offers a useful detailed outline of what plans to make in advance to ensure the emotional and economic well being of family survivors and tells how to stipulate to caregivers the wishes of the individual in providing terminal care. Professor and Associate Chairman, department of Internal Medicine, division of Hematology/Oncology; and, director, tumor Immunology Program, University of Michigan Cancer Center, from the Prefaces to the book. John's workbook offers an excellent method of regaining a feeling of control.

But today i discovered and read your review of Sagan's book, the demon-haunted World, and I just had paragraph to write and let you know that I think your review is accurate and very well-written. I am about two-thirds of the way through the book now and i agree with everything you said. I have been the most surprized by the amount of criticism Sagan levels at religion. He is usually careful not to offend the religious too much, but in this book he writes some scathing observations on various aspects of religion through the ages. At this point (I have just finished reading chapter 16 the only criticisms of the book i would make are that I don't like the way sagan refers to nature as Nature (too new-Agey for me) and I think he is far too kind. I prefer the randi approach myself - blunt and direct. In closing, thanks for the outstanding web page - a candle in the dark. Confronting life-threatening illness, confronting life-threatening illness by john. Whitacre, based on a survivor's Experience. Return edited 4/18/14, confronting Life-Threatening Illness is meant for the patient and family. It includes tips on: what to expect emotionally; how to deal with the medical community; how to handle pain; descriptions of legal documents that may be needed and appropriate; tips for family crisis management; tips on selecting help; and methods to enhance the quality.

emotional pain essay

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His criticisms of typical science instruction in America and the paucity of science writers for popular markets are right on target and worth studied perusal by science educators. It is easy to recommend a book so reflective of one's own views, especially views which are skeptical of belief in God and an afterlife. It is even easier to recommend a book which, even though it covers topics and ideas the reader has gone over a thousand times, does so in a style which makes them seem fresh, is rarely dull, and quite frequently stimulates the reader to want. July 10, 1996 postscript: Carl Sagan died on December 20, 1996, and it now seems interests apparent that. A candle in the dark was meant to be his epitaph. Nothing could be more fitting, for if anyone has been light in these dark Ages, it was. But he was more like one. Velikovsky's comets, showering the earth with gifts as he passed through., i have visited your page several times in the past 6 months, especially the skeptic's dictionary - it's great!

emotional pain essay

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The more blunt and vulgar among us refer to the need for a crap detector; Sagan provides instruction for building one's "baloney detection kit." he covers several common fallacies and ways to avoid them. He emphasizes the need for skepticism in critical thinking and the necessity for verification and corroboration of claims before accepting them. And he returns again and again to the role of the mass media in forming our characters and opinions. He is especially concerned with the fact that more and more mass media operations are coming into the possession of fewer and fewer individuals or groups. The potential for abuse of power is obvious but, as Orwell said, we have to keep pointing out the obvious. Sagan is hopeful that the internet will be an antidote for this concentration of control over write information. Another favorite theme of Sagan's is the need for scientists to be communicators, to use the media and the classroom to explain to the masses the truths and beauties of science, instilling in them the sense of wonder which drives people like himself.

Blunt and direct methods may be called for if the goal is not to persuade someone to give up astrology, crystals or tarot cards, but rather is to try to prevent someone in the future from seriously considering such things as reasonable guides to life. I agree that it is unconstructive to be dogmatic, to call other people 'morons' or their ideas 'stupid.' i also agree that compassion is the appropriate response for people who have been duped by deluded therapists into believing incredible and harmful things. But I don't think it is the appropriate response to the therapists. We should go after them, and go after them aggressively with the bluntest instruments our language can muster. Likewise for the purveyors of pseudoscientific and New Age rubbish. Ron Hubbards, helen Schucmans, Aleister Crowleys, john Macks, budd Hopkins and Wade quattlebaums of the world I say show no mercy! Although some skeptics may take issue with Sagan's genteel style and grandpaternal tone, none of us will find fault with his skilful and recurring emphasis on critical thinking.

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emotional pain essay

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Them-the sense that we have a monopoly on the truth; that those other people who believe in all these stupid doctrines are morons; that if you're sensible, you'll listen to us; and if not, you're beyond redemption. Whereas a compassionate approach that from the beginning acknowledges the human roots of pseudoscience and superstition might be much more personal widely accepted. If we understand this, then of course we feel the uncertainty and pain of the abductees, or those who dare not leave home without consulting their ch compassion for kindred spirits in a common quest also works to make science and the scientific method less. Many pseudoscientific and New Age belief systems emerge out of dissatisfaction with conventional values and perspectives-and are therefore themselves a kind of skepticism. I can't deny that there is a strong appeal in this call for compassion, for seeing the occultists of the world as after the same thing skeptics are after, and for recognizing the skepticism in those who adhere to pseudoscientific or New Age spiritual notions. If the goal were to try to get the true believer to give up his or her beliefs, then I would agree that an aggressive campaign which arrogantly maintains that it is better to live according to evidence than according to wishes might not. But, the aggressive, blunt, seemingly arrogant approach might be best if the goal is not to convert true believers to skepticism but to provide ideas which will counterbalance the plethora of occult, pseudoscientific, supernatural and paranormal notions which pervade just about any atmosphere in America.

These aggressive methods may be the best ones if the goal is not to help persons who have been encouraged by therapists to think they've been experimented on by aliens, but rather to deter present and future therapists from encouraging patients to accept such beliefs. Such methods can evoke false memories of terrible things which probably never occurred. There is little to be gained, i think, in being compassionate with therapists who have no regard for truth and who encourage their patients to remember childhood abuses regardless of whether the abuses happened or not. Therapists who care for the truth are more likely to get aroused and make some effort to halt the abuses of their colleagues if we make a loud enough noise. And perhaps a future patient of one of these abusive therapists will have heard our angry voices and remember what we've said and question the therapist's methods.

This causes the stronger muscles which have remained strong to pull the body away from its optimal anatomical form. The imbalanced muscles cause people to continue to perform these repetitive actions. This results in misplaced force application within the spine, often resulting in hemorrhage of disks within the spinal column. Alternative healing index, self awareness files, alphabetical index. Crystalinks home page, psychic reading with ellie 2012 the alchemy of time.

The demon-haunted World - science as a candle in the dark by, carl Sagan (New York: Random house, 1995 the demon-haunted World is a collection of twenty-five essays, several written with Sagan's wife, ann Druyan. The essays range in scope from eloquent paeans to science to impassioned denunciations of bigotry, from humorous accounts of a variety of pseudoscientific endeavors to serious attempts to understand the nature of alien abduction delusions. With intelligence and wit, and the rational calmness that is his trademark, sagan takes on a wide variety of topics, among them: alien abductions, astrology, atlantis, the. Bell Curve, channeling, crop circles, demons, electromagnetism, esp, the face on Mars, fairies, faith healing, magic, miracles, prayer, religion, roswell, satanic rituals, therapy, and, of course, one of his favorite topics, ufos and extraterrestrials. Only velikovsky gets ignored this time around. Through each of his essays he extols the virtues of skepticism, empirical evidence and control studies, while uncovering a multitude of errors and weaknesses in the positions of occultists, paranormalists, supernaturalists and pseudoscientists. And he does so with extreme grace, gentility and civility. In fact, if there is anything I disagree with in Sagan's book it is probably his encouragement of skeptics to be as civil as he is in dealing with what skeptics see as the dark that extinguishes the candle. The chief deficiency i see in the skeptical movement is in its polarization:.

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Back injuries result from damage, wear, or trauma to the bones, muscles, or other tissues of the back. Common back injuries include sprains and strains, herniated disks, and fractured vertebrae. The lumbar is wallpaper often the site of back pain. The area is susceptible because of its flexibility and the amount of body weight it regularly bears. It is estimated that low-back pain may affect as much as 50 to 70 percent of the general population in the United States. Low-back pain is often the result of incorrect lifting methods and posture. Repetitive lifting, bending, and twisting motions of the torso affect both the degree of severity and frequency of low-back pain. In addition, low-back pain may also be the result of bad lifting habits. Sedentary lifestyles most often lead to weak abdominal muscles and hamstrings.

emotional pain essay

It may be a dull ache, or a sharp or piercing or burning sensation. The pain may radiate into the arm and hand in the upper back, or in the low back, (and might radiate into the leg or foot and may include symptoms other than pain, such as weakness, numbness or tingling. Back pain is one of humanity's most frequent complaints. S., acute low back pain (also called lumbago) is the fifth most common reason for physician visits. About nine out of ten watership adults experience back pain at some point in their life, and five out of ten working adults have back pain every year. The spine is a complex interconnecting network of nerves, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, and all are capable of producing pain. Large nerves that originate in the spine and go to the legs and arms can make pain radiate to the extremities.

which at the very worse immobilizes them. These is often associated with fear and depression. This also goes to physical weight. Stress management can help. Finding the cause of pain on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual, is the way. You can't move forward until you stop looking 'back'. Back pain and Injuries, back pain (also known as dorsalgia) is pain felt in the back that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine. The pain can often be divided into neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain or tailbone pain. It may have a sudden onset or can be a chronic pain; it can be constant or intermittent, stay in one place or radiate to other areas.

Also popular are self-help methods such as stretching, or alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chakra balancing, yoga, pain management are often effective. Back injuries can be short term from lifting something the mattress wrong way, sleeping on a bad mattress - or they can be permanent, as the result of genetic disorders and injuries. In the short term, something as simple as a pain killer such as Aleve, will work. Back injuries often become arthritic so do be carefully when inflicting pain on yourself to get our of doing something you don't want. Painful back injuries affect everything as all is connected up through the back, neck and head areas. As we get older - discs deteriorate along with the cartilage between them. As you are sitting there now, take a deep breath, relax, and focus on your back. How does it feel?

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Back Injuries and pain Back Injuries and pain. Do you suffer from back problems? Most people have back problems at some point in their lives, sending them on a healing journey - the metaphor here being Life is Burden. Back pain can wallpaper affect everything you. Back problems go to muscles, nerves, bones, joints, discs and cartilage - up and down the body. The quest for relief, and possible cure - is endless - from medical professionals to holistic practitioners. Chiropractic medicine mixed with other holistic venues can have a positive and then again - a negative effect. Sacroiliac joint, back Problems, studies have found that 20 to 25 of all chronic lower back pain comes not from the spine but from the sacroliac, or si joint, which bears and transfers weight and movement from your upper body to your legs. When the ligaments wear out and the si joint becomes unstable, it can generate a similar kind of sharp back pain - or sciatica-like pain down your leg - as a ruptured disc.

emotional pain essay
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  1. Use the tips, tools and resources on this page to guide you toward the life you want to lead, despite the pain. Emotional, health toggle menu. Finding the cause of pain on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual, is the way. In the United States, twenty million children are experiencing physical, verbal and emotional abuse from parents who are addicted to alcohol.

  2. Esl forums Preparation for and help with the toefl test and essay samples collection. However, medication brings side effects such as stomach pain, heartburn, depress the central nervous system and can cause sedation. Living with chronic pain can cloud the mind and spirit.

  3. Mysteries and Science for Kids. A skeptic s Halloween. The demon-haunted World - science as a candle in the dark by carl Sagan (New York: Random house, 1995). Carl sagan s essay.

  4. Pain is usually, but not always, associated with tissue injury. For meursault, some of these activities included helping to subject another person to emotional pain. World Literature the Stranger and The myth of Sisyphus buy essay. I could then share it with my friend and help him heal with his physical and emotional pain.

  5. It offers a useful detailed outline of what plans to make in advance to ensure the emotional and economic well being of family survivors and tells how to stipulate. Digital journal today announced the winners of its global Photo. With submissions from Nigeria to vancouver, australia to michigan, digital journalists captured stunning portraits of life in all corners of the world. It is clear from this definition that pain involves the physical and emotional self.

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