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Construction of Metric for the overall Exhibition Industry The metric for the overall exhibition industry, such as nsf, is a geometric weighted average of all 14 sectors. The weights are the distribution of events as shown in Table 1, for example,.1 for Professional Business Services. The total index for the overall exhibition industry is a geometric average of the four component indexes. Forecasting of Metrics geca and Inforum (an economic research center associated with the University of Maryland) jointly developed econometric models for each metric in each sector. Common explanatory variables (macroeconomic drivers) for Exhibitors, Attendees and nsf are sector-related output, consumption expenditures and employment. In addition, total personal consumption, investment and gdp may be included. While supply and demand of exhibition space play some roles, real revenues are mainly determined by nsf and Attendees. Inforum provides the forecast for those macroeconomic drivers to generate forecasts for each metric.

Ceir reports both index values and metric levels such as attendees in thousands. The base year is set at the essay census year 2009. Thus, the index value for each metric in 2009 equals 100. Geca uses percent changes of sample events to generate index values for. Similarly, geca uses percent changes of sample events to generate metric levels for. Construction of Total Index for Each Sector For each year, the four component index values nsf, exhibitors, Attendees and real revenues are calculated independently from each other. A geometric weighted average is used to calculate the fifth ceir index value called Total, which is intended to reflect the overall performance of each sector. There is no theoretically correct weight for each component it all depends on the purpose for which the index is used. Since there are diverse interests among users, paper ceir decided to apply an equal weight (0.25) for each metric. Using a geometric average reduces undue influence from a dramatic change in any particular metric.

index reports

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More than 90 percent of the events surveyed were held on an annual basis. For events that were held biennially, geca interpolated the data for the in-between year. For example, if an event reported nsf of 7,000 in 2005 and 9,000 in 2007, geca estimated nsf of 8,0This enabled biennial homework events to be included in the ceir index Report. Any event held less often than biennially was not included. To detect potential data reporting errors, geca computed four analytical indicators nsf per exhibitor, attendees per exhibitor, revenue per nsf, and revenue per exhibitor. A follow-up inquiry was made if there was a dramatic change in any indicator. Next, for each metric in each sector, geca computed the sum of each metric across all sample events in each sector that has a pair of numbers (the same metric for the same event in two consecutive years) for each year and then calculated. For revenue, geca uses the consumer price index (CPI) to adjust for inflation and generate real revenue before computing the percent change of revenue metric.

index reports

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The data comprised the following six key pieces of information: event Date event Location (City, state) Total nsf of Exhibit Space total Exhibiting Companies Total Professional Attendance total revenue completed surveys were returned to veris Consulting and each event was placed in a sector based. The data then was entered into a database and reviewed for completeness, data quality and reasonableness. The data was also reviewed in the aggregate to ensure that each sector had a statistically sufficient amount of samples. To ensure a sufficient amount of sample data, exhibition organizers are encouraged to participate in the sample submission (see http www. Construction of Sample data for Each Metric in Each Sector Global Economic Consulting Associates, Inc. (geca an independent economic consulting firm, is responsible for the construction of the ceir index Report. The building blocks for the ceir index Report are the percent change numbers (year-overyear) in each of the four metrics for an individual event. To avoid sampling bias, only events that have data points in consecutive years can be included.

Those exhibitions fail to meet the selection criteria. The remaining 3,500 events were businessto-consumer shows. Based on the similarity of underlying macroeconomic factors (such as consumer expenditures or investment) and the size of grouping, the universe of about 9,000 business-to-business exhibitions was divided into 14 industry sectors. The number and distribution of exhibitions are broken out in the table below: Industry sector of events of Total. Bz, professional Business Services 893.0, cG, consumer goods and Retail Trade 649.2, cS, discretionary consumer goods and Services 472.3,. Education 672.5, fD, food 278.1, fN, financial, legal and real Estate 658.3, gV, government 352.9. Hm, building, construction, home and Repair 386.3 id industrial/heavy machinery and Finished Business Outputs 435.8 it communications and Information Technology 784.8 md medical and health Care 1,549.3 rm raw Materials and Science 930.4 st sporting goods, Travel and Amusement 491. Veris Consulting was able to collect data for the majority of the events held in the past eleven years.

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index reports

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Professional Attendance, number of Exhibiting Companies, total event Gross revenue. The results showing the performance in these four metrics were calculated from data provided from more than 600 events, which were divided into 14 industry sectors. The data were then aggregated by sector. The year-over-year changes were then translated into actual levels as well as an index value, using a base value of 100 in the base year of 2009. The 2015 ceir index Report displays and analyzes data from 20provides a forecast for 2015 to 2017. Methodology, the ceir index Report is designed to be representative of the entire universe.

As mentioned previously, exhibitions are defined as any event with at least 3,000 nsf of exhibit space and 10 or more exhibiting companies. Census - universe of Exhibitions, the censuses conducted in 20 provide the basis for the universe of the exhibition industry. The latest book census, conducted during 2010, is for exhibitions that took place in 2009. It catalogued about 13,000 events, of which approximately 9,000 were businessto-business exhibitions, comprising (in round numbers nsf 500 million. Attendees 61 million, exhibitors.0 million, revenues.0 billion. There were about 500 small business-to-business exhibitions with less than 3,000 nsf of exhibit space or less than 10 exhibiting companies.

Uk competitiveness Index, reports can be downloaded for free within our. World Knowledge competitiveness Index, the european Competitiveness Index, the world Knowledge competitiveness Index is an integrated and overall benchmark of the knowledge capacity, capability and sustainability. The european Competitiveness Index measures, compares and examines the competitiveness of Europes regions and nations. The uk competitiveness Index. The uk competitiveness Index has been designed as an integrated measure of competitiveness focusing on both the development and sustainability of businesses.

The Energy Architecture performance Index (eapi developed by the world Economic Forum, aims to provide an additional set of data to help leaders benchmark the current performance of national energy systems, and inform decision-making in the context of the changes under way in the global. You are now leaving m, you are now leaving m to access a third party website. The link to the third party website has been provided for information purposes only and inclusion of this link does not imply any endorsement or approval from ftse russell. Ftse russell shall not be responsible for the accuracy, lawfulness or content of any third party website or of subsequent links and does not make any representation whatsoever about the content of any third party website. Ftse russell does not accept any liability, of any kind, to any person arising as a result of any loss or damage or indirectly from the use of any content on such third party website or subsequent links. The ceir index Report was developed to provide an objective measure of the annual performance of the exhibition industry. The ceir index Report measures year-over-year changes in four key metrics: Net Square feet of Exhibit Space sold.

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Your site's index status and its using google search results. Sometimes the data we show in Index Status is not fully reflected in google search results. In some cases, google may apply filters while building search results, and these filters can affect which results are shown in search. Filters include removal of pages due to legal reasons or by webmaster request, results from websites that we think are currently unavailable, and results removed due to manual spam action. Since these filters are usually applied due to temporary urgent issues, or are requested by mistake, google may in some cases retain the pages in our index for a period of time to help websites recover quickly after the issue is fixed (for example, after. Was this article helpful? How can we improve it? Home » Competitiveness Reports, the competitiveness index report series consists of the: World Knowledge competitiveness Index, european Competitiveness Index.

index reports

Check into sudden drops. If you see a sudden drop in the number of indexed pages, it might mean that your server is down or overloaded, or that google is having trouble accessing your content. Make note of unusually high index volume for your site. . A high number of urls could mean that your site has problems with canonicalization, duplicate content, or automatically generated pages, or that it has been hacked. In many cases, google will send you a message when we detect problems with your site, so make sure to set your notification preferences. Spikes or dips that appear in several charts can indicate problems with site configuration, redirects, or security.

This number changes over time as you add and remove pages. The number of indexed urls is almost always significantly smaller than the number of crawled urls, because. Total indexed excludes urls identified as duplicates, pdf non-canonical, or those that contain a meta noindex tag. Urls blocked by robots. Txt, the total number of urls disallowed from crawling by your robots. If your site is very big, you might want to hide other data so that the graph is scaled to a readable range. Urls removed, the number of urls you have removed with the url removal tool. Again, this value should be quite low in comparison to the other urls in this report, so it's easier to view this selection by itself rather than in comparison with other urls.

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The, index, status report provides data about the urls that google tried to index in the current property for plan the the past year. More information about how google crawls and indexes the web. Open the Index Status report, what's in the Index Status report. The basic view of the data shows only the total indexed value. The advanced view shows additional data. Total indexed urls in your site. Shows the total urls available to appear in search results, along with other urls google might discover by other means.

index reports
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  2. The Energy Architecture performance. Index (eapi developed by the world Economic Forum, aims to provide an additional set of data to help leaders. Archived Consumer Price Index Detailed Reports. Important the june 2017 version of the cpi detailed Report, published in July 2017, was the final).

  3. Ceir reports both index values and metric levels such as attendees in thousands. The base year is set at the census year 2009. The competitiveness index report series consists of the. Again, this value should be quite low in comparison to the other urls in this report, so it's easier to view this selection by itself rather than.

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  5. Index a necessary ingredient to innovation. Publications: Rule of Law. Rule of Law, index, reports.

  6. A series of index reports specific to the Asia pacific Region, including monthly index reports across country and regional indexes, and index review. Access the latest report, hdi rankings, data, publication library and. Access more than 1000 global, regional and national reports and background papers. Standards of living, economic development and in the context of the Global Innovation.

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