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The different degree of finishing of the sides has led scholars to think that it was intended to be seen from three-quarters on the left. A partial inscription on the base of the statue includes the word "Rhodios" (Rhodian indicating that the statue was commissioned to celebrate a naval victory by Rhodes, at that time the most powerful maritime state in the aegean which in itself would date the statue. Citation needed history edit The great statue was carefully lowered down a ramp in 1939 when it was removed from the louvre and Paris for safekeeping. The sculptor is unknown, 11 although paul MacKendrick suggests that Pythokritos of Lindos is responsible. 12 When first discovered on the island of Samothrace (then part of the Ottoman Empire ) and published in 1863, it was suggested that the victory was erected by the macedonian general Demetrius Poliorcetes after his naval victory at Cyprus, between 295 and 289. The Archaeological Museum of Samothrace continues to follow these originally established provenance and dates. 13 Ceramic evidence discovered in recent excavations has revealed that the pedestal was set up about 200 bc, though some scholars still date it as early as 250 bc or as late as 180.

Rendered in grey and white Thasian and Parian marble, the qualitative figure originally formed part of the samothrace temple complex dedicated to the Great gods, megaloi theoi. It stood on a rostral pedestal of gray marble from Lartos representing the prow of a ship (most likely a trihemiolia and represents the goddess as she descends from the skies to the triumphant fleet. Before she lost her arms, which have never been recovered, nike's right arm is believed to have been raised, 7 cupped round her mouth to deliver the shout of Victory. 8 The work is notable for its convincing rendering of a pose where violent motion and sudden stillness meet, for its graceful balance and for the rendering of the figure's draped garments, compellingly depicted as if rippling in a strong sea breeze. Similar traits can be seen in the laocoön group which is a reworked copy of a lost original that was likely close both in time and place of origin to nike, but while laocoon, vastly admired by renaissance and classicist artists, has come. as a more self-conscious and contrived work, nike of Samothrace is seen as an iconic depiction of triumphant spirit and of the divine momentarily coming face to face with man. The statues outstretched right wing is a symmetric plaster version of the original left one. The stylistic portrayal of the wings is a source of scholarly discussion, as the feather pattern resembles neither the wings of birds in nature nor wings in Greek art. 9 As with the arms, the figure's head has never been found, but various other fragments have since been found: in 1950, a team led by karl Lehmann unearthed the missing right hand of the louvre's Winged Victory. The fingerless hand had slid out of sight under a large rock, near where the statue had originally stood; on the return trip home, dr Phyllis Williams Lehmann identified the tip of the goddess's ring finger and her thumb in a storage drawer at the.

nike writing

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Rhodian monument dedicated following the victories. Side and, myonessos in 190 bc, and suggested that it might have been carved by mba the Rhodian sculptor Pythocritus. However, in recent years, the reconstructions of the monument proposed by lehmann have been shown to be false (the remains of the surrounding space that housed the. Victory belong to the roman period and the question of why the statue was dedicated on Samothrace, which at the time was dominated by the Greek kingdom. The statue is 244 centimetres (8.01 ft) high. 6, it was created not only to honor the goddess, nike, but also to honor a sea battle. It conveys a sense of action and triumph as well as portraying artful flowing drapery, as though the goddess were descending to alight upon the prow of a ship. Modern excavations suggest that the, victory occupied a niche above a theater and also suggest it accompanied an altar that was within view of the ship monument of Demetrius i poliorcetes (337283 BC).

nike writing

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Since 1884, it has been prominently displayed at the. Louvre and is one of the most celebrated sculptures in the world. Janson described it as "the greatest masterpiece of Hellenistic sculpture 1 and it is one of a small number of major Hellenistic statues surviving in the original, rather than Roman copies. Contents, description edit, the context of the, winged Victory of Samothrace, discovered in 1863, is controversial, with proposals ranging from the. Battle of Salamis in 306 bc to the, battle of Actium in 31 bc as the event being celebrated. Datings based on stylistic evaluation have been equally variable, ranging across the same three centuries, but perhaps tending to an earlier date. 3, for much of the 20th century, the prevailing theory, based on the works of Hermann Thiersch and Karl Lehmann, considered.

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nike writing

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In marketing, consistency is writing a foundational concept. Staying fresh, interesting fruit and relevant over the long-term will contribute to staying top of mind. If you want to be top of mind, you also naturally have to put your message where you'll find the customers you're trying to reach. One of the dangers of mass marketing is missing your target market and hitting those who aren't your target. Let the world know that you exist and what you have to say.

But remember to talk from the perspective of the prospect or customer, answering the question, "What's in it for me, the prospect?" Think about being valuable to your prospect. Think about being informative. "Winged Victory" redirects here. For other uses, see. The, winged Victory of Samothrace, also called the, nike of Samothrace, 2 is a marble, hellenistic sculpture. Nike (the, greek goddess of victory that was created about the 2nd century.

Consider these characteristics when creating thought leadership that helps create top-of-mind awareness: do your thoughts advance a concept or idea? Are your thoughts actionable? How commercially relevant are your thoughts? Do you have data and research that back up your thoughts? Is your point of view new and fresh?

Does your information offer a new insight? Can your thought leadership influence others? Will recipients of your thought leadership change the way they think or act about something? Creating and sustaining top-of-mind awareness is a long-term process, not a one-time marketing event. You have to think in terms of a "process" because, according to Chilton Research, more than 60 percent of your potential customers are waiting seven to 12 months to make a choice, a preference or a final purchasing decision. Because of that, you need to have a long-term plan for top-of-mind awareness.

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When the need arises for a particular service or product, ask yourself what the first person, company or store is that comes to mind? Whether it's a person or a business, whoever you thought of has achieved top-of-mind awareness. Maybe you've even heard a story or experience related to these people, products, or services. The goal of marketing is for a brand to literally be at that top spot, right where all the thought of a need or a want passes through. The more buzz about a product or service, obviously the more awareness there essay is about that brand. And the more awareness there is, the higher the probability of being in that top-of-mind position. Your customers and prospects are making choices, preferences and buying decisions every day. Very often, these decisions are made as a result of what comes to mind first.

nike writing

We all enjoy a good story, whether it's a novel, a movie or simply the description of an experience shared by a friend. Stories put our whole brain to work, not just parts. We feel more engaged when hearing narratives and we remember them more. What gets remembered becomes top of mind. Is there someone you know that everyone refers to as "the computer guy"? Or maybe you've heard something like "I need to see writer that car-repair guy" or "you know that woman-the birthday-cake lady?" These labels stuck because these people did more than just start their job or career and get to work. They gained icon status (even locally) by creating what's known in marketing circles as top-of-mind awareness.

shoes or inspiring a commitment to performance, storytelling is a powerful tool that can mean the difference between extraordinary status and being just another brand. More businesses are realizing what nike has recognized: the power of storytelling. Business communication doesn't just have to be bullet points, simple statements, or rhetorical rants. A dose of the human element, emotions, and branded thinking can result in a memorable message. Stories build messages that people care about. Stories help people bond to messages. People remember what they care about and bond with. When you engage listeners in a powerful, entertaining, and informative story, they remember it, and many times they ask for more.

Today, though, there are more stories than ever. So the challenge is standing out from this clutter. Just as important to standing out is getting remembered in this ultra-connected, best interruptive world. Nike is one company that embraces the power of the story. In 1970, nike designated their executives "Corporate Storytellers" as part of their corporate culture. The stories the company leaders told ranged from recounting the company history - "the nike story" - to many tales of people simply getting things accomplished. By helping all their employees understand the company's past, the stories help shape the company's future. Imagine hearing the story of how nike founder Bill Bowerman went to his workshop one day after a brainstorm session and poured shoe rubber into the family waffle iron.

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July 29, 2014 5 min read. Opinions expressed by, entrepreneur contributors are their own. In, market like you mean It, marketing expert Al lautenslager explains how you can engage your customers, create brand believers and gain fans for everything you sell. In this edited excerpt, the author discuss the importance of storytelling in your marketing message in order to create top-of-mind awareness in your customers. Chances care, you've heard a story in the past few months from a friend, family member or from the tons of media we're all subjected to on a daily basis. Chances are, too, that you've also heard some statistics of one sort or another. Which of these two types of information was easiest to remember? My bet is on the story you heard. Stories have existed since long before recorded history, but the desire to hear stories hasn't changed, nor has the longing to tell stories.

nike writing
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  4. Revell nike ajax kit - from Rblogan, April 28, 2013 Historic aviation catalog spring 2013 pg33 is selling nike ajax kit1/32 scale for.95 plus s&h. Nike was founded in 1964 by University of Oregon track athlete Philip Knight and his coach, bill Bowerman. The company was originally called Blue ribbon Sports and began as a distributor for Asics.

  5. This pestle analysis of nike shows they may have a strong brand and healthy finances, but they need to watch out for other growing, cheaper outlets. Welcome to the official website of nik daum. M is home to my illustration, art direction, photography, weird artwork, writing, and more.

  6. Experience sports, training, shopping and everything else that's new at nike from any country in the world. Explore and buy the nike women's Air Max 98 'barely rose showcase in front of 25-50 College coaches for One day during nike showcase camps in June & July. Is a company that designs, markets and distributes athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment for sports, and they have grown to become one of the largest is their business.

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