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Catalin Cimpanu for Softpedia: Decrypter for Alpha ransomware lets Victims Recover Files for Free alphaLocker Analysis by cylance of ransomware of which a unique copy plus administrative panel is sold (very cheaply) to each customer, who then manages the rest of the attack himself. (HT to Artem Baranov for flagging the article.) Commentary by kaspersky: Criminals Peddling Affordable AlphaLocker Ransomware Android. Lockdroid.e martin Zhang blogs for Symantec about the Android ransomware the company calls Android. Lockdroid.E here: Android ransomware variant uses clickjacking to become device administrator The malware passes itself off as a porn app. It encrypts files, but if it succeeds in gaining access rights, it also has the ability to lock the device, change the pin, and delete data via a factory reset. The clickjacking technique it uses apparently works with versions of Android prior to version.0. Unfortunately, that may include up to 67 of Android devices. Commentary by pierluigi paganini here.

Heres a thread on Bleeping Computer that seems to have been sparked by an early victim. Lawrence Abrams states that the malware is based on the much-abused eda2 poc. Analysis of all the reported cases seems to have pointed to the presence of teamViewer on all affected systems and the implication of a specific teamViewer account in a number of cases. Axel Schmidt, pr manager at teamviewer, is"d as saying: none of the reports currently circulating hint at a structural deficit or a security glitch of teamViewer. More hopefully, lawrence Abrams describes for Bleeping Computer a not-all-that-common happy ending (at least for the moment report pompous Ransomware dev gets Defeated by backdoor. The story concerns a scammer who borrowed the open-source eda2 ransomware on which to base his ransomware, took advantage of the opportunity to lecture his victims while assuming bragging rights to which he was not entitled, since a backdoor in eda2 allowed recovery of the decryption keys. Unfortunately, treatment some of his victims have already paid the ransom for their particular decryption keys. Cylance indicates that AlphaLocker (see below) is based on eda2. Alma lawrence Abrams for Bleeping Computer: New Alma locker Ransomware being distributed via the rig exploit Kit Analysis by PhishLabs: Alma ransomware: Analysis of a new Ransomware Threat (and a decrypter!) Al-Namrood Al-Namrood Ransomware (.access_denied) Support help Topic Alpha david Bisson for Graham Cluleys blog. You may have been hit by the Alpha ransomware. Lawrence Abrams for Bleeping Computer: Decrypted: Alpha ransomware accepts itunes Gift Cards as payment A free decryptor is available.

resume psg st etienne

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Police ddos extortion and Ransomware. Ransom ddos (rdos) and ddos-for-Bitcoin death Threat Ransom email Defray delilah Derialock destover (wiper) DetoxCrypto deuscrypt/desuCrypt The devil (see mbr-oni apparently Oni can mean The devil in Japanese) Dharma also, see crysis diablo6 see locky diskWriter (UselessDisk) dma locker* doubleLocker Doxing as a service doxware. CryptoHost) Marlboro marsjoke* Matrix mbr-oni mircop* Mischa mongodb homework hacking Mysterybot Nanolocker Necurs Nemucod * njrat noob notification ransomware notPetya (wiper) see petya nRansomware nuclear see btcware Odin Olympic Destroyer (wiper) Omnirat (see also GhostCtril) oni (see mbr-oni) Operation Global iii* Ordinypt leCoder. E see patcher lezip see patcher PadCrypt Patcher PClock* PetrWrap (see petya) Petya* (and also notPetya/ExPetr/PetyaWrap etc.) Philadelphia* see also ransomware As a service php ransomware polsk see flotera polyglot see marsjoke* Pompous Popcorn Time pornDroid PoshCoder PowerWare* Power Worm Princess Locker pubg pwssynch-B qkg. An article by david Bisson ransomware author tries to blackmail security researcher into taking down educational malware project -looks at the complicated relationship between unequivocal ransomware (Magic, ransom_Cryptear. B) and open-source educational malware (Hidden tear, eda2). Not to mention the unfortunate affair of the free-hosting service that suspended the authors account and deleted the data, so that even the criminal is unable to decrypt affected files now. A later article by david Bisson describes Ransomware Propagation tied to teamViewer Account (updated) for Tripwire.

resume psg st etienne

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Locky and Petya also get a namecheck. Mobile ransomware has increased from 1,984 in Q4, 2015 to 2,895 in Q1,2016. Specific ransomware families and types. Educational Ransomware *Included in list of ransomware for which decrypters are available according to zdnet (not checked, but the sources are reasonably reputable). 777* 7ev3n, al-Namrood alma, alpha, alphaLocker, androidLocker/Dogspectus, android/Lockerpin. Lockscreen, angler Exploit Kit, anonPop, apocalypse. Apocalypsevm arena see dharma/Crysis, autolocky badblock bad Rabbit see petya bart* Bitcrypter/Bitcryptor* BitLocker BitPaymer Black Energy (wiper) Black ruby Blank Slate campaign Bluff fake ransomware attacks Browlock btcware cerber/crbr (version 1 Charger Chimera* coinVault* coverton crbr see cerber Crowti CrypBoss* CryptoBlock CryptoDefense* CryptInfinite* Crypmic crypt38. Manamecrypt) Cryptojoker Cryptolocker CryptoMix CryptoRoger CryptoWall Cryptxxx cryptxxx.1 2* Cryptxxx v1, 2, 3, 4, 5* Crypy crysis ctb-locker Cyber.

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resume psg st etienne

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May 12th 2016 Ransomware is not a static landscape. One of the reasons I have tried not to oversell the. Specific Ransomware families and Types page is that I cant guarantee that its up to date at all times, even on the limited range of ransomware it covers. In the same way, the information in the google spreadsheet here may also become outdated, but it does seem to have a number of potential contributors to help soil maintain. On the other hand, that might actually mean that it remains partial because it favours the resources with which the contributors are associated, and while ive seen it suggested that it covers all ransomware, thats just wishful netheless, it could certainly be useful.

Some specific families and types are now being linked from sub-pages rather than summarized directly on this page. This is an ongoing process, intended for ease of maintenance. If you want to know more about specific ransomware, bleepingComputer is worth trying, as well as other resources such as anti-malware vendor encyclopaedias. Help Net Security posted a useful update referring to commentary from Kaspersky. New ransomware modifications increase 14 noting that: 2,896 modifications were made to ransomware in the first quarter of 2016, an increase of 14, and a 30 increase in attempted ransomware attacks. The top three offenders are, teslacrypt (58.4 ctb locker (23.5 and, cryptowall (3.4).

I was sorry to miss Cordula - who was one of my country collaborators on the language effects in international mail surveys project, but Cordula has become a regular attendee, flying in from toulouse for our meetings. Luckily enough I was able to meet Betty at the 2016 euram conference, where i gave a presentation on Language in Academia. Related blogposts Copyright 2018 Anne-wil Harzing. Page last modified on Mon 19:38 Anne-wil Harzing is Professor of International Management at Middlesex University, london and visiting professor of International Management at Tilburg University. In addition to her academic duties, she also maintains the journal quality list and is the driving force behind the popular Publish or Perish software program. Anne-wil Harzing's profile and contact details.

Im afraid this is not (and never will be) a complete list of ransomware families: I just cant give it that much time. Which is why theres often no commentary from me, just one or more links to information to be found elsewhere. Where possible, though, Ill continue to attempt to give at least one link to as many families as I can. For now, anyway: as this is project is threatening to become my lifes work, im already having to cut back on the time i spend. May 12th 2018, this page now includes information on wipers, which often resemble or masquerade as ransomware but are essentially just destructive. Heres a useful article from Kaspersky threat Post: Secrets of the wiper: Inside the worlds Most Destructive malware. Shamoon, Black Energy, destover, ExPetr/Not Petya and Olympic Destroyer: All of these wiper malwares, and others like them, have a singular purpose of destroying systems and/or data, usually causing great financial and reputational damage to victim companies.

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I was particularly proud of her, as I had originally argued the case for her appointment 8 years earlier against another - male - applicant, who was favoured by the rest of the panel. The University of Melbourne promotion panel clearly agreed as she got the good news of her promotion soon afterwards. As her presentation building an academic career - experiences from down-under, was fairly personal, helen preferred not to make it publicly available, but i am sure she would be happy to share her experiences if you write to her. 9th meeting (kcl language and women academics in France ling Zhang (royal Holloway, university of London) did a brilliant job in a last-minute reorganisation of this meeting, doing so in the underground on her way to the venue at King's College london. At this meeting, i was due to do a trial run of my middlesex Inaugural Lecture: Babel in Business: The role of Language in International Business, but woke up very sick that morning. Ironically, it is the only cygna interests meeting to date that I missed. Ling printed my slides and turned the session in a round-table discussion with all gpa the academics who had come to hear me speak, working themselves in the field of language. I actually think the event was probably all the nicer for it :-) Ling, guro and Ting went out afterwards and sent me a lovely picture of them having a great time. In the second part of the meeting, our two "French" participants (I say "French because one is German and the other American) gave us a very interesting presentation about women academics in France.

resume psg st etienne

Co-organised by, hyun-Jung lee, sachiko yamao, presented about the Challenges and Opportunities of, working researching Down-under presentation download. Her presentation see sample below is essential viewing for junior academics considering the big move. We also had a plenary discussion on finding your first job in different countries. In this context you might also enjoy reading about. Anne-wil's experiences of working in the uk bradford and Australia melbourne. 12th meeting 23 September 2016 (Middlesex University) co-organised by Shasha Zhao, middlesex University At our September meeting, plan as "traditional" held at Middlesex University, helen hu presented her reflections on applying for promotion to Associate Professor. She had just submitted her application, which at the University of Melbourne, consists of a 20-page argued case, a job in itself. We were all impressed by her mature reflections, emphasis on collaboration, seeing the best in people, and taking a long-term perspective.

Angels, a female detectives series which was popular during my early teens. Ok, its plots were ridiculous and the skimpy gowns and swimming costumes might not have been essential to the story. However, as one of the imd reviewers said: "They were independent, intelligent, employed women who worked well together and supported one another", not a bad role model to have as a girl or a cygna member for that matter. My colleagues were not only angels, but went on to have very successful academic careers. As you can read below, sachiko - now Associate Professor at keio university japan - and Helen visited our cygna group in 20I am hoping Tine can join us too at some stage. 5th meeting 26th June 2015 (London School of Economics).

Yearly meeting overviews with pictures can be found here. In February 2018, i have started to write up our meetings as mom blogposts so from February till June 2018 you'll find reports on a mix of recent and older cygna meetings on my blog. A full list of the blogposts of our mid 20 meetings can be found. Cygna: Resource collection for the summer holidays. Building an academic career in Australia. As some of you are aware i have worked in Australia (Universty of Melbourne) for a long time, moving to melbourne to take up a position as Senior Lecturer, getting internal promotions to Associate Professor and Professor, and taking on roles such. Director of a large PhD programme, assistant dean Research Higher Degrees, and Associate dean Research. I also acted as head of the International Business group for quite a while. In that capacity i recruited three new young academics in the group in the late 2000s, who all happened to be female.

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Anne-wil Harzing - mon 18:59 (updated Mon 19:38). Since moving to the uk, i have been involved in running cygna. The network was established in June 2014 as a combined initiative. Argyro avgoustaki, ling Eleanor Zhang, and, anne-wil Harzing, later joined by, shasha Zhao. The name cygna derives from the female version of the latin word for swan (. Supporting Women in Academia network ). The main objective of the group is to promote interaction among female academics based in the london area and to provide a forum for learning, support, and networking. We typically hold four or five meetings a year with a mix of presentations and informal discussions. A quick overview of the topics covered can be found here.

resume psg st etienne
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